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The Freaking Invisible Creaking Door!

It was 11 p.m. I was exhausted after a really long day and yet I was so immersed in  re-watching the older episodes of my all time favorite television series – Sherlock, that I didn’t even notice the time. Soon, it was midnight and my eyelids were shutting down. Just as I was about to doze off to some faraway wonderland I heard a creak.

A short Creak.


I opened my eyes widely to pay attention. Nothing. My room was quiet and dark. So, I thought I was just imagining things and went back into my warm blanket. Not a minute had passed, once again I was about to catch some sleep and I heard another “Creeaakk”. A little longer but not long enough.

My room has several wooden cabinets on the top and along one entire side of the wall. The weather was quite cold so I had shut the door and windows with only the ventilation window open and all the cabinets were shut too.

Even if a door was opened in the first creak, it needs to shut in the next creek or open even more widely in the next creak. There was no logic in the noise. But I was so certain that it was a freaking invisible creaking door!!

I was too tired to handle anymore, I closed my eyes again, heard the creak again, longer than the previous one but I couldn’t care.. I was too tired…I slept through the creepiness…

The next day I cleaned and checked all the cabinets, closet, doors and windows. Shut them tight before going to bed and ensured that none of them creaked no matter how slowly I opened or closed them.

Yet, this happened for one whole week. Every time I opened my eyes, the creaking stopped. I thought I was hallucinating or may be I was just paranoid or may be I was turning insane.. Then a whole month went by and I couldn’t take it anymore.

The next night while I heard the first creak, I got up and went to my mom and woke her up. I brought her with me and requested her to sleep in my room for the night. She knows I don’t believe in such paranormal or supernatural things and so she was surprised but she trusted me and came along.

We waited for a long time and there was no noise!! We turned off the lights and waited. Still nothing. My mom was convinced that I was just imagining things and so she consoled me and went back to her room. The moment she left my room, the “Creak” came back.

Gosh! That’s it! I ran back and requested her to come again. Thankfully, she didn’t hesitate. She came. After 1 solid hour of silence, the invisible door creaked. It creaked and creaked and creaked even more. Louder and Longer. We kept our eyes wide open. turned on the lights, we couldn’t find a thing.

The more we tried the sneakier the creak became.

We turned off the lights, it creaked. We turned on the lights but closed our eyes for a second it creaked. We just couldn’t shut our eyes even for a fraction of a second!


We couldn’t think of a solution other than logical reasoning or blind faith in prayers.

So we chose both. We decided to ignore. We just announced loudly “Well, let’s ignore it. It’s just nothing. Let’s turn off the lights and sleep peacefully because it doesn’t make any sense.” Then we chanted some prayers and went to bed. 😀 🙂

And ever since that day, thankfully there has been no creaking.

I honestly don’t know what it was.

I believe there is a scientific and logical explanation for everything.

But it was really spooky, creepy and very very scary. But thankfully, I feel safer and more peaceful now. May be I should have told my mom a little earlier. One month of craziness nearly ate my brain.

I don’t know what to make of it, but I just felt like sharing with you all.

Please feel free to share your thoughts. 🙂

~Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult

Sometimes You Need To Let Go..

Life is just a collection of memories made by the collaboration of people who cross paths with us during the journey. Of people who are total strangers, best friends, family and acquaintances. Some remain by our side through the crests and troughs, some are mere passing clouds while some are merciless invincible hurricanes, that uproot every last thing we have and take them along with them…leaving behind nothing.


The ones who stay by our side no matter what happens are our blessing. But what can we do about the rest of the people?

Should we run behind them, chase them and beg them to stay? Is it possible? Even if it were possible, is it worth?

What about those who misunderstand us? What about those who don’t care how we feel no matter how many times we try our best to explain ourselves?

Should we try to make them understand? Do we really need to explain ourselves? Is it worth all the pain and effort??

Last but not the least, what about those who deceive us? The ones we trusted blindly but left us shattered and heart broken? Should we be angry with them forever?

