The Balloon And The Pin

the balloon and the pin

Too many downs; too much of tears; 💧

Nobody’s life is a bed of roses; 💐

Even if they seem to be; there are a million thorns beneath. 🌵

Sometimes life gives you so many things..

Like blowing air in a balloon.. 🎈

And before letting it fly high; it pops it with a pin.. 📌

Hah! Like it’s all an illusion.. 🎭

But don’t lose heart, there’s another year ahead.. 📆

Hope for the best; you have nothing anymore to lose or shed..

Who knows! You may be on a rainbow ride.. 🎢  🌈

That takes you high and drops you down;

Only to lead you to the treasures abound.. 💰

-The Confused Young Adult

~Yuvathi ❤ 🙂