Today In Short: #5 That Moment When You Do Something Totally Embarrassing

I always do the wrong things at the wrong time in front of the wrong person perfectly, flawlessly, only to be embarrassed to death. Yesterday I sent a totally inappropriate text to a guy I wasn’t supposed to and I couldn’t even think of texting him anymore! I got the recipient wrong. This has happened to me many times but this time it was worse than ever! I was in the middle of a gossip chat with my best friend while this disaster happened. Thanks to the pop up facility, which ruined my day with this ultimate blunder. The message from this guy popped up, I thought I was texting my friend but I didn’t realize that  I was actually sending the reply-message to the wrong person. After sending, I freaked out! I was screaming in my head for doing such a stupid thing that I literally hid my face under the pillow. I was so embarrassed to even look at my phone!!

This reminds me of an incident when I was wearing a loose ugly tattered old T-shirt and my hair all messed up when my friend (secret-crush) randomly visited my neighborhood and dropped by to say hi; and there I was, playing loud music, jumping up and down like a lunatic in that awesome outfit in the living room. Ouch! The image that I had built all this time to impress him was shattered to bits. The impression I wanted him to have of me was ground to a powder, burnt to ash and phooooo flew away in the air. My crush was crushed. Seeing him the next day at the library was the highlight of my embarrassment history. Well, you can imagine me running behind the book racks to hide myself and bump right at his face, my face going red in double-embarrassment, and he smiling brightly; (obvious, he is rewinding and replaying my lunatic dance and my fabulous costume in his head). Well, thank goodness, he didn’t mention a word about it. It ended with an awkward hi, and even more awkward whats’up..and then trailed off with a friendly conversation. Poor guy must have had bad nightmares, I had the worst. :-/

These are simple incidents though.

Wearing the pants inside out, writing the wrong spelling of a word in the exam which makes the sentence completely wrong and inappropriate and the teacher reading it out loud in front of the class, shouting out the wrong answer for the simplest question in a meeting session, singing a song so badly and loudly not realizing that my friends were recording it and hearing it being played at my birthday party on loud speakers, are some of the rest.. 

that moment when you do something totally embarrassing

There are a few more terrible ones which I prefer not to publish online and save myself from “worldwide embarrassment” 😛

Have you ever done something so embarrassing in your life too? Uff, really, embarrassment is one terrible way to kill a person. 😮