Story Time With A Difference #3 : How Focused Are You?

When you were a kid, you would have wondered how the stream water bubbles, the stars twinkle, the moon fades and grows, how far can you dig and where the soil ends, and so on.. As you grow up, you tend to wonder..

Who Am I?

What Am I doing Right Now?

What Am I Born For?

What’s the purpose of my life?

And that’s how the venture begins.. You tend to create goals – long term and short term goals; make choices, tough decisions and set towards your path. You cross way too many obstacles, to see the little rays of hope and walk past all the heartbreaks and painful moments, little steps of failure and mild success while in search of your destiny.

But, then comes the question…

Here’s a simple short story that brings the most important question for every dreamer, venturing across the world with an unquenchable thirst to know the purpose of their life..

How Focused Are You?

story time with a difference

In a tiny village near the river of Angels, lived a small tribe. Next day was the birthday of the chief of the village and the entire tribe was ecstatic to celebrate the same with majestic grandeur. They prepared every tiny detail with perfection and the best part of the celebration was The 1000 kilograms of Sweets made specially to surprise the Chief.

After making the 1000 Kg of sweets for the celebration, the tribals were super excited. They had accomplished the herculean task with ease! But only then did they realize that they don’t have a backup plan to store the Sweets away from the reach of the ants! The village had a large army of sweet eating ants that gobble every pinch of sugar left in the box!

So they all thought of a plan:

They kept sweets in the middle of the hall and drew a perimeter around the sweets by pouring large amounts of sugar.

The ants that smelled the aroma of the sweets went straight to the location, gobbled all the sugar and did not even think beyond the sugar line. Although they smelled the Sweets, they were fascinated by the sugar cubes and were happy to get just that. They did not venture any further.

The next day, the Sweets were intact and the entire village celebrated and relished the yummy delicacy with ultimate satisfaction and joy.


Most of the time, we tend to try hard and walk almost near the destination just like the ants but then stop right there thinking that is enough.

Smaller successes come by only to coax you to move further; 

Smaller failures come by to test you and make you work harder.

So now, ask yourself :

Are you still on the track?


Have you already stopped?

Don’t you wish to dream anymore?


Do you still wanna walk a little further?

Think about it….and find out – How Focused Are You? 🙂

~ Yuvathi 🙂

– A fellow venturer 😉

Today In Short : #16 – When You’re In Trouble, Think About Those Who’ve Nothing But Hardships

Usually I would be away from the blogosphere because I’d be in deep trouble or depressed and so I wouldn’t write anything as I would have nothing positive to write about. But this time I was away because I landed in a job that every Engineer would dream of! Yes, am glad, excited and grateful for it. Bu sadly, it leaves me with very little time to sit and write..

So, what made me write a post on trouble when am actually in a happy place in life right now? (although there are some existing troubles and worries that cling on to the shoulders and never let you go…)


Of course, life is a “package” and it comes with all kinds of flavors including bitter and sour, not just sweet and spice. Savor it all. Or end up starving. It’s your choice.

Talking about choice, I always tell people that you choose what you want in your life, be it happiness or sorrows. But some problems are not our choice. We can’t control them. They happen whether you like it or not. All you can do is endure them.

Today In Short : #16 – When You're In Trouble, Think About Those Who've Nothing But Hardships

Here’s what made me re-think about choice of life and troubles:

I hardly discuss about my personal life and the hardships I have been through to anybody and never here on my blog because there’s no point in discussing it. Everybody thinks about problems and believe they have the biggest of troubles. Nobody usually thinks about the fruitful things they are blessed with.

During coffee break, I was discussing about faith in God with my colleague at my new workplace. She is one of the most positive and loving person I have ever seen. She bears a beautiful heart and I admire her for taking everything in a good sense. I never once saw her making a negative remark about anything/anybody. She is an angel!

She told me she had deep faith until she lost her mom a couple of years ago to a huge electric shock. You all might know how much I respect “mothers” and that’s the only term that can make me emotionally weak and weep like a baby. The story was really too hard to digest. I shed no tear as my heart was heavy and I was crying within. Is that anybody’s choice? In front of her I felt so small. My past looked too tiny like a needle in front of a huge mountain. When it was my turn to tell her my story I just told her that I’ve been in some trouble as I grew up, I didn’t narrate it. I felt like I was ineligible to share it as a sad story.

