Time Moves On. So Does Life.


I still remember the day…
Crying my heart out,
Sitting in this very same room,
Listening to the album am listening to right now…

The music is a memento,
That heartache is just a memory now
It is all just a time long gone..

That’s how life is.
Time just moves on.
So does Life.
For better sunshine & rainbows. 🙂

~Yuvathi 🙂 ❤
The Confused Young Adult

Would “Writing” Become Extinct In The Near Future?

Many forms of art have become extinct due to their non-relevance to the latest technologies and trending generations. This afternoon, as I sat down with my pencil and notebook to jot down my random thoughts;  I reminisced my initial days as a student learning to write with the pencil.

The struggle to hold that lovely shiny sharp pencil on the notebook with the tiny little fingers and the taste of the triumphant moment after writing the first letter A impeccably right above the line! I also remembered how I used to look at all the older kids buying their beautiful and elegant fountain pens and the ink bottles. They learned cursive writing and used their mighty pens to show off their ability to write so effortlessly. I remember watching them with awe! The ink would flow so smoothly creating a complete piece of art on their notebooks! The day I stepped into class 3, all I had in my mind was the new fountain pen in my school bag and the umpteen butterflies in my head – thinking about the joy of learning to do something so adorable! As I sat, so lost in thoughts, the wind blew through the window and snapped at me; made me look at all the papers scattered in my room.

Would "Writing" Become Extinct In The Near Future?

Yes, back to the real world.

So, how much does the current generation use “writing”? I don’t mean to rant, but seriously! Almost every 2 year old has a smart phone and knows to play video games! Every little kid knows to type on the touch screen better than writing neatly on a piece of paper.

Writing is not just an art but also the best exercise to develop a child’s motor skills, creativity and make maximum use of the brain’s activity!

The current generation take notes in their digital notebooks, create their To-Do lists in their smart phones, and print them. Assignments, Drawings, Documents, Engineering Diagrams, Classroom trainings, everything is digital! Most of the work is done on the computer and I began to analyse what are the industries that require “actual writing”? Banks, Medicine, Stocks, Accounts, Education, Engineering, Publishing, Teaching, Event Management, Design, every single industry seemed irrelevant! I could come up with almost nothing as all major occupations that I know are digitalised.

Now, that makes me wonder…

Would “Writing” Become Extinct In The Near Future?

Although it would mean greater developments in the field of science and technology, education, occupation and employment generation, somewhere in the corner of my heart I feel sad that the upcoming generations would not have the opportunity to enjoy these little joys of life just like how they miss playing outdoors and making real friends instead of playing video games with their virtual friends online.

What do you think? Do you think “writing” with hands would become extinct in the near future?

Feel free to drop your opinions in the comment section below!

~ Yuvathi 🙂

– The Confused Young Adult

The Teacher I Admire

This was my very first blog post…. Have read this? This is so close to my heart. The piece that made me wanna create a blog 🙂

The Confused Young Adult

My Neighbor-Grandpa

I’ve met many people who have taught me many things in life. My family, friends, foes, acquaintances, school teachers, lecturers, the postman, gardener… the list goes on and on and each of them has taught me something or the other. In fact, I should call every one of them as my teacher.
I remember shedding tons and tons of tears when one of my most favorite teachers retired from our school. She was the one who protected me, guided me in the right path and carved me into a person who I am right now. Not even once did she scold me in my entire school life, even though there used to be a minimum of 10 complaints about me every day about all my mischief and pranks.

On the day of her retirement when I was drowned in my own flood of tears, my teacher looked right…

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Doubt : The Killer Of Joy Or The Birth Of Freedom and Knowledge?

April A-Z Blogging – Day 4 : ‘D’

During my schooldays, after very lecture, our teacher would wait for us to ask her questions, some doubt regarding the concepts that were taught. Doubts meant “you understood something”. Funny, but true. Children with lots of doubts were considered intelligent and inquisitive to learn. You should have a million doubts so that you will learn a million new things!

