The Modern Tree – Acrostic

The Modern Tree
The Modern Tree

Twenty First century’s tree of life

Electronics, medicine, architecture, biology and many umpteen branches

Connecting loved ones from every nook and corner

Helping people for a better life

New’ is the vital – fundamental characteristic

Opening wide windows of opportunities

Logistics and analytics are the first cousins

Over million years old, with a zillion versions of upgrades

Getting better each day, inscribing aĀ history – carving the future

Yachting its way into other planets and galaxies.

– The Modern Tree

The above piece is my first Acrostic – The first letters of each sentence forms a word – TECHNOLOGY which is also the theme of the poem. Hope you all enjoyed it. Feel free to leave your comments below! šŸ™‚

In response to Writing 201 PoetryĀ 

~ Yuvathi ā¤ šŸ™‚

Fast, Faster & the Fastest : The New Era

For a world obsessed with high data rates, fast beats, speedy vehicles, fast foods, quick returns, faster growth,.. everything is insufficient and unsatisfactory. People of this generation expect everything to be highly efficient and less time consuming.

fast faster and the fastest

From music to movies, everything hasĀ to match the pace of people’s current crazy lifestyle. Genetically engineered high yielding crops and hybrid animals are introduced and nurtured to yield larger produce in less than half the required timeĀ for them to mature.Ā Children are expected to learn too many things too quickly else they are branded as “low IQ” “dumb” “slow” etc.Ā Even a snail is expected to fly. :-/

Nowadays, politenessĀ and courteousness are a luxury.

Nobody has the time to help a person on the road to locate an address, nobody is rich enough in time to wish a neighbor a good day. Food is no longer meant for health, thanks to the introduction of packed foods, junk food and fast food. People expect quicker replies to mails and texts; if you take more than 2 minutes to respond, you areĀ outĀ of the social circle. :-/

Even blogs are expected to be not more than 300 words. If an article has more than 2 paragraphs, the reader gets bored.

People find a good 3 hour movie, so long and boring; they expect them to be not more than 1.5 hours. They lack patience to watch the characters mature and unravel the story slowly; it has to be quick –

Hero (common man) meets heroine (detective), supporting actor (another detective) is murdered, heroine is abducted, heroĀ finds a clue, destroys the villain and rescues heroine, they fall in love.


How can art, literature and depiction of life and creativity be quick? It shows thatĀ man’s greed has no end. Technology is growing and everything is updated and developed at a faster rate than stated by Moore’s law. šŸ˜›

Result? More work pressure, More mental stress. GreaterĀ health issues. Lesser longevity. Troubled children. Broken families. Huge failures. Greater death rates. šŸ˜®

When I analyze and try to understand the different perceptions and ideologies, I really wonder how I belong to this generation?! How do I fit in? I am a person who took the adage “slow and steady wins the race” quite seriously since kindergarten. I take time to read classics, listen to melodies and cook an elaborate dish. I prefer riding a bicycle over cars and write down everything in my journalĀ rather than typing it in smart notes with word predictions and auto-corrections. šŸ˜€

A handmade greeting with a love note is always more special and romantic than a machine generated default e-card with a customized message space. Isn’t it? Or am I the only one who feels so? Oh.. I wonder.. !

SometimesĀ I feel like I’m a Tortoise in the Cheetah world O_o

Being a tortoise has never bothered me though..because I have a more peaceful and simple life. I have time to take a break, appreciate nature and good literature. I have space for better quality of work and spend precious time with my loved ones. Most importantly, I have time to think.

riding a bicycle

This fast paced world seems to have forgotten the mere fact thatĀ each day can only be 24 hours, every human baby needs 9 months to grow fully and be born, every piece of coal needs years to turn into a diamond and it takes an entire life to love. Opinions may differ, lifestyles may vary.. but..

No matter how hard you try you can never change the rules of the universe and the laws of nature.

All we have is right now. So take your time as there isĀ never a second chance to savor this moment. šŸ™‚