Today In Short : #3 Impatience – Why Don’t People Wait?!

Today I had some work at the bank. So, as soon as I got off from work I went to the near by bus station to reach there on time. There were 3 buses going to the same destination and I got into last one  in which some 20 people were seated. The bus drivers and the conductors had gone for a tea break so we all had to wait for few minutes until they came back. All these buses would leave the terminus with a maximum of 5 minutes’ time difference between each others’ departure, so it doesn’t matter which one you get into.

After say, 5 minutes, the driver of the first bus came back and all passengers sitting in my bus (technically not “my” bus, but you know to make it simple 😉 )  got up and scurried their way through the rest of the crowd to get into that one. You see, general logic, the first one with the driver takes off first. 😜

But unfortunately their conductor hadn’t arrived, he was still reporting at the office.

I didn’t leave because I know how it works. 😜

As soon as they all left and got settled there, the bus driver and conductor of my bus came back after their break and took off! 😜

Once again some of those passengers came back running and boarded my bus while the rest had a sad loser’s expression on their faces. Duh! It is just a bus not a million dollar lottery! Why do they leave? It is only a matter of 2 or 3 minutes! Why can’t they wait??

impatience queue

At the bank, there was a queue to submit certain documents. There were 3 counters and the queue was too long in all of them. To manage the crowd they opened another counter and everybody hurried and dashed against each other to reach that counter.

Once Again, I didn’t leave because I know how it works. 😄

Now, that counter had twice the longer queue. 😜 I was just behind 3 people in my counter now. I submitted the documents and was out in no time.

Even at traffic signals we can see people sneaking their way through all other vehicles to get to the front line. They squeeze through the gaps, hit other vehicles, get abused by fellow drivers and passengers only to go block the route and wait all over again. 😏

impatience traffic

Why don’t people wait? At ticket counters, traffic signals, banks, grocery stores, buses, trains, every single place I see people running from one corner to another to get their work done quickly. They don’t see how absurd their activities are. They are only wasting their time and energy. Why are they so impatient? Why should they push through the crowd to get nothing?! No matter how many times this happens, people hardly ever change. 😏