Interesting! isn’t it? But for how long does it remain true?

Doubt : The Killer Of Joy Or The Birth Of Freedom and Knowledge?
Doubt : The Killer Of Joy Or The Birth Of Freedom and Knowledge?

Every nice word and aspect of life starts to show it’s ugly side as we grow up. When we are young we learn to make friends, as we grow we learn to understand enemies and frenemies. The words fun, happiness and peace diminish to show their ugly twins.

So does “doubt”. The very basic thought that helped us understand things in the universe and beyond the universe, make us to doubt some of the most beautiful of aspects of life too. It slowly starts to break down the tiny little blocks of faith and trust with which we built our castle called life, destroying every little space we had left for ventilation only to suffocate ourselves.

Doubts are good as long as they give a productive result. But….

When was the last time you doubted your friend?

When was the last time you doubted your love?

When was the last time you doubted yourself?

The sense of doubt is like walking on a tight rope. The more you doubt, the rope gets higher and weaker. When you think you could no longer believe in yourself/someone, the rope breaks only to drop you hard from the great heights.

Sometimes I feel so lost and directionless. I feel like a loser. I doubt my ability to achieve. I wonder if I’ll ever make it. But every single time, when this terrible thought knocks my head, I shake it back by reminding myself about the fact that “I’m born for a reason, and I’m going to make it.”

So, the next time when you are in doubt, ask yourself, “Do I really have to suffocate myself or should I take a leap of faith?”

After all life is all about making the best of now for dreaming a better future! 🙂

~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult

3Gether Forever..

Sometimes, a person you never thought would mean anything to you, becomes the person who makes your life beautiful, every minute memorable and every second precious. For me, it was two of them.

They changed almost everything! Every moment of fear into excitement. Every moment of sadness into a funny memory. Every festival into a grand celebration. All they did was spend some precious moments with me. They taught me how to laugh, gave me lovely surprises, confused me with their mischiefs and pranks, made me go mad and crazy with their nonsensical talks..They have always been my two pillars of support and strength.. My two adorably lovely Friends. Brothers. Colleagues. My Family. 

Essence Of Reminiscence - Week 4 - Random : 3Gether Forever
Essence Of Reminiscence – Week 4 – Random : 3Gether Forever

We called ourselves “3Gether Forever” because it was three of us! We are from 3 different states and each of us speak a different language. But it has never been a barrier. We were together only for few months, after which we moved to different places because of work.  The last day of separation hurt so much that I cried a river. Must I say a sea? That won’t be enough either..

Sometimes, the most beautiful moments bring you tears.. As I type this, my eyes are tearing up till the brim, waiting to burst out of the dams of my eyelids and cause a flood. It aches somewhere, is it my heart? my mind? or my brain? I do not know where..

Why do we cry when we think about the happy memories? We should laugh out loud just the way we laughed that day..right? But why can’t we?

Am a terrible communicator when it comes to personal relationships. I don’t know to call up my friends and talk. I don’t text either. But I remember them each and every day…and thank them in my heart for giving me such beautiful memories for a lifetime. For making my days bright and colorful, full of smiles and joy.

Am sure of the fact that even if we are miles away, we will still stay connected through our hearts…and they know I will always love them and cherish our bond…Forever and ever…


~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

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The So-Called Best Friend

Have you ever had a friend who promises you to keep all your secrets safe and then in your absence goes around and brags to everyone about each and every one of your conversations? And when you start to get a tiny hint of doubt, they cry, raise a ruckus and throw a whole new drama because you suspected them and make you feel guilty??

Well, then we are on the same page.

The So-Called Best Friend

I’ve met two such friends in my life and so I can understand the feeling better than anybody. But how did I get fooled twice?! I couldn’t forgive myself when I was deceived by another guy in a row. It hurt so badly.