Does anger serve any purpose? Especially when the person has already left, does it impact anyone else other than ourselves? Or, should we go for a revenge?

Does revenge put the broken pieces of our heart back together and heal the scars?

It might be difficult to digest. It might be heavy on the chest, choking the throat, aching the heart and straining the eyes from breaking into a flood of tears… But the best thing we could do for ourselves is to let go..

Let go of the people who left and keep their memories,

While letting go of the bad memories and keeping the good ones.

Let go of all the pain and keep the joy.

Because you deserve happiness. You deserve to live a peaceful life. 

Let go.. Move on.

Be Kind to everyone. Be kind to yourself too.

~Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult

My Life In The 1900s!

Well.. I thought am going to be back to the blogging world with a bang and introduced a series called The 4-Line Motivation Series and then Mother Nature couldn’t take it anymore. She got so furious that she came back with a bang too and literally destroyed our city with a terribly huge cyclone and heavy rain!

My Life In The 1900s!.gif

And, that’s how I went back to the 1900s! 😀

  • We didn’t have electricity for an entire week. So many trees had fallen down and many transformers were destroyed by the heavy winds and rain.
  • No water because we couldn’t run the bore-well motor.
  • No source of news/entertainment because obviously the TV didn’t work.
  • No source of communication because all networks were down.
  • Even if there was a weak signal, our phones’ batteries died.
  • No lights, fans or air-conditioning as the UPS died down after few hours.
  • We couldn’t inform our worried relatives and friends that we were safe.

Nothing with the latest technologies was functioning, it was like the darkest of times. The days were short, so there was not much sunlight and it was cold all the time. Had we had such experiences before, I think we would have handled it better. If you have read my earlier posts, you would know that I come from a place where 24°C is considered as winter! No Kidding! We hardly have winter and we always have bright sunlight all the time! 

So the cyclone was hard to handle as it was all so new for us.

It was like we were going back in time!

But it was really so much fun and awesome!

Time Travel – Here’s My Life In The 1900’s.. 😉

  • We drew water from the well manually. Yes, we did!
  • Everyone in our apartment came together to help each other! We made pulleys using ropes to pull up the water buckets to different floors in the apartment. One would draw the water, others would stand in line to pass the buckets and pull them over to various floors in the building through stairs!
  • We had to clear the blocked roads and couldn’t wait for someone else to do it for us. We took our own equipment and cleared the fallen trees by cutting them down manually and moving them off the roads.
  • Since we had no internet or TV, we all had great family time.
  • In the meantime, apart from all the physical work; I read several books! I read at least one book a day, which is nearly 400 pages a day! (Awesome right?!)
  • In order to save the candle light, we all sat in the same room all the time. We sat together for dinners and teas. We were seeing each other’s face while talking and not our phones for text messages.
  • We washed clothes and dishes sitting next to the well in the backyard (just like the olden days!)
  • We used Water like Liquid Gold!!!
  • We helped people in our neighboring apartments by sharing the water from our well. We had so much social networking going on without internet!
  • The news about the weather, power and network availability was shared from street to street through word of mouth just like the early 20th century!! 😀
  • Most importantly, we all went to bed by 8 pm! (well there’s nothing much to do in the dark, and the peace and quiet makes you sleep like a newborn puppy!)

The list is endless!

Living in the 1900’s was not so bad. In fact I was very comfortable without phone, internet and electricity. Wish we had battery-run radio just for weather updates and news. We have become so dependent on our smartphones and laptops that we didn’t even think about a blackout and emergency equipment. It was a wake up call. 🙂

Well well.. everything is back to normal now. I literally had to fight with the network service provider to fix my phone and internet connection and finally all is well!

In 2015 December, we were struck by heavy floods and 2016 December we faced a terrible cyclone. Hope 2017 would be calmer and peaceful.

Wish you all a wonderful New Year’s Eve.

~Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult


The 4-Line Motivation Series #2

Hey there!

Wish you a great day ahead! 🙂


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Have a great day!!!

~Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult

The 4-Line Motivation Series #1

Aannndd.. Here it is! The first post of the series 🙂

the 4-line motivation series #1.JPG

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Have a great day!!!


The Confused Young Adult

Announcement! 2 Year Anniversary and New Series!!

Hello there!

Can you believe it has been two years since the birth of this blog?!

Announcement! 2 Year Anniversary and New Series!!.jpg

Yes, Two Years ago, I had no idea where I was standing in my life. I was so lost. I must admit, I still am. So lost and confused, but I’m now wiser than I was, I believe. 😉

I would like to thank every one of you who motivated me in this journey. You, my readers and my fellow bloggers, your words encouraged me to see life in bright light. Gave me the strength to move on.

As a thank you gift, I’m now starting a series called “The 4-Line Motivation Series”

I hope to post a personal motivation quote every day or at least once a week, as often as I can. The daily dose of motivation for all of us move on, fight back, love ourselves and live our life 🙂

Thank you once again 🙂


~Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult

You Can’t Be Nice To Everybody!

Yes, you read the title right. You can’t be “nice” to “everybody“.

We all try our best to be nice to everyone around us. It is a natural human tendency to want to be liked by everybody. We don’t want anybody saying mean things about us behind our backs, we don’t want conflicts., after all we are peace loving creatures and all that’s natural.

You Cant Be Nice To Everybody.jpg

Being  nice to people in general is good manners. We should not be disrespectful and rude to anybody and am not talking about that kind of “nice”. This is different.

Sometimes you need to

  • put your foot down and say NO!
  • raise your voice, speak up and stick to your principles and ethics.
  • differentiate the good and the bad, and move out if you know you can’t change the bad!

Yes, you definitely should do all these at some point of time or the other and that’s how you end up being not nice to “everyone”, but to those you care, like and those that support your principles and love you for who you are!

I have colleague who I believed is the nicest person ever! But honestly, he is just so nice to “everybody”. The more I know him, the more I feel he is not real. I feel that his friendship and care is not true, because he supports both sides of people even when he knows one of them is wrong! He doesn’t tell them they are wrong, he never puts his foot down when people say mean things, he doesn’t ever go up against people even if they are not nice to him. He would change topics, lighten the moments, and move along. Not a single conflict ever. He might be a great person to work with, but I would never trust him with my friendship because for me, friendship is all about loyalty, honesty and transparency.

That’s what happens if you are nice to everybody.

If you say you are nice to everybody, it means you are not real. 

Sometimes, a little bit of criticism and hatred from others reminds you that you’re on the right track. If you’re not being criticized then you are doing something wrong!

You Just Can’t Be Nice To Everybody! 🙂

Don’t worry if someone dislikes you. If you know you were doing the right thing, you’re being real. You’re being You. People will love you for who you really are and they are the ones you should care about.

Have A Cheerful Weekend!

~Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult

Is It Okay To Be Unhappy?

You can’t smile all the time. Life is not always a bed of roses. Sometimes the thorn peeps out, more so often many thorns peep out and hurt you until you bleed. It is okay, it happens. It is okay to be unhappy.

Yes, it is 100% okay not to be okay!

Is It Okay To Be Unhappy.jpg

Do you know what is not okay?

Not admitting the fact that you are unhappy! Hiding your sadness and trying to fool yourself and the people around you.. Well, that is cruelty that you impose on yourself. If you are sad, let it out. Talk to your friend or family about it. If you don’t want people to hear it, then write it down in your diary, tear it, burn it, or blog about it, publish it, trash it. It’s all your choice. You have many options! If nothing works, cry out loud. Sometimes all you need is to melt your heart’s heaviness with some tears. It is okay to cry too!

But make sure, you let it ALL out. Don’t let failure and sadness rule you. You are the Queen/King of your life. It has to move the way you want it.

Sometimes your life becomes rebellious. It doesn’t let you take the lead. Well, why should you let your guard down?

Stay strong. Be as rebellious as you can.

Fight back. Fall down. But don’t forget to get up. Dust your shoulders.

