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Hello My Dear Bloggers and Followers!

I have an announcement!

Yessss, it’s a new blog : The Daily Dare!

The Daily Dare is a site where I post a dare everyday. I dare myself and the readers to do it. Mostly the word “dare” is used for doing things that are out of the way – rule-breaking-nonsensical-activities.

For a change, am going to use the term “dare”, to create a positive effect on me and you as an individual. 


The blog is all about progress, the slow and steady metamorphosis of mental well being.  I wish to create a platform for all readers and fellow bloggers to take part in healthy dares everyday.

I wish that each one of us could challenge ourselves to be a better version of who we were yesterday!

Are you ready for the dare? Do you wish to join me on this venture?

If yes, click the link below, Follow, Subscribe and stay on track with this confused young adult’s journey towards betterment and consistent development!

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The Confused Young Adult

~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

It’s All In The Brain!

April A-Z Blogging – Day 13 : ‘M’

It's All In The Brain
It’s All In The Brain!

How often are you in a Good/Bad Mood? I read in an article that certain expressions can actually induce a particular mood. Say, if you smile voluntarily, then your brain triggers that emotion and you feel happy. So does frown,glare or any other expression!

You may wonder if it is true. So did I!

The best solution? Test it right away!

Yes, I tried to smile, voluntarily. And automatically my brain popped a picture; a happy moment! It was a child’s face! I wondered where I had met him, then I realized I saw the kid this week. He was running in the park, and suddenly he turned, looked right at me all of a sudden and smiled so brightly that I totally forgot the world for a moment!

When I frowned or narrowed my eyes, I was reminded of a certain incident where I did that! I remembered glaring at a guy for leaving a sarcastic remark. Wow!

So, it does work for me! Looks like It’s all in the Brain!

I know, you are now trying the same to verify it is true or not… 😉

Okay, leave your remarks about your test in the comment section below. Does it work for you? Let’s see what your brain has in store!

~ Yuvathi 🙂

The Confused Young Adult

Love In 40 Words..

April A-Z Blogging – Day 12 : ‘L’

I have written many different poems, stories and blog posts on “Love”, but this one is a very simple, ‘from-the-heart‘ piece in which I wrote about what “love” really means to me. So, I believe I this would do justice for the post on “L for Love” 🙂

The Confused Young Adult

I have been invited by 3 of my buddy bloggers : Randoms by a Random – Ameena, Amrit’s Blog, and Living the dream – Hargun Wahi to write about love in 40 words : the condition being 10 lines with 4 words in each line.

So, here it is : Love in 40 Words. 🙂

Love In 40 Words..

Forgetting to be angry,

Forgiving the biggest blunder;

Smiling after a disaster,

Supporting after huge failure;

A shoulder to cry,

A hand to lift;

Beyond all materialistic pleasures,

Bound by strong emotions;

Relationships defined and undefined,

Remains one – Just Love…

~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult

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Today In Short : #1 Kindness

April A-Z Blogging – Day 11 : ‘K’

How about a Re-blog of my very first post for Today In Short?
This is a post that meant a lot to me, made me believe in Kindness and humanity in the midst of this busy and competitive world.

The Confused Young Adult

Every evening, after work, I go to an educational institute which is 2 kilometers away from my place. I usually walk till the bus stop and take an auto or bus from there because it is more convenient.

Coming from a country with the second highest population in the world, it is quite rare to find a place without people. You are always surrounded by different kinds of people speaking different languages ( I hope you know, there are over 780 languages spoken in my country), with different complexions (Yes, North, South, East and West.. we all have different complexions and features!) wearing different kinds of clothing ( Well, there is so much cultural diversity, it will take years for me to explain 😀 ), rich, poor, tall, short, good, bad.. the list is endless. Simply put, you are just surrounded by all kinds of people everywhere!

Realizing the…

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Jealousy.. Is A Mental Cancer

April A-Z Blogging – Day 10 : ‘J’

Jealousy.. Is A Mental Cancer
Jealousy.. Is A Mental Cancer

Yeah, what a classic quote by the great author/journalist B.C.Forbes!

With “J”, the only word I could think of, is “Jealousy”. I already wrote a double acrostic about “Envy” on Day 5, but I felt that although these two emotions almost seem to mean the same, I believe that there is a subtle difference in how it affects a person. I did a little bit of research and got to know how psychologists define them as well!

You “Envy” someone, when do not really possess the quality that someone else does. Well, if you can’t do anything to somehow obtain it, all you can do is “envy”.

So, what about Jealousy? Why did B.C.Forbes call it a “mental cancer” ?!?

Jealousy is when you feel threatened or afraid of losing someone or something that you already possess!

Most people spoil their perfectly smooth relationships, career and life because of jealousy. When you already have something that everybody envies you for, then why should you ever spoil it with your own jealousy? 

Sounds simple and silly.. right? But most of us are engulfed by this cancer that destroys everything to nothing.

The fear of losing “someone/something” itself makes one to lose everything that they already had.

One might think that “Jealousy” is being protective. But the truth is, it only helps in destroying every piece of what one has been trying to protect so desperately.

Yes, that’s what Jealousy does.

Now I hope B.C.Forbes’ description of Jealousy makes more sense than ever… Wow, what a wonderful quote..!

~ Yuvathi 🙂

The Confused Young Adult

Guess: Who Am I? #6

April A-Z Blogging – Day 9 : ‘I’


Guess : Who Am I? is back and the answer for the previous riddle Guess: Who Am I? #5 is Confusion! Yes, that’s the main theme of the blog and you all did get it right! Am so happy and thankful for your active participation!

