The Teacher I Admire

This was my very first blog post…. Have read this? This is so close to my heart. The piece that made me wanna create a blog 🙂

The Confused Young Adult

My Neighbor-Grandpa

I’ve met many people who have taught me many things in life. My family, friends, foes, acquaintances, school teachers, lecturers, the postman, gardener… the list goes on and on and each of them has taught me something or the other. In fact, I should call every one of them as my teacher.
I remember shedding tons and tons of tears when one of my most favorite teachers retired from our school. She was the one who protected me, guided me in the right path and carved me into a person who I am right now. Not even once did she scold me in my entire school life, even though there used to be a minimum of 10 complaints about me every day about all my mischief and pranks.

On the day of her retirement when I was drowned in my own flood of tears, my teacher looked right…

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Love In 40 Words..

April A-Z Blogging – Day 12 : ‘L’

I have written many different poems, stories and blog posts on “Love”, but this one is a very simple, ‘from-the-heart‘ piece in which I wrote about what “love” really means to me. So, I believe I this would do justice for the post on “L for Love” 🙂

The Confused Young Adult

I have been invited by 3 of my buddy bloggers : Randoms by a Random – Ameena, Amrit’s Blog, and Living the dream – Hargun Wahi to write about love in 40 words : the condition being 10 lines with 4 words in each line.

So, here it is : Love in 40 Words. 🙂

Love In 40 Words..

Forgetting to be angry,

Forgiving the biggest blunder;

Smiling after a disaster,

Supporting after huge failure;

A shoulder to cry,

A hand to lift;

Beyond all materialistic pleasures,

Bound by strong emotions;

Relationships defined and undefined,

Remains one – Just Love…

~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult

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Today In Short : #1 Kindness

April A-Z Blogging – Day 11 : ‘K’

How about a Re-blog of my very first post for Today In Short?
This is a post that meant a lot to me, made me believe in Kindness and humanity in the midst of this busy and competitive world.

The Confused Young Adult

Every evening, after work, I go to an educational institute which is 2 kilometers away from my place. I usually walk till the bus stop and take an auto or bus from there because it is more convenient.

Coming from a country with the second highest population in the world, it is quite rare to find a place without people. You are always surrounded by different kinds of people speaking different languages ( I hope you know, there are over 780 languages spoken in my country), with different complexions (Yes, North, South, East and West.. we all have different complexions and features!) wearing different kinds of clothing ( Well, there is so much cultural diversity, it will take years for me to explain 😀 ), rich, poor, tall, short, good, bad.. the list is endless. Simply put, you are just surrounded by all kinds of people everywhere!

Realizing the…

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