When you are in trouble; you tend to ask “why me??”

When you think you get the worst meal in the whole world, you never know how many people don’t get even a bread-crumb to taste and starve to death.

When you believe you don’t have enough money, you never know how many don’t even have a penny in their pocket or even a pocket to hold a penny. 

When you are in trouble never say “why me?”. Think about those who have nothing but trouble and hardships. Loss of money/property, health issues, family troubles, unemployment, quarrels with spouse, misunderstandings among friends, everything would pass, someday – sooner perhaps than later, the dark clouds would shift and you will see sunshine. Just endure them. Be grateful for all the beautiful people and things you have in life.

Never ever say “why me..?? “.

~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

– The Confused Young Adult

Story Time With A Difference #3 : Be Sincere To Your Own Conscience

Have you ever parked your vehicle badly and bumped into the adjacent car or crashed it’s rear view mirror and moved on silently as if it wasn’t you? How many times have you aimed the dustbin and threw the chocolate wrap just right next to it and walked away nonchalantly? Or…Do you remember the last time you broke your neighbor’s valuable artifact/object and kept it right there as if you never even touched it? Or… the time when you tore the page of your friend’s/library book and kept it back on the rack quietly?

The word sincerity comes into picture only when we are surrounded by an audience, boss or the person concerned. Why should we be so shallow? 

So here’s is this week’s story on Sincerity :

Be Sincere To Your Own Conscience 

story time with a difference

On a fine day, a renowned sculptor was busy working on his last piece for the city’s grand tower. A good friend of the sculptor stopped by his workplace to catch up with him and support him. That final piece was the sculptor’s mater piece and it was to be kept on top of the tower at a height of about 100 feet above the ground level. The friend noticed that the sculptor was making an exact replica of another piece which he had carved earlier that day.

Upon seeing that, the friend became curious and asked him “Why are you making the same piece all over again?

The sculptor said “The edge of the sculpture’s ear is broken..Can you see that?

For which his friend said “Oh yeah, that’s a tiny piece and it is going to be placed above 100 feet! Who’s going to know that a few millimeters is off the ear?!

Upon hearing his friend’s simple yet logical statement, the sculptor smiled, nodded and said “Well, I will know!“.


Yes, that’s exactly what we are talking about.

Do something right because you want to. Not because somebody is watching you. Be sincere at work, home, and in every little deed that you do, not because you need to earn a good name in front of people, but because you want to have a guilt-free conscience. 

Hope you all had fun reading this week’s Story Time With A Difference. See you again next week on Story Time With A Difference!

Thank you for stopping by!

~ Yuvathi 🙂

Story Time With A Difference #2 : Use Things and Love People. Not Vice Versa!

How many times have you felt like you have been used by someone for their own selfish needs? You always thought they loved, but the truth is, they were using you like a tool to get their tasks done. How many times have you wished you were his iphone or you were her makeup kit so that she would love you too?

Here’s a story that reminds an important message :

Use Things and Love People. Not Vice Versa!

It was a pleasant evening, when a young and happy couple celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary. They enjoyed the sea breeze over a candle light dinner and walked barefoot, holding hands, along the sands of the beach..reminiscing all their adventures together in the past 5 years. On their way home, they stopped in their favorite spot and decided to exchange gifts.

The wife gifted her husband, his favorite book’s rare edition! He felt so special and overjoyed. After relishing the moment of joy over receiving such a precious gift, the man handed his wife a key.

Yes, a key to a brand new car worth a million dollars! The wife was speechless and overwhelmed by his choice of gift! He asked her to go for a ride on her new car. She was super excited that she hopped into it right away!

It hadn’t been even 10 minutes since she left, the man heard sirens blaring and ambulance vehicle rushing towards the same direction. Panic stricken, the man immediately rushed to the spot and noticed that the very same car had met with an accident and it was rammed, shapeless! It looked like a piece of junk in the middle of the road. Right next to the car, he saw his wife, standing, shocked, scared but safe. She had only a few bruises on her arms and forehead. But the million dollar car was crushed into rubble!

