The Tug Of War – Heart vs Head


My heart says Yes,
My head says No!
What do I do?
I really don’t know!

I put them on a scale
They’re balanced as Heaven and Hell
I never knew they could put on a show!

I know it’s a tough road
Not for the faint hearted;
But it’s also the one
I wish and dare to tread!

The safer side?
Or all fears aside?
Well, Am going to just let it all slide!

Am going to fall
And move along the flow
For whatever has to happen, will happen
As this Tug Of War has just begun!

Fingers Crossed##


The Confused Young Adult

Haiku : Sweetheart, I Miss You So Bad..

Sweetheart, I Miss You So Bad..

~Yuvathi  🙂

– The Confused Young Adult

Haiku : Curtains Of My Heart

~Yuvathi  🙂

– The Confused Young Adult

A Girl’s Naked Heart

A Girl's Naked Heart

I don’t want you to say “Oh..! Nice Shoes”;

I don’t care if I’m the best dressed too.

I don’t mind being sexy or curvy, modest or humble;

I don’t need anybody’s nod of approval.

I don’t want you to notice my eye shadows and

I don’t give a damn if you find me unattractive.

It’s not the exterior that I care..

It is not just the flesh, don’t you dare..

I wish you knew..

My Naked Heart.. 

Yearns For Your Warmth..

And Respect & Love ..

For Who I Really Am..

Not For How I look and What I wear..

It is just that I really long for..

And Nothing More..

And Nothing Less..

~ Every Girl’s Naked Heart..

~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult

The Words Hidden In Your Smile..

The Words Hidden In Your Smile..

It hasn’t been long since the day we met,

We haven’t yet shared each other’s secrets;

When I saw you smile, I knew it,

You’re gonna be my side, I don’t have to ferret!

The diction that’s hidden well within,

So wide and deep, so labyrinthine..

So special yet modest, so subtle yet simple,

A spell that could make me want to snuggle;

So charming and cozy,

That’s just loving and lovely;

That a million words wouldn’t suffice

To describe  “The Words Hidden In Your Smile..

~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

– The Confused Young Adult

In Time

In Time

You can’t see the same rainbow twice.

You can’t enjoy the same breeze twice.

You are not the same person you were a year before.

You may not think the same way you did the day before.

You may not make it right if you don’t do it right now.

Because you never know what the next minute has in store.

do it now.
MAKE It Right, In Time.

If Cartoons and Disney Were Real..

the-flintstones__120413002132heidi2gravity                  TweetyDisney-7-dwarfso-POWERPUFF-GIRLS-facebook

Wear a simple dress and run all over the Alps,

bare foot on the fresh green grass!

Hitch a ride in the stone cars,

live peacefully in cozy stone homes,

and feed the pet Dinosaur with some yummy scones!

Walk in the air until you see what’s down below,

and pain will be just birds and butterflies flying to and fro!

Birds won’t be caged, cats and dogs can’t be tamed,

Tweets would be Tweety’s family name!

Girls would rule the world with the power puffs,

and there would be lovely people like the 7 dwarfs!

Men like angels and women like princesses would adorn the world,

with vibrant colors, brightness, and happiness abound!

~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

– The Confused Young Adult

Guess: Who Am I? #6

April A-Z Blogging – Day 9 : ‘I’


Guess : Who Am I? is back and the answer for the previous riddle Guess: Who Am I? #5 is Confusion! Yes, that’s the main theme of the blog and you all did get it right! Am so happy and thankful for your active participation!

So here’s is this week’s riddle with the theme : “Emotions and Feelings” So, the previous riddle was easy, I know and this is going to be the easiest of all! But.. just with a grammar touch! 😉

Insecure ones wish someone would give them an adjective piece of me;

Artists, lovers, friends and partners love to share the plural piece of me.

While for some, my rate is more important than their own heart rate!

Ah this is “Adverbly Adjective (of me)” more than I thought it would ever be!

Oh, I don’t want you to lose “me” anytime,

So, hurry and just Guess : Who I Am.. 😉

P.S: Please leave your answer in the comment box below. Hope this was super easy to crack 🙂 I also hope you liked it!

~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult

Hopeless Yet Hopeful..

April A-Z Blogging – Day 8 : ‘H’

Sometimes telling the truth could shatter everything you had. Sometimes things go beyond your control, while at times, nothing really happens as you expected. There will be times where you think this is the end. You wouldn’t know who is at fault, you wouldn’t know whom to blame either..

You may think it’s a dead end, but there will always be a tiny scintillating ray of hope that makes you want to push the envelope;

To find your way through the thorns and mud, for sunshine and a brighter day..

Hopeless Yet Hopeful
Hopeless Yet Hopeful

The piece below, is very personal to me. I was skimming through my 2014’s journal this morning and I found this! I thought it was okay to share it with you all.. It is a long list – a questionnaire, where I found myself left with no answers for every question that kept hammering my head; something that only time can heal and only time can explain….

Too many beautiful dreams..

Too many endless ambitions..

Having waited all these years;

Can they all be wasted like this?

Is this my fault?

For having lost it all?

Should I have stayed quiet?

Shouldn’t I have told the truth?

Am I just born to be this way?

Or is there ever a twist in the tale?

I hoped there will be sunshine;

I dreamed for a better life..

The more I hoped, the more I lost..

The more I dreamed, the more I cried..

Am I being awakened to face the bitter truth?

Or should I believe that spring isn’t far behind..??

Hopeless Yet Hopeful..

~ Yuvathi

Pavements and Cherry Blossoms..

April A-Z Blogging – Day 6 : ‘F’

How about a ballad / prose poetry about Frustration?? 😉

This is the first time am writing something like this. Hope you like it !

Pavements and Cherry Blossoms..
Pavements and Cherry Blossoms..

Yes, I see you walking along the pavement near the fourth block. The one we once christened “the cherry blossoms-camouflaged-ethereal beauty”. The place where we first met and wrote a fresh chapter. The spot where we first held hands and walked together towards a new direction, yet along the same pavements. Ah, I remember the sweet nothings we shared, the endless conversations that we had; they still echo in my ears, like a song from a faraway radio.

Ridiculous, is this world of ours, that now I could see you right in front of my eyes, just a few feet away; and what seems so near is now so far. This virtual distance between us and the huge crack in my heart, engulfed by the depths of frustration – “Frustration”, yes, as I stand in the middle the cross roads, the cherries remain the same, the pavements are ever winding.. you still walk along the same block, but towards a different direction; holding hands, yes, but not mine anymore… “Frustrated”, yes, for having been so naive, for giving it all with nothing left to hold on to, as I walk away, alone, along this ever ending pavements…

~ Yuvathi 🙂

The Confused Young Adult