Looking For Daily Inspiration and Motivation? Try These 4 Tips..

Well, Travelling 4 to 5 hours everyday to go to work and then work diligently for 8.5 hours is manageable. But what if you have a horribly mean boss and superficial and super cunning colleagues who act so nice on the outside but wield their swords and sharpen them behind your back waiting for an opportunity to slowly and nonchalantly stab you, walk over your hard work and cease all your success and act as if nothing ever happened? Well…Well..Welcome to the corporate world. 😀

In this ugly cruel world, it is difficult to find motivation and inspiration on a daily basis. So what do I do to keep myself optimistic and pull myself up for a healthy day amidst all the evil and darkness every day?

Here are 4 of my habits, that I follow whenever I feel low, whenever I’m in need of some positive energy, to be inspired and motivated. If you like them, try them out. Who knows, it could not only cancel all the negativity but also bring more positivity in your life and inspire to aspire for more 🙂

1. TED Talks

1. TED Talks

Is there anything better than a TED Talk? It has huge collection of speeches from people from all around the globe from a variety of fields. These people who grew from the scratch, breaking beyond all impossibilities and hardships and built a castle for themselves with all the stones thrown at them..talk to you from their heart. Men, Women, Children, The abled, Differently-abled, Scientists, Scholars, Dumb-heads like you and me who turned trash into invaluable precious things…yes, you can listen to their stories, their adventures and get all psyched. Their speeches will make you feel special. They will make you feel like you can do “anything” in this world. They are available on YouTube and even they have their own Android App with a great collection of Ted Talks. Give it a try if you are into “Talks”. These are really good 🙂

2. Pinterest

2. Pinterest

If you are someone who is into picture-inspiration, you’d love this. Search for your favorite category.. and scroll through. You will find not only inspiring images, but also some really cool websites linked to those images. I found a large world of infinite knowledge and fun through Pinterest. There are many other sites like this such as Tumblr, Instagram, etc., but my personal favorite is Pinterest. Pin them, Save them, Read them or simply scroll over and Create your Own Inspiration Boards with a collection of all your favorite posts and pictures! If you like looking through images without actually reading a large content and get creatively psyched – give this a try!

3. The Greatness Guide By Robin Sharma

3. The Greatness Guide By Robin Sharma

This is my all time favorite book! I think I have mentioned this book on some other post.. Every chapter is just one page long or even less. It doesn’t take more than 10 mins to read a chapter and assimilate it. It is the Maggie-Noodles for Instant Motivation. Simply Superb and Worth spending 10 minutes of your day. I still flip through the pages and re-read some chapters every now and then to get my inspiration-fluids flowing! If you love reading but do not have enough time to read an entire book, check this out. You will love it too! 😉

4. Take A Solitary Walk

4. Take A Solitary Walk

If you don’t want to do anything and yet get inspired. Just take a walk. Don’t look into your phone, you don’t even need a companion. All you need is yourself. Yes, the world is full of motivation. Every living being on this earth is trying so hard to survive. The little bug is trying to save food for it’s young ones even though it wouldn’t live for another day, every homeless man is striving hard to survive against all odds, every bird, fish, the man living at the end of the street, the woman selling veggies along the pavement, the little boy delivering newspaper to pay for his tuition.. every one of them is striving hard. What other motivation do you need? Look around, go for a small walk and think, do you need anything more to motivate you??

5. Bonus Tip

5. Bonus Tip!

If all else fails, don’t you worry, you can always visit The Confused Young Adult’s Blog !! Read a poetry or a riddle or anecdotes and other discussions here and get your mood hyped to pull out another exhausting day and make it even better. 😉

Hope you liked this post. Do you have any other habit that motivates you? Feel free to share your comments below!

Be Kind. Live and Let Live.

~Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult 

Why Should You Argue When You Can Have Discussion? Tips To Turn An Ugly Argument Into A Healthy Discussion.

Does anybody like to have an argument? Do you like arguing? What does winning an argument give you anyway? What is the prize of the achievement?

Food to feed your ego? Does that make you happy?


How do you feel after making your loved ones feel hurt? How is it “winning” when your loved ones’ ego is destroyed and humiliated? What about the sense of resentment? The taste of bitterness left after the argument?

Why Should You Argue When You Can Have A Healthy Discussion. Tips To Turn An Ugly Argument Into A Healthy Discussion.jpg

I once liked a guy who was really sweet, very smart, kind and loving. But the only thing that stopped me from falling in love with him was his terrible love for arguments. For everything, he had to argue. Starting from choice of food, books and music to major life decisions, he would argue about anything and everything!! He enjoyed them. Thoroughly. While I on the other hand loathed arguments.

God! I hate Arguments. Am not talking about ‘workplace-healthy arguments’. Am talking about those that happen between loved ones, friends and families.

Discussions are Healthy. They let both parties to speak and share their differences and understand each other. There is no winning or losing. You just understand different kinds of people from their perspective and empathize with them.

Whereas, Arguments are Unhealthy in a relationship. They destroy every tiny bit of empathy left in your heart, destroy love and relationships. It makes people selfish and ruthless in their words. It induces the need to feel worthy and to dominate the other. The loved ones become opponents. It spoils every beautiful aspect of a relationship.

So, How do you avoid an argument?

Turn it into a discussion! It is as simple as that!

Don’t Get Angry.

Instead of getting angry and saying, “No you’re wrong!“.

Say, “Okay, this is my opinion, what do you say? How do you like it? What is your point of view?

Do Not Ever Raise Your Voice.

The very second you raise your voice, the discussion will turn ugly and it would no longer be a discussion.

Lose the urge to justify your point and be a good listener. 

It may be difficult to convince the other person to understand your opinion. But in a discussion, you have at least the opportunity to make them understand. In an argument, nobody will be willing to understand. Both parties only want to win and justify that their point is right and the other’s is wrong. There is no understanding whatsoever! So, don’t justify. Just Listen first.

Try and Learn to Empathize – The Common Ground

The moment you give the other person an opportunity to express themselves and give their opinions and listen to them is when you truly become a winner. You may not have an argument to win but you won’t lose anything either!  Instead, you win over your loved ones’ heart & respect and you also end up with a sweet taste after coming to a common ground. There may be compromises but it won’t be bitter! 🙂 

Enjoy Happy and Healthy Discussions with your loved ones.

Be Kind,


The Confused Young Adult