With your head held high, Fight again.

Do you know why I’m writing about this now?

I have been going through a really rough time at home and at work. Really rough. But I didn’t hide it, I let it out. There’s no point in hiding it all and carrying it in your heart. Thanks to my friends, family, my blog and diary. I have been holding up and fighting back. Although it takes more of one’s own effort, it is always lovely to have people around you, who support and cheer you through everything.

I must tell you, it is so relieving once you admit the fact that you are having a tough time and that you are hurt and feeling low.

Sometimes I would lose all hope and go to bed with a heavy heart. Few times I wept to my heart’s relief. But the next morning I would wake up, dress up well, look in the mirror and tell myself, “I can do it”, “I will fight back”.

It is okay to be unhappy. Just don’t let it hold you back from doing what you want to do and being who you really want to be. Live your life. Don’t waste it.

~Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult

New Blog : The Daily Dare!

Hello My Dear Bloggers and Followers!

I have an announcement!

Yessss, it’s a new blog : The Daily Dare!

The Daily Dare is a site where I post a dare everyday. I dare myself and the readers to do it. Mostly the word “dare” is used for doing things that are out of the way – rule-breaking-nonsensical-activities.

For a change, am going to use the term “dare”, to create a positive effect on me and you as an individual. 


The blog is all about progress, the slow and steady metamorphosis of mental well being.  I wish to create a platform for all readers and fellow bloggers to take part in healthy dares everyday.

I wish that each one of us could challenge ourselves to be a better version of who we were yesterday!

Are you ready for the dare? Do you wish to join me on this venture?

If yes, click the link below, Follow, Subscribe and stay on track with this confused young adult’s journey towards betterment and consistent development!

Link : The Daily Dare

The Confused Young Adult

~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

Do You Judge A Person Based On Their Posts On Social Media?

We all know that before employing someone, most organizations not only do background checks on the potential employee’s educational qualification, previous employers’ details, crime records, etc; they also check their social media pages to know what kind of person they really are! Also, many people have been fired for updating inappropriate posts on their social media pages! So, that’s what employers do in order to maintain a healthy, productive and safe work environment.

Do You Judge A Person Based On Their Posts On Social Media

But the question is, “Do you judge someone based on what they post on social media?

If your answer is “Yes”, then don’t worry. You are not alone!

If you ask me whether I do…. “Oh yeah, Totally!” Especially if it’s a guy that I’m interested in… Definitely yes!

I get to know if the guy is a psychopath or an idiot who posts any hoax that pops on the internet or a self-obsessed selfie maniac or a pathetic guy who plays candy crush all the time…. Duh. :-/

I must admit that checking some of the guys’ social media pages have actually saved me many times from messing up! I believe that I can get to know a lot about a person by skimming through their posts for 5 minutes than from a 20 minute – full length conversation with them over a cup of coffee!

It is like reading someone’s autobiography written without any edits, filters or exaggeration!

Your posts reflect who you are… what you like, re-tweet, share and comment, everything matters!

It’s not just you and me, it happens with almost everyone.

So, here’s a kind note:

The next time you post something on your social media page, take a minute – think, and hit the upload button. Update your privacy settings – you don’t want just anybody to trespass and judge you!

I have a decent privacy setting and limited contacts/friends/followings on my social media pages because I don’t want to be some easily available open book to be skimmed through anybody’s will!

If you think you are a really careful “poster”, then cool! 🙂 

If not, OMG Wake up!! Keep up!!! 😀

And.. Of course, enjoy skimming and judging through every other’s page.

Oh heyyy! Don’t you judge me for doing that!

It’s not trespassing unless you walk (hack) through someone’s protected private property! Right?! 😮

And of course! I am just improving my GK on people and trying to understand them and also saving myself from some potential danger.. 😉

If you resonate with my thoughts, please feel free to share this post on your social media pages!

If you don’t.. well then please feel free to share this post on your pages and write your comments on why you don’t down below! 😉

Happy Weekend!

~Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult