3 Kinds of Selfie/Groupfie Maniacs

Every week, I end up writing something about this gen’s addiction to technology and its impacts. This week, it is all about “photographs and selfies”.

Do You

I love taking photographs. Yes, especially when I meet my friends after several months/years. I try to print them and look at them once in while and reminisce every moment I spent having fun and nothing but joy. As I type these words, I smile widely..thinking about my friends and the fun I had with them when I met them last weekend – I met some of them after 6 long months, while the rest of them after almost a year.

Photographs make you smile, some can make you cry… Indeed.

But nowadays, for everything, we take a snap.

Do You

Coffee with boyfriend at Starbucks : Selfie

Regular night out with buddies : group selfie ~ groupfie

New shoes!! : Shoefie

Walking down the street : a snap of the road

Eating a hamburger : a hamburger selfie

Cooked dinner : a dish selfie

Removing makeup : mirror selfie

Going to bed : a good night selfie

Yeah, okay. Got it. Social networking sites are full of them.

But to take that one perfect snap, people pose for hours; giving out a fake smile, bent leg, angled neck, twisted hip, and end up with painful cheeks, ankle, hip, eyes, nose etc. 

Seriously? The most horrible of all : “The Groupfie

Do You

How many times have you really had fun talking to your friends without taking a snap?

Talking about selfies and groupfies… There are three major kinds of people.

1st kind:

The ones that meet their buddies once a year for just an hour, and end up faking smiles, posing for selfies for about half an hour, update “status” on SNS, “tweet” the snaps and add their “check-ins” for another 15 mins saying “meeting my buddies after a year! feeling sooo loved and awessoommeee” ~ feeling nostalgic 

In the end, all they get to say in the remaining 15 minutes is “heyyy, long time no see! how are you? am fine! and you? me too!” End of conversation. Haven’t they been saying the same all the other days, over the phone as well as on their online instant messages?

2nd Kind:

The ones that meet the so-called friends, the crew with which they hang out just to be cool and make sure that they are not left alone. They hug, kiss,smile and hold arms for photographs. But not for real. This, in my opinion is the most pathetic of all.

3rd Kind:

The ones who love to take selfies and photos, just to update them on Instagram and other social networking sites and see how many “likes” they get for it. Seriously????? :-/


Remember, photographs create memories that could be relished in the future. Every time you take a snap, ask yourself: “Am I really happy? Do I really have to take a snap now? Shall I spend a few more minutes with my loved ones and share a moment of happiness with them? 

Let me ask you one question :

for all the millions of pictures you’ve taken so far..

In how many of them do you “really” smile?

~ Yuvathi 🙂

– The Confused Young Adult

5 Reasons Why I Hate Whatsapp

Yeah, I understand, it is a wonderful mode of communication. Cheap, easy, quick and affordable, etc..etc.. But honestly, it is one of the most annoying apps ever! Here are the top reasons why I hate it.

5 Reasons Why I Hate Whatsapp
5 Reasons Why I Hate Whatsapp

5. The Garbage-Status Updates

The status space is to inform people if a person is at work, busy, sleeping, etc so that the rest of the people would know if it is the right time to contact them. But the amount of crap you get to see here is immeasurable! Here are some examples :

Waiting for my time”  — what time? your time? so, am I not supposed to text you because it is not ‘your’ time yet? please, I need an explanation. :-/

You’re my life. I’l love you forever” — Who? Me? Dude, I understand I shared my delicious yummy chocolate chip cookie with you, but please! Love? Life? Ewww! 😛

I love pizza” — So do I. Will you be sending me one through Whatsapp? Not the emoji, but a real one please. :@

So, what has any of those updates got to do with texting? I do not understand. Don’t we have Twitter, Facebook and other networking sites to update such useless information? Such a waste of space..and when I update my status as “Busy“, only then do I receive a 100 texts asking “Are you really busy right now?“. Oh Darn. When is the apocalypse?!

4. The Devils Called “Last Seen” and “Double Blue Tick-marks”

Earlier, we used to skip a particular route, just to escape seeing that one mean person and go grocery shopping in the adjacent neighborhood only to avoid bumping into that frenemy as much as possible. But now, thanks to the devils of Whatsapp – If you’ve last seen two minutes ago, your frenemy gets to know you avoided her and there you are, bashed left and right in the “neighborhood Whatsapp group“. And one step further, if your last seen is 2 minutes ago and you’ve not read their message, there comes another text “You were online 2 mins ago and you didn’t open my text??? Why is it still unread?Oh God, please save me from this virtual suffocation.

3. The Viral Photos, Memes and Videos

Everybody receives tons and  tons of these not-so-funny jokes and you receive the same photo/video of 3 MB to 11 MB again and again from 20 different contacts. Isn’t whatsapp a mode to communicate? Worst part – promotional messages, ads for the nearby masseuse/hair salon, and so-called religious messages with a PS: “if you pass this message to 12 people, the love of your life will call you in 24 hours” or.. more disgusting stories with a note: “If you don’t pass this message within 12 hours, you will get a massive heart attack and die all alone at midnight”. You Kidding ME?

Whoever you are, wherever you are, I will find you and I will kill you. 

2. Violation Of Privacy and Every Second A New Message

Anybody who has your number can text you. This might sound something simple and nice but not until you receive spam messages from strangers. Why should anybody be able to contact me? Like GTalk, people should be asked to send in a request. Only if they add you, should you be able to text a person. Seriously, my blocked list is longer than my contact list. Phone numbers are way to personal, and taking that as an advantage and taking it for granted is never a good idea!

And remember the good old days when you rushed to check you phone when it said “you have 1 new message”? Well, nowadays I rush to grab my phone to put it down is silent mode. Every second there is a notification for a new text, the incessant beeps indicating its arrival. You can’t even ignore them as you never know, it could even be a really important message about the next day’s project presentation or meeting!

1. The Infinite Groups With Way Too Many Random People

The main reason why I uninstalled the app is “Groups“. Too many groups! High school group, senior school group, university group, music class group, mother’s father’s family group, mother’s mother’s family group, work group, part-time job group, neighbor’s group, friend’s family’s son’s colleague’s ex-coworker’s group……. and each group has at least 30 good morning messages, photos, videos, 30 good evening messages, unrelated gossips about the admin’s mother’s uncle’s neighbor’s daughter’s hair color, unnecessary meaningless discussions about torn socks and used napkins,… Worst Part – If you quit a group, the whole group will be alarmed, so worried because an inactive-hardly-ever-texting-member has left the GROUP!!!!! and every random member who has never even talked to you before, will pester you for a valid reason for leaving; eventually adding you back in the group the very next minute of your departure. Ultimate load of crap, waste of time, energy and data pack

The moment I uninstalled the app, I relished something called “freedom”! Sense of achievement and productivity. The app should come with these warning signs: This app is great if used minimally. Extensive usage is lethal and can cause brain wreckage, message alert beep-paranoia, anxiety, insanity, and many more…

~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

4 Types Of Mean People And How To Handle Them

Today I was wondering, there are many different kinds of wonderful people in this world! But then I remembered another fact that one bad apple can spoil the entire barrel! Which made me think about the “types of mean people”! So, I made a list that categorizes mean people into 4 wide sub-categories and I have given a few practical and possible suggestions that can help you in handling them.

1. The Know-It-All

1. The Know-It-All

This is a bunch of people who think they know “EVERYTHING” and they believe that only their action/opinion/decision is right. Every one else in the world is wrong. You try to share something to your group, and they will be like “Oh yeah..that one? I know that.. that’s so out of date. We should probably try my suggestion!”, and make you look stupid. Or, when you say you don’t know something, their immediate loud reaction would be “Don’t you know even THAT??” and make you feel low and inferior right in front of your peers/colleagues.


These people crave for attention and love to dominate. Make sure you give a solid point. Do not get crumpled just because they snubbed you once. People around you are also as frustrated and scared as you are because of that one person. Nobody’s going to judge as the others are also sailing on the same boat! Stand for yourself and don’t forget to make your point! You can do it!

2. Sarcastic Dumb-heads

2. Sarcastic Dumb-heads

Now this one, is the most annoying crowd of people who actually have nothing in their heads. But all they do is drop a sarcastic comment for everything you do/say. They are so good at passing mean comments that they can humiliate anybody regardless of their talents and knowledge. Most times, when you hear their comments, you go speechless that you don’t know how to respond to such heights of meanness. (Yes, not all can be great at witty puns).


Remember they are “dumb-heads” and all they want is some acknowledgement by the crowd. Since they can’t get it, they try to destroy the ones that do! So, when you hear their comments, the best way to get back at them is to take the high road. The more you acknowledge their sarcasm, the more satisfied they will be. So do not ever care about their pathetic attempt. Do not look hurt. Do not react at all! If they are someone superior to you, you can’t just walk away, right? In such cases, smile at them politely (genuinely) and check their reactions. (trust me, it will be so awesome!!!!)

3. The Posh Plastics

3. The Posh Plastics

Have you seen the guys and girls who are filthy rich, have-it-all, who walk like ice sculptures and care about nobody? Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. For them, only their happiness and comfort matters. Anybody else is nobody to them. It is like, people other than their crew is invisible to them. They are so plastic – “no sympathy, no empathy if you don’t belong to the category” is their motto. Cold and Heartless just like ice sculptures.


Well, if you don’t belong to their ice-sculpture category, it means they don’t belong to yours either! You can be the fireball that you are! Who cares! If it is your workplace, just do what you are supposed to do, Don’t try to fit in as you will only be humiliated more and more. Do your duty and do not expect any acknowledgement or acceptance in their circle. Don’t take it to your heart. Because they can’t fit in your category either! Remember, they are ice-sculptures and you are a fireball!! 🙂

4. Overpowered Bullies

4. Overpowered Bullies

This set, exists almost everywhere! Overpowered can suggest power in many ways : talent, intelligence, physical strength, social strength, criminal mastermind,….” the list could go on forever. They are bullies! They pick on the weaker ones and feed on them. This set of people love to hold power on a person’s emotions. They need to have the monopoly in their area and they would do anything to get it right.


Bullying is extremely dangerous and can harm a person physically as well as mentally. The best way to handle a bully is to walk away from them and do not do anything to provoke them. Be confident about yourself. Never ever let them play with your head and emotions. Remember, you are stronger than the bullies in your own way. If you think it is going beyond limits, report it and seek help from a member of authority. Do not delay!

Stay Strong. Be Kind.