That One Thing We All Are Tired Of…

Yes, it is tiresome.. We all say to ourselves., yet we never stop! There are many such things that make us feel small and exhausted but we believe we don’t have a choice; we succumb to them. But there is One thing that almost all of us are ‘tired’ of :

 Doing Things That Others Expect Us To Do and Not Something That We Really Want To

The reason behind this? To make people like us, to impress others and to make others happy by sacrificing our own basic needs, wishes and desires.

Few years ago, I was a very different person. Every time I walked into a crowded hall, I would wonder if people really liked me. I used to take every word seriously; what people thought about me mattered a lot to me than anything else. Back then, I didn’t know that…

You can’t impress others unless you are confident about yourself!

I tried to join the clubs the others joined because I wanted to mingle with the pack! I wore similar clothes, worked hard, helped everyone with everything they asked for. I didn’t mind doing anything to help others. Firstly because it made me feel good, but later on I did because people expected me to. Well, people were literally using me to do their assignments, projects, other tasks and stuff. People took me for granted and I was not credited for anything I ever did. Later their opinions varied and what one wanted me to do was not liked by the other and vice versa. I was pulled in different directions by different people.

The expectations grew more and more and I never had the time to do what I really wanted to. In fact, I was not in the pack, I was just being used. I was too naive to know and understand. I was an idiot! But when I realized, I backed out. I learnt to say No. People don’t like to lose such an idiot. Do they? Of course they didn’t want to.  The worst case – people started to backbite and hate me. There were too many gossips, too many jokes. I was ‘bullied’ wherever I went. 

I was left alone, with none by my side to help me out. I thought it is better to be alone than in a bad company!

Well, that was few years ago. But am glad, I realized quite early. Now, I am a lot stronger person with my own lovely bunch of friends who love me for what I am. I put my foot down whenever I feel like I should. I do whatever my heart says right because I know my loved ones would support me and guide me in the right path. I do something because I really want to and not because somebody wants me to. Oh! Am so glad 🙂

All these bitter experiences taught me one important thing:

Do what your heart says. Not otherwise.

Still I have my moments, even now at times I feel insecure but whenever I do, I reassure myself “It’s alright. It’s okay. People always have something to say

The point is, there are so many people out there, worrying about their looks, clothes, status, habits, tastes..feeling vulnerable and insecure about every single aspect of their life. Some are unable to pursue their dreams while some don’t even have the liberty to take a break. They are frustrated, exhausted while some are innocent and naive like I was. I wish I could tell them all..

It’s alright. It’s okay. People always have something to say. You don’t have to worry at all. You are awesome being yourself.” 🙂

P.S. I must tell you, I was nervous before publishing this because I have never made such a personal blog post before. Writing this blog made me feel really very good.  I wish it reaches the right people at the right time. 🙂

Today In Short : #2 Share What You Have

There are many customs created by our ancestors that have so much meaning but they are forgotten over the years.  People no longer have the time to pay attention and heed to all those customs. But there are a few that almost all of us follow in our country even now.

Rice is the staple food in the South. Most of our dishes are made with rice as we require more carbohydrates to withstand the climatic conditions.

In the South, we have a tradition; we wake up before sunrise and wash our front yard and using dry rice flour we make patterns called ‘Kolam’ as shown in the picture below.

I made it this morning in our front yard! 😀



Well, do you know the purpose? It is not just to beautify the front yard.

It is to feed all tiny insects, birds and ants; they eat the rice flour! You can see them lining up and enjoying their meal.

We share what we have as soon as the day breaks! A great way to begin the day! Don’t you think? 🙂

Before cooking, we take the leftover vegetables, peels and stems, mix them with the water used for washing rice and place them in a bowl. Thirsty and hungry cows would relish them happily. If we maintain a particular time to serve, say 8 o’clock, they will be here at sharp 7:55 and the harmless cow would wait at the gate quietly until we place the food bowl.  🙂

As I said earlier, rice is everything for us. So, as soon as we cook rice for breakfast we can see crows, sparrows, squirrels and many other birds waiting on the kitchen window sill! Yes, before we eat, we serve some for them. Those lovely little beings take turns and eat. The most beautiful part is, if you a serve a crow or a sparrow, it would call all other crows and sparrows before eating and they share what we shared with them! 🙂

squirrel relishing rice
squirrel relishing rice


They always know when the food is ready! I really don’t know how.. and sometimes if we forget to serve, they sit on the window sill and call out for us until we notice them. 😀

This morning was in no way different. It was as beautiful as always.

Seeing them share and enjoy their meal made me smile, made me feel good as I’m able to serve nature… I was glad I could give back something instead of always taking. As you know, man’s greed has no end.

There are many more such customs that make us serve nature and thank the environment.. These customs teach us how to live and let live by sharing what we have.. Sadly, people these days don’t have time to follow them while they are busy following their favorite celebrities on Twitter and Facebook..