Internet Etiquette : Be Human.

I saw a video today, about a Brazilian homeless man and his dog. He was being taken to the hospital in an ambulance and the dog couldn’t let him go! As every other loving pet dog, he chased the ambulance all they way and went a step further. He didn’t stop at all! The ambulance staff couldn’t handle it anymore, they stopped the ambulance and let the dog in! 🙂 🙂 Such a beautiful scene caught on camera,. Don’t you think?

But what were the top comments for the video?

Mean ones!

Well, you may wonder what kind of mean comments they could come up with for such a lovely video.. they said ” Shame on them for letting the dog chase so long, they could have let him in instead of taking the video”.. this is just a starter, there were more!

Internet Etiquette - Be Human, Don't Write Things To Strangers That You Wouldn't Ever Say In Person

Wow! All those hate comments, mean comments, captions, and what-not that are trending on the internet!!

What’s wrong with people and where are all the manners and politeness? What about positivity and being optimistic?

If a person is tone deaf we wouldn’t say ” Gosh, shut up, you suck,. Don’t kill us with your horrible sound”!! Never! Especially to a stranger? Never Ever!!

But people throw disrespectful, malicious comments and talk trash at strangers on the social media with no care whatsoever! They even belittle the ones who are not great, but good enough!

We can no longer call it cyber-bullying. People are rude, mean, vicious, heartless and ruthless on the internet, especially – on the social media.

It looks like humans are no longer human anymore!

Since everybody owns a smartphone, a laptop and an internet connection, they think they are entitled to write whatever that comes to their mind, have every right to hurt a person at ease and never feel guilty about it since they are not confronted in person. What about the recipient? Aren’t they humans too? Don’t they have a heart? What happened to being kind and considerate to fellow human beings??

People even take it as a chance to come up with the most ridiculously creative malicious mean comments to climb on the most tweeted/like/shared mean comments ladder. Ah, Disgusting!

So, here’s the thing :

The Internet Etiquette : Be Human.

Before you write a comment or a caption on the social media, answer the following questions :

  1. Is this comment absolutely necessary?

  2. Will this comment make the recipient happy/ make the world a better place to live?

  3. Would I like it if someone said the same to me?

  4. If I ever met this person, would I look into their eyes and say the same comment?

If the answer is “Yes” to all the 4 questions, go ahead and write the comments to your heart’s content. If not, please stay put, scroll down and go for the next update.

Be Kind. Be Human.

Please share this with your fellow commentators, tweeters, social media lovers, vloggers, and bloggers. Share this with your teenage kids, friends and family members. Let’s create a responsible society and create awareness about being kind and considerate – About being Human.

~Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult 


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