She stood there feeling utterly guilty over damaging such an expensive car within few minutes of buying it! She couldn’t even see her husband’s face. She was cursing herself for being so careless. But the man ran towards her, gave her a tight hug and said “Thank you for being safe. I love you. Not the car. Not the money. We can buy another vehicle. There’s never another you“..


The next time when your best friend or your loved one loses or damages your prized possession, an object that might mean a lot to you but can be bought by money; remember : You ‘love’ people and not the things. You only ‘use’ things, not people.

Hope you all had fun reading this week’s Story Time With A Difference. See you again next week on Story Time With A Difference!

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~ Yuvathi 🙂

Story Time With A Difference #1 : Watch Your Words!

How many times in your life have you said the right thing at the right time? Often? Seldom? Quite rarely?

Most of us are experts in messing even the simplest and best of situations into the most awkward, embarrassing and sickening moment by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. The worst part is, it happens more so often when we are actually sober. :-/

So, here’s a tale which conveys an important message :

Sometimes, it is better to keep your mouth shut!

Once upon a time, 3 men from 3 different towns grew old and passed away from the material world after living a kind, humble and noble life. They were worshipped as the best of mankind in their respective towns for all the service they had done to their people.

For having lived a virtuous life, the chariots to heaven came down to earth to take these men. On their way up, they saw a frog sitting quietly on a tree, relaxing and enjoying the cool breeze. Suddenly a large snake slowly sneaked behind the frog and caught it in its mouth.

Looking at this scene in action, the man from the first town said “Aha! Look at that! What a wonderful catch! Silly old frog didn’t see that coming!”

Listening to the man’s comment, the dying frog was enraged and cursed him for being so heartless at the loss of his life! On being cursed by the frog, the man from town 1 was dropped down from the chariot of heaven.

Seeing this terrible turn of events, the man from town 2 became nervous and said “Oh poor frog! How mean and vicious of that snake to take the life of such a small being!”

Hearing this comment, the snake felt hurt and angry. It was his food, its prey and being called mean and vicious for having its meal made it really angry and the snake cursed the man. On being cursed by the snake, the man from town 2 was also dropped down from the chariot of heaven.

The man from town 3, who was the smartest among them, kept quiet throughout the entire journey. He supported neither the snake nor the frog. He chose to remain silent and made his way to the heaven.


One must know, when to speak and when not to. One should not stay quiet in the times of injustice and at the same time one should know when to remain quiet to get the best of results as well. 

Hope you all had fun reading this week’s Story Time With A Difference! This is the very first time I have tried to narrate a story. Please share your valuable feedback in the comment box below. See you again next week on Story Time With A Difference!

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~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

Story Time With A Difference!

Yes, who doesn’t love storytime?? Remember the good old days when granny used to read lovely fantasies and fairy tales that begin with “long long ago, there lived a…” Woaahhh… Right? 🙂

But now, we are grown up.. We don’t have time for stories and there is no more space for fairy tales and fantasies. 

So, how about Story Time With A Difference? Tales that provoke your thoughts, create a better impression, and make a difference in your life?

So here we go! A new series !

Story Time With A Difference!

If you love stories, watch out for “Story Time With A Difference” every week on The Confused Young Adult! 🙂

~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Story Of A Graduate – New Year Special

The Story Of A Graduate -  New Year Special

All are busy making plans ahead,

I’ve no idea where am going with it. 

Every morning mommy said go to school, 

Now am done, next what do I do?

Everybody says now am independent, 

They all say I can do whatever I want! 

But I still don’t know where I am, 

And yet to know who I really am.

No more schedule, no more school ;

No more fixed time table. 

I have plenty of time;

I don’t know to make a dime!

Lost in the sea of challenges;

Am scared, and drowned in hopelessness. 

They say I learnt to swim and I know to swim;

Should I take a leap to see if I win? 

All are busy making plans ahead,

I’ve no idea where am going with it.

A year is down and a new one is on, 

I guess it is time for moving on? 

It dawns to me I’d be lost forever, 

If am stuck right here without an endeavor. 

Hopefully I am going to take a leap, 

And be a tiger and not anymore a sheep. 

With high hopes & faith,

~Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult  

Happy 2015 🙂