So here’s is this week’s riddle with the theme : “Emotions and Feelings” So, the previous riddle was easy, I know and this is going to be the easiest of all! But.. just with a grammar touch! 😉

Insecure ones wish someone would give them an adjective piece of me;

Artists, lovers, friends and partners love to share the plural piece of me.

While for some, my rate is more important than their own heart rate!

Ah this is “Adverbly Adjective (of me)” more than I thought it would ever be!

Oh, I don’t want you to lose “me” anytime,

So, hurry and just Guess : Who I Am.. 😉

P.S: Please leave your answer in the comment box below. Hope this was super easy to crack 🙂 I also hope you liked it!

~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult

Hopeless Yet Hopeful..

April A-Z Blogging – Day 8 : ‘H’

Sometimes telling the truth could shatter everything you had. Sometimes things go beyond your control, while at times, nothing really happens as you expected. There will be times where you think this is the end. You wouldn’t know who is at fault, you wouldn’t know whom to blame either..

You may think it’s a dead end, but there will always be a tiny scintillating ray of hope that makes you want to push the envelope;

To find your way through the thorns and mud, for sunshine and a brighter day..

Hopeless Yet Hopeful
Hopeless Yet Hopeful

The piece below, is very personal to me. I was skimming through my 2014’s journal this morning and I found this! I thought it was okay to share it with you all.. It is a long list – a questionnaire, where I found myself left with no answers for every question that kept hammering my head; something that only time can heal and only time can explain….

Too many beautiful dreams..

Too many endless ambitions..

Having waited all these years;

Can they all be wasted like this?

Is this my fault?

For having lost it all?

Should I have stayed quiet?

Shouldn’t I have told the truth?

Am I just born to be this way?

Or is there ever a twist in the tale?

I hoped there will be sunshine;

I dreamed for a better life..

The more I hoped, the more I lost..

The more I dreamed, the more I cried..

Am I being awakened to face the bitter truth?

Or should I believe that spring isn’t far behind..??

Hopeless Yet Hopeful..

~ Yuvathi

Take A Moment, Just A Moment …

April A-Z Blogging – Day 7 : ‘G’

We all have had our own share of pain, trouble, joy, friendships, relationships, happiness, loss, hatred, betrayal, surprise, love, frustration, jealousy, contentment, boredom,…and every emotion explained, unexplained, defined and undefined in this world during our lifetime. We think we have been through a lot yet we still know we have a lot more different intensities and shades of these emotions to experience as well.

Every heart broken person thinks he has seen the worst of all the heart aches, every mother thinks she is the most blessed of all to have this wonderful child, every woman in love thinks she is the luckiest of all, every billionaire thinks he has very less money left in his bank account to survive the next day and every man on the street thinks he is the only one who worries about lack of money!

Take A Moment, Just A Moment ...
Take A Moment, Just A Moment …

When I woke  up this morning and saw my mom smile at me, with love, that can never be translated into simple words nor can be experienced by anybody else other than “me“, I felt so grateful for being born to her, and so grateful to her for bearing with me all these years, accepting me for who I am, and loving me more than she loved herself. Sacrificing every second of her life to make mine brighter….

I know I can’t tell her all these as I know I would break down and melt like ice. Not that I don’t have any troubles; am facing the most difficult of times in my life right now and she is my pillar of support. Without her, I do not know how I would manage these days… Of course, she is my super-woman..!

My heart is so full of gratitude that I guess it would explode any moment…

What really does fill your heart? Today, take a moment to show your gratitude for all that you have and not have in this world. For a minute, enjoy what contentment feels like. Take a deep breath and honestly believe that you are the most grateful and content person in this world…

Take a moment to be happy for who you are, what you do and where you belong and be grateful for every little thing and every single person/being that has made you into this wonderful person that you are at this very moment.

Be Kind,

Live and Let Live.

~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

Pavements and Cherry Blossoms..

April A-Z Blogging – Day 6 : ‘F’

How about a ballad / prose poetry about Frustration?? 😉

This is the first time am writing something like this. Hope you like it !

Pavements and Cherry Blossoms..
Pavements and Cherry Blossoms..

Yes, I see you walking along the pavement near the fourth block. The one we once christened “the cherry blossoms-camouflaged-ethereal beauty”. The place where we first met and wrote a fresh chapter. The spot where we first held hands and walked together towards a new direction, yet along the same pavements. Ah, I remember the sweet nothings we shared, the endless conversations that we had; they still echo in my ears, like a song from a faraway radio.

Ridiculous, is this world of ours, that now I could see you right in front of my eyes, just a few feet away; and what seems so near is now so far. This virtual distance between us and the huge crack in my heart, engulfed by the depths of frustration – “Frustration”, yes, as I stand in the middle the cross roads, the cherries remain the same, the pavements are ever winding.. you still walk along the same block, but towards a different direction; holding hands, yes, but not mine anymore… “Frustrated”, yes, for having been so naive, for giving it all with nothing left to hold on to, as I walk away, alone, along this ever ending pavements…

~ Yuvathi 🙂

The Confused Young Adult


April A-Z Blogging – Day 5 : ‘E’


Enveloped, Hidden and Left to BurN

Vice, Jealous & Vicious – Amidst Faked Love, Wealth & JoY

The above piece is called a Double Acrostic where the first and last letter of each line form a meaningful word. Hope you liked it! 🙂

~ Yuvathi 🙂

The Confused Young Adult