The Words Hidden In Your Smile..

The Words Hidden In Your Smile..

It hasn’t been long since the day we met,

We haven’t yet shared each other’s secrets;

When I saw you smile, I knew it,

You’re gonna be my side, I don’t have to ferret!

The diction that’s hidden well within,

So wide and deep, so labyrinthine..

So special yet modest, so subtle yet simple,

A spell that could make me want to snuggle;

So charming and cozy,

That’s just loving and lovely;

That a million words wouldn’t suffice

To describe  “The Words Hidden In Your Smile..

~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

– The Confused Young Adult

It’s All In The Brain!

April A-Z Blogging – Day 13 : ‘M’

It's All In The Brain
It’s All In The Brain!

How often are you in a Good/Bad Mood? I read in an article that certain expressions can actually induce a particular mood. Say, if you smile voluntarily, then your brain triggers that emotion and you feel happy. So does frown,glare or any other expression!

You may wonder if it is true. So did I!

The best solution? Test it right away!

Yes, I tried to smile, voluntarily. And automatically my brain popped a picture; a happy moment! It was a child’s face! I wondered where I had met him, then I realized I saw the kid this week. He was running in the park, and suddenly he turned, looked right at me all of a sudden and smiled so brightly that I totally forgot the world for a moment!

When I frowned or narrowed my eyes, I was reminded of a certain incident where I did that! I remembered glaring at a guy for leaving a sarcastic remark. Wow!

So, it does work for me! Looks like It’s all in the Brain!

I know, you are now trying the same to verify it is true or not… 😉

Okay, leave your remarks about your test in the comment section below. Does it work for you? Let’s see what your brain has in store!

~ Yuvathi 🙂

The Confused Young Adult

Today In Short : #2 Share What You Have

There are many customs created by our ancestors that have so much meaning but they are forgotten over the years.  People no longer have the time to pay attention and heed to all those customs. But there are a few that almost all of us follow in our country even now.

Rice is the staple food in the South. Most of our dishes are made with rice as we require more carbohydrates to withstand the climatic conditions.

In the South, we have a tradition; we wake up before sunrise and wash our front yard and using dry rice flour we make patterns called ‘Kolam’ as shown in the picture below.

I made it this morning in our front yard! 😀



Well, do you know the purpose? It is not just to beautify the front yard.

It is to feed all tiny insects, birds and ants; they eat the rice flour! You can see them lining up and enjoying their meal.

We share what we have as soon as the day breaks! A great way to begin the day! Don’t you think? 🙂

Before cooking, we take the leftover vegetables, peels and stems, mix them with the water used for washing rice and place them in a bowl. Thirsty and hungry cows would relish them happily. If we maintain a particular time to serve, say 8 o’clock, they will be here at sharp 7:55 and the harmless cow would wait at the gate quietly until we place the food bowl.  🙂

As I said earlier, rice is everything for us. So, as soon as we cook rice for breakfast we can see crows, sparrows, squirrels and many other birds waiting on the kitchen window sill! Yes, before we eat, we serve some for them. Those lovely little beings take turns and eat. The most beautiful part is, if you a serve a crow or a sparrow, it would call all other crows and sparrows before eating and they share what we shared with them! 🙂

squirrel relishing rice
squirrel relishing rice


They always know when the food is ready! I really don’t know how.. and sometimes if we forget to serve, they sit on the window sill and call out for us until we notice them. 😀

This morning was in no way different. It was as beautiful as always.

Seeing them share and enjoy their meal made me smile, made me feel good as I’m able to serve nature… I was glad I could give back something instead of always taking. As you know, man’s greed has no end.

There are many more such customs that make us serve nature and thank the environment.. These customs teach us how to live and let live by sharing what we have.. Sadly, people these days don’t have time to follow them while they are busy following their favorite celebrities on Twitter and Facebook..

Today In Short : #1 Kindness

Every evening, after work, I go to an educational institute which is 2 kilometers away from my place. I usually walk till the bus stop and take an auto or bus from there because it is more convenient.

Coming from a country with the second highest population in the world, it is quite rare to find a place without people. You are always surrounded by different kinds of people speaking different languages ( I hope you know, there are over 780 languages spoken in my country), with different complexions (Yes, North, South, East and West.. we all have different complexions and features!) wearing different kinds of clothing ( Well, there is so much cultural diversity, it will take years for me to explain 😀 ), rich, poor, tall, short, good, bad.. the list is endless. Simply put, you are just surrounded by all kinds of people everywhere!

Realizing the beauty of our country and the unity among our people amidst all the diversity, I was so proud, overwhelmed and impressed all at the same time! 😀

Well, the human mind can not always think straight. Right? The moment you are proud about something, it automatically pops an ugly picture or a figure of doubt to destroy all the happiness..and.. there it goes!

My second thoughts:

But.. out of these 1.25 billion people, how many are really kind to one another? 

This thought made me question the very basic nature of humanity and I was lost in deep thoughts. But in less than a minute, the universe gave me live examples to clear my doubt! 😮

While I was on my way to the bus stop, I saw a young woman stopping her bike on the road very close to a cow and a little calf. I wondered what she was doing and in fact I was worried that the cow might hurt her. But when I went closer I witnessed something really nice! She took some fresh bananas from her bag and fed the stray cow and her calf and left quietly after watching them eat. 🙂

By the time I reached the traffic signal near the bus stop, I saw a little boy holding a visually challenged man’s arm and helping him cross the road. The man patted the boy’s shoulder before parting ways. The smile on their faces was precious. One being happy to have helped, the other being glad and grateful. It was just beautiful. 🙂

When I was in the bus, an old woman, a florist, asked me to help her dial a number on her phone. (She didn’t know to operate her phone, well that happens here. Not all are techies and there’s nothing wrong!) After I did, she smiled and gave me a beautiful rose from her basket. Wow! 🙂


Wohoo! What a day! I have never been happier. The day was so lovely. 3 beautiful incidents to show that in a country with so much diversity and competition to survive and achieve, people do have time to show some kindness, help each other and be good to one another. In fact, I realized, that’s what binds us all together. 🙂