Jealousy.. Is A Mental Cancer

April A-Z Blogging – Day 10 : ‘J’

Jealousy.. Is A Mental Cancer
Jealousy.. Is A Mental Cancer

Yeah, what a classic quote by the great author/journalist B.C.Forbes!

With “J”, the only word I could think of, is “Jealousy”. I already wrote a double acrostic about “Envy” on Day 5, but I felt that although these two emotions almost seem to mean the same, I believe that there is a subtle difference in how it affects a person. I did a little bit of research and got to know how psychologists define them as well!

You “Envy” someone, when do not really possess the quality that someone else does. Well, if you can’t do anything to somehow obtain it, all you can do is “envy”.

So, what about Jealousy? Why did B.C.Forbes call it a “mental cancer” ?!?

Jealousy is when you feel threatened or afraid of losing someone or something that you already possess!

Most people spoil their perfectly smooth relationships, career and life because of jealousy. When you already have something that everybody envies you for, then why should you ever spoil it with your