Over-Possessiveness Can Kill A Relationship!

Being possessive is cute. Yes, when someone is possessive about you, you realize how much you mean to them. It shows you that they don’t want to lose you no matter what! Of course, that’s really sweet! Isn’t it?
But too much of anything is dangerous. It is definitely true when it comes to possessiveness too!


Recently, I almost broke up with my best friend because he was too threatened by my interest for another guy! Yes, my best friend was feeling scared that he might lose me to my new “crush”. He was afraid that I wouldn’t spend time with him just because I thought this new guy was hot!


Who would ever stop spending time with their best friend! Actually, the best friend usually forms the support system. He is supposed to be the one helping me with the timing and catchy dialogues and stuff…right?

But that didn’t happen.

Instead he was so threatened and over-possessive that I lost interest on my new-found crush and had a bitter taste in my friendship too. I couldn’t take his constant nagging anymore. I almost broke up with my bestie! But anyway, we talked it all out and we are back together as BFF’s and my crush is seeing someone else now.. *Damn It*

So, here’s a request – small piece of advice from a victim of over-possessiveness to the rest of the world :

Caging a bird is never a good idea. The bird is meant to fly high and not to be strangled in a cage. The moment it finds a gap, it will definitely fly away!

Let it free, take good care and it will fly back to you because you are the home in this whole wide world.

If you love someone, it is okay to be possessive. But please have some confidence about your relationship! Understand that whoever has to stay, will definitely stay with you. If they don’t, then they were never meant to be!

Do not kill what you have because you’re too afraid of losing it. If you constantly fear..you will definitely lose it anyway! So, please take good care of what you have. Enjoy and love with all your heart!

Be the sweet home for your loved ones.
Don’t ever be a cruel cage.

Live and let live.
~Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

Today In Short : #8 Sorry – The Magical Word

The universal magical word : “Sorry”. This one word could mean many emotions, bring about changes among people and do miracles in relationships!

Today In Short : #8 Sorry - The Magical Word
Today In Short : #8 Sorry – The Magical Word

If you asked me to mention one word that can change a situation upside down, turn anger into peace, hatred into love, enemies into friends,… 

I would say “Sorry”

After a really long day at work, I had a huge tiff with my best friend. We had an argument – some difference of opinion, which led to our very first big fight in 5 years! Although my point was right, I felt really bad for hurting him. He, on the other hand didn’t care if I was right, he was purely angry and blurted out really rude words and spoke to me disrespectfully which is so unlike him. He didn’t like being pointed out and he didn’t want to take it either! All this was not because of my words, but my tone of speech. I should have talked about his mistake smoothly instead of confronting him so bluntly.

We didn’t talk the whole day and I felt very bad. The friendship meant a lot to me than the argument. So I texted him saying “sorry” for being so blunt. I told him I should have discussed with him in a better way. That one word melted his ego and he immediately admitted his fault. He apologized for his poor behavior and we talked it out thus solving the misunderstanding smoothly.

Wow! What a relief! Am glad that the so-called unworthy argument did not ruin our friendship that has been carefully built, guarded and cherished for years!

Sorry : A magical word indeed. 🙂

Sometimes letting go is a good thing. While sometimes it is even better to say sorry.

Saying sorry doesn’t always mean you are wrong. It is the relationship that matters.

While most times, it is the ego that stops us from apologizing! Even if we know we are wrong, we don’t like to admit it. The ego makes us carry the painful guilt filled conscience forever. Why let yourself be troubled by something so bad if you could fix it with just one word?

Do not carry that burden of guilt or shame if you can mend it with just one word – “sorry”.

Shedding your ego is better than bearing that terrible feeling locked deep inside your heart forever. You deserve peace!

If you always wanted to apologize to someone or mend a broken relationship, then take this opportunity to do it now. Say the magical word to that person and free yourself from the horrible burden right away.

Have a good day! 🙂

~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

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