Life Of A Career Woman : An Intro

When I first started this blog, I had just turned twenty and I was a fresh college graduate. I had done some freelance jobs, but I hadn’t had any corporate experience. I stepped into the corporate world as an ambitious young girl – bubbling with excitement with a thirst to reach great heights in my career. I had no idea what this busy corporate world had in store for me.

Life Of A Career Woman
Life Of A Career Woman

Every blog post on the Internet gave the common insights – be professional, be punctual, wear these outfits, go the extra mile, learn something new and have it up your sleeve ready to be disposed at the right time and right place, don’t be the lazy-freeloader living off of other team members’ hard-work , don’t be this, don’t be that, do this and that..

But there were many practical things I wished someone had told me beforehand – some sort of guidance, warning and alert signals here and there would have been helpful. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any.

Now, I would like to bring this blog back to life and start sharing some of the simplest of things that I wished someone had told me. Things I share here may not be relatable for everyone, as they could differ from industry to industry , and of course from culture & people of one region to another! I will try my best to keep it as common and relatable as possible. If you could relate to it, please leave a comment. If it varies, please feel free to share your experiences too and it would be helpful for every other striving ambitious career woman on the planet!

~Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult 

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