In friendships, all that we expect is trust. We give and take trust-being the highest above all gems and currencies!! Yes, trust can never be bought, trust is beyond everything and only a good friend is privileged to have it! We don’t take it for granted!

I’ve had some really bitter experiences which I’ve never shared with anyone but that one friend! There used to be so many gossips and rumours about me for no reason and I hardly cared because I believed I had some really good friends that I can rely on. I don’t know about other places, but here, you can’t cross teenage without a bunch of gossips about you (mostly false rumors with extra toppings and spices added by the expert gossip mongers) I told him about my other friends, my family stuff, my secret crushes, my fears, and everything!

Whenever we met, he used to back me up, support me and most of the times, in front of everyone else.. when I was bullied, he was never around! He would vanish during crisis and come up with an excuse later!

And guess what he did?

He went all around the school, twisting each and every word that I had told him into something else. He made himself look like a hero by sharing all my secrets and deepest feelings! Nobody cared to stop him? Yeah, because people love to hear others’ secrets and cook up more stories! How mean!

And I, above all, trusted him for a whole year, only to be humiliated and left hurt with a huge scar in my heart for a lifetime. It has been years since this happened. But I do remember everything in detail. I got to know everything only after we all dispersed to various cities and states for college. How stupid! Right after all this, I got fooled once again in college. I must tell you, that guy is the smartest, meanest and the most worthless being alive! But thank goodness, I hadn’t told him many many things, now that I recall..I’m glad.

The so-called best friends are harmful. They are toxic. You don’t have to keep them close. A drop or a bottle, poison is poisonous.

Being an optimist, I learnt my lesson from these bad guys. I learnt how to identify good friend from the rest. I made some really awesome friends too! 🙂

Here’s a list of things I learnt about “friends”, “good friends” and “so-called best friends”.

  1. One who joins you and trusts you even before knowing about your popularity and talents, stays with you forever. (Yeah, that’s how I have friends over a decade, yeah, I know am bragging 😀 )
  2. When you have your doubts about your friend’s loyalty and honesty, a true friend would talk it out. Not create  huge drama out of it.
  3. A good friend would never ask you for details, they will just know everything when they look into your eyes. Not knowing wouldn’t be a problem, they will just support you no matter what!
  4. A real best friend would stay right next to you when you are in trouble. Not just vanish during times of crisis.
  5. Good friends try to protect your innocence, fake ones take advantage of it.
  6. You could always see trust and honesty in your friend’s eyes. If you don’t, don’t hesitate to confront them. Even after that, if you are not sure, just cut them off. Your intuition, your heart would say it all.

You can even trust your enemies. But never these so-called best friends.

If you have such a friend, don’t forget to do the needful. If you had one, learn from the mistake and move on. 🙂

~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult

Why ? : Friend-zoning And Not Realizing The Obvious

This weekend I watched the TV series “The Flash” with my friend. In the series, the hero has a huge crush on his best friend and is in love with her since forever but he never gets a chance to confess because she doesn’t see the obvious and he gets friend-zoned (so badly). In the end, when he could no longer take it, he confesses his love for her when she is in a good relationship with a really nice guy! (how tragic!)

the flash

Late in the evening, when my friend and I went out for a walk, we were discussing, why does that happen? Why do girls, being the smartest (especially in this regard) become so dumb when it comes to their best friend? He asked me if we do it on purpose or does it happen just like that? Because it seems to be a universal concept that happens between most friends.

That, made me think. I have myself done the same blunder twice. Once in my early teens and once when I was in college. I never knew that my best friend liked me. Everybody around us knew about this. But I didn’t. It was like an open secret!

Am not a genius or researcher in this field but I could tell you what usually happens is that when we say “best friends” it remains just that. Very rarely do we think otherwise. Sometimes, it could be worse, the girl might see him more like a brother!

