The Measure Of Love : Ma..

When I started this blog, I told myself I shall never ever write about “mother“. That is one word, that can make me emotional from some place so deep in my heart that can never be explained by any biological studies, scientific laws or mathematical theorems. I am sure that all alphabets and all the words of the known and unknown languages to mankind would not be enough to explain my respect, love and all my emotions put together when I say the word “ma“.

I hope someday I will be so verbally equipped than the inventor of languages and words such that I could explain all that and put it in words understandable for fellow human beings.

Yet, when I found the challenge to write about a random Google search about a random word and find the 11th image and write about it for the daily prompt called : Image Search;

my head said “mother” and consciously or not, my hand typed it and bam! I saw this beautiful picture… measure of love: ma

If I were asked to find a way to measure love and give its SI units, I would say “Ma”..

~Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult

Today In Short : #6 When I Forgot How To Laugh..

Is it possible? Can someone really forget how to laugh? I think I did., it had been long, really very long since I laughed out loud..

When you grow up, you take too many things into your head, that you stop enjoying little things in life..

Known for my non-stop laughter, enthusiasm, optimism and energy., it is very surprising to know that I actually forgot how to laugh. Life has been terrible lately, and those terrible incidents have changed me so much! I can’t believe it myself! But of course, my family and friends are the best support system I could ever ask for. Sadly, most of them have moved to different states and am very badly in need of a change of job.

I’ve never ever in my life had a pessimistic thought about anything! But now, whenever I think of something nice, my mind immediately says “hah, as if this is gonna work..” and once again I go “My Goodness! Was that me??” If you had read my previous post “Queen Of Procrastination’s New Year Resolution“, you would know how this negative attitude brought me down! Thankfully, am working on it, and the process is a lot better 🙂

I don’t procrastinate, I do everything on time these days!! I have taken up a few interesting activities, joined a few classes to learn something new, this blog is also one of those nice activities. 🙂 Although I have done and still am doing a lot of repair work, trying to bring all the pieces together; the ones that were shattered in 2014, I really felt scared.

The pessimist pops up every now and then.  What if it doesn’t work? Will I still be able to laugh again? Can I become what I wanted to become?

When I Forgot How To Laugh

At that very moment, when I felt like a loser, totally lost in my own misery and drowned in my flood of self best friend called and asked me “how are you?”. He said he missed talking to me and that we should meet over the weekend. Just when I felt lonely, broken and terrible, a best friend says he actually misses me. How wonderful is that? He had no idea that I was so upset, but he cracked too many jokes, made me laugh for half an hour without a break! He is one of the most humorous guys I’ve known and said he has absolutely no idea what he’s doing at work! well, I said “me too!” 😀 We shared all the stupid jokes that we would never tell anybody else, laughed at our own blunders. We laughed until our stomachs ached so hard!

The world does work in miraculous ways 🙂

I must tell you, I just can’t wait to meet my friend! I believe, I can laugh. I can make it right. Everything would work and the best efforts never go wasted.. In my mind, after that awesome chat, I said “Thank You my pal, for awakening the optimist sleeping within me and making me believe in myself.” 🙂

A friend in need is a friend indeed!

This post also happens to be my response to a daily prompt : A Friend in Need 🙂