I Hated It. But Not Anymore.

“I hate doing laundry!”

That used to be my standard response whenever my mom talked about it. I loathed it so much that I would do anything to escape from doing it! But how can I have fresh clothes if I don’t do my laundry?!  I have no other choice.  Do I? Nothing that I knew of 😀

Well,  I realized the best thing to do to not hate doing it is to stop hating it! Sounds silly doesn’t it?  But it is not. I hated it because it was monotonous.  There was nothing creative about laundry.

But what’s the point in grumbling and doing a poor job when you have no way out? Being grumpy would only spoil our own day. Right?



So I decided to change it.  I imagined myself as a laundry expert! I played music, danced my way while operating the machine and while hanging and clipping them on the line under the hot sun I made sure they looked beautiful. Yes, all pants in one line,  shirts in the other..  In the order of color,  size and I used matching hangers and clips to hang them! 😀

Laundry - clothespins

It wasn’t boring and monotonous anymore. It was fun, colorful and creative! Most importantly I regarded myself as the expert! 😀 

This is not just about laundry. Of course not!

I understood one thing from doing laundry :

If you can’t change something and if you have no other choice but do it; it is better to stop hating it!

If you hate your job, cooking food, doing your maths assignment or any other task; then Don’t do it the way you usually do! You can’t change the task, but you can always change the way you perceive it.

I Hated It. But Not Anymore  🙂