Why?? : Friend-zoning And Not Realizing The Obvious

When I got to know about my best friend, everything seemed so obvious! But until then I thought he really cared about me, he is the “bestest” friend I could ever find in this world, am so blessed, etc etc..

Most guys start out as good friends and eventually fall for the girl but it is not the same with all girls. Which is why we remain dumb, we don’t see it, until the guy tells it out loud.

If you are friend-zoned once, it is hard to get out of it. Sometimes you are trapped forever.

So here’s a piece of advice:

If you are a girl and if you have a guy best friend, please keep your ears wide open when your other friends give you a hint, and do take it, consider it. Don’t make the same blunder like the rest of the women-kind of the world!!

If you are a guy, then please make it clearly known to her. Don’t just bury your love and then cry when she finds a good guy herself. Don’t end up confessing at the wrong time when she is in a relationship with a nice guy. Sometimes it might workout, sometimes it would back fire.. but either way, it involves a lot of emotional turmoil. Don’t procrastinate!!

Sibling – The Best Friend, Guardian Angel, Teacher, Philosopher, Guide……

Who would know you better than your siblings?? They’ve known you ever since birth and have been with you during your good and bad days, shared the same space and time, knowing your lovely and ugly sides as well. They are your family.

I see so many posts, surveys and articles on the internet about sibling rivalry, quarrels, causes, psychological reasoning etc.. That’s quite alarming! Most siblings are jealous and have trust issues!  Why is that so?

I love spending quality time with my sister. We sit together with some chips and watch some Korean or American comedy series and discuss all kinds of crap! Starting from the paint color we would like to have on our walls to the kind of man we would like to meet! Be it science, art, gossips, fashion, health, relationships, work issues…we can talk all day long! Sometimes we talk about finance and saving up for something big, our career plans and ambitions and try to help each other in achieving our dreams. We are two different people with different interests, likes and dislikes, yet we share a common wavelength! Funny but true.


When we were young, I was a troublesome kid indeed. But our parents made sure that we protected each other. Although I didn’t understand most of it, we were best pals and the best foes for each other. We quarreled a lot, we cared even more. I can’t imagine better childhood memories and days without her. She used to pick on me, tease me, embarrass me when we were alone but never ever let me down in front of others. When I left for college and she left the state for her first job, I missed her so much, I cried for two days in a row! That’s when I realized how much I really loved her and how much she had done for me during our time together.

I can bet that I could never find someone who can be as protective as my sister and understand me any better! She is someone who I can trust as much as I trust myself. I can confide in her and share all my well wrapped deeply hidden secrets. When I was bullied, she stood up for me, protected me. She always does. When I felt lost, she guided me like a torch in darkness. When our mommy was not around, she made sure I felt warm and safe.

She is my guardian angel, whose love is perennial with a heart that is so selfless.

Today, after a long and rough week at work, as we sat together for our weekend afternoon movie and snacks, reminiscing our terrible pranks and funny good old days and gossiping about all the crazy guys we met in our lives and sharing some of our experiences, I silently thanked my parents.. I thanked life. 🙂


If you have siblings, call them, meet and chat over a cup of coffee. Talk your heart out right now. If you have had a bad relationship with your brother or sister, get rid of it. Your sibling is more like a part of you, sharing the same blood and past as you. Just one call; you won’t regret it. In fact, you will feel blessed than ever. Cherish the beautiful bond. It’s never too late to express love, gratitude and kindness.

Make 2015 more memorable with your sibling love. They are precious, don’t miss them. 🙂

4 Things To Carry Along From 2014 To 2015

While everybody is busy thinking of quitting their old bad habits, bring changes in their lifestyle and character, modify their friends and social circle, adjust their thought process and start the new year afresh; I would like to carry a few things with me from 2014 to 2015..

2014 gave me so much, I’m so grateful for all those moments and thankful to each and everyone who made it a memorable journey.

1. Friends

1. Friends

I met some amazing people this year who taught me so many things,  stayed with me during my ups and downs,  gave me a shoulder to cry,  an arm to lean and a hand to rise after a great fall. I wouldn’t be who I am right now if not for those wonderful people; my lovely friends. 

2. Lessons Learnt

2. Lessons Learnt

2014 was the hardest year of my life. I went through too many difficult phases that eventually carved me into a better human being. I learnt some of the best lessons from bitter experiences but am grateful that I learned them sooner perhaps than later; lessons that I will take with me forever.

3.Wonderful Memories

3. Wonderful Memories

The year 2014 was the most dramatic period during which every moment turned into a wonderful memory. Those that were bitter and ugly then, seem to be good and memorable ones now. I had some huge failures and some awesome victories, a few broken relationships, many amazing friendships. I joined my first job, a new experience in a new world. I bid farewell to some of my closest buddies, it was hard, my heart bled because of the unbearable separation. But now am glad to know that we will have a reunion someday and we will cherish those memories in our hearts forever.

4.Healthy Habits

4. good Habits

I cultivated a few good and healthy habits along the year that helped me mold my character and personality and my perception. Habits like visiting the library often, reading atleast 2 books a month,  learning something new everyday, maintaining a proper diet, having a small garden, writing this blog….and many more. I wish to take them along as a part of me, for a better future to make a better ‘me’ and for a better year ahead, full of hopes, challenges, fun and adventures. 

Hope you all have something to take along with you for the upcoming year. Something special that’s priceless and invaluable 🙂 Cherish them. Nurture them. As they help in the making of “You” 🙂

Wish you all a happy new year 2015 🙂 

~Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult

The Unused Mailbox

Remember the good old days when we used to “write letters” and mail them to our loved ones? It is one of my fondest memories that I always cherish. I started writing letters when I was 5! Yes, I used to draw pictures and write a few words that I learnt in school and send them to my cousin who’s also my age! Only we could understand our tiny tot-language. 😀

I remember writing letters to my friends describing my new life in the city.  To my grandparents, I would write letters conveying my love and respect. Every evening, after school I would run and check the mailbox with great anticipation. Every new mail carried some special news and there was always so much to write. 🙂

Relationships were so precious. Every word written in a letter was treasured forever. I still have those beautiful mails in my ‘secret treasure chest’. They are priceless! 🙂

love leeeee

What about relationships and communication today?

You don’t have to write a letter and wait for days with anticipation. You don’t have to worry if the mail had reached the right person. Our modern day messengers and chat boxes give us instant updates. You even know when the message is sent, received and read..!

You also get to know the amount of importance given to your messages by knowing the time taken by the recipient to respond! You can also know if you are being ignored. Well, I guess that’s the best way you can insult a person in the internet era! :-/


People text every moment of each day and stay updated about their loved one’s activities, starting from waking up, brushing their teeth to having supper and going to bed! Meh.. O_o

I agree with the fact that now we are able to see people living 1000 miles apart through video conference and stay in touch and contact each other whenever we want. But the words written had more personal touch than the ones typed or texted.

Nowadays we see so many break ups in different relationships and many loved ones torn apart. Most relationships are ended with a blunt and emotionless text message or over a 5 minutes’ phone call. Distance is not a big issue anymore. Virtually, everybody is in contact with their loved ones throughout the day, across the borders and seas, but in reality, they are not.


The precious words are no longer treasured in the hearts, instead they are saved in a memory stick.

People tend to live in a virtual world and their love, friendship and identity is defined by a “profile” and it doesn’t matter if you are friends in person; if you are not “virtually friends”,  then you are not friends in reality as well.

I’m afraid that the intimacy is deteriorating day by day and the children of the upcoming generation would hardly know what loving, bonding and missing loved ones actually mean.

Technology has brought the distant ones closer and the close ones apart.

The mail boxes are hardly checked.. The loved ones are hardly missed..

Sad, bitter, but True.