Valentine Special #9 : My Wish-Bottle

Valentine Special #9 : My Wish-Bottle..
Valentine Special #9 : My Wish-Bottle..

I Collected All Our Pictures

And Made A String

I Dropped My Wish-Bottle

Into The Sea

Every Moment Without You Felt Like A Decade

And You Came Back With My Bottle

And Added A New Picture..

~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult


5 Simple Things We All Secretly Wish For..

Every human has a million desires. But there are a few simple things that we all wish for. There are certain things that can’t be changed. They are not rules made by the government. They are not laws laid out on paper. They exist since time immemorial. Our lives are wound around these principles. Some we wish we could do, while some we all wish to change, but never could and never will. Why? Oh, I wish I knew..

Here are the 5 simple things we all wish for..


1. To say what we have in our minds without any fear of being misunderstood

Every single person in this world is afraid of being misunderstood. When you talk to a person of interest or of great importance, say, your boss, your spouse or your crush, you tend to be overly conscious about your choice of words. Certain things should be spoken, and words once uttered can not be taken back. If those words are mistaken, it becomes totally impossible to clear the mess.

Everyday we meet so many people who are a total nuisance to the society. They are irksome, parasitic and some are pests we would love to shoo away. Even their mere presence would be so annoying. Well, Can you say it out loud? wish! 😀

Yeah, I wish I could tell the guy sitting next to me that he is so hot! Can I? Nope. 😛

2. To have relationships without conflicts

Now that’s a Bingo!

There are many situations where we wish we could go back in time and tell ourselves not to blurt out those terrible words and lose that one lovely person from our life. We wish we took time before we misjudged, talked back and spoiled a beautiful relationship. Relationships are like glass; once broken, they can never be the same. Sometimes these conflicts shatter them into pieces that can never be put back together.. 😦

How awesome would it be if we never had any conflicts with our loved ones! 

3. To not bother about what the other person is thinking

You may say you don’t care, but am sure, in some corner of your mind you are wondering what the other person is thinking. Sometimes even when you see some random stranger staring at you in the bus, you wonder, what is he thinking?? why is he staring!! Is it my new hair cut? or is it my tattered old T-shirt??

Before we do something, even if our heart says “go for it”, we think twice and wonder a million times about what others might say. If we don’t think before, then we “worry” a million times after doing it 😛 Why should we worry about others’ opinions? Why does it bother us so much? Well, we wish we could stop but we never can and never will.

Whenever some one says “I don’t care”, trust me, they actually do. 😉

4. To end the power play

Nowadays power, money and influence alone can get a work done. Sheer talent and hard work can’t take you anywhere. It works only for one in a million. You have to be “somebody” or you should have contacts with “somebody” to have your voice heard. :-/ Every common man would have faced such a situation in life and would have been frustrated by these power plays at some point of time or the other. Can anything be done about this?

Can we end this? Oh, I wish… 

5. To respect a person for what he IS & not for what he HAS

The most important of all, the one thing we all wish for the most… To be respected for what we are and not for what we have. People with name and fame are thrown away once they lose it. Some stick to you for your money while some stay with you because you are famous. Only a very few remain with you forever for what you are. This is a universal-sad-ugly truth.

Why can’t people love you and not your things? Oh, I wish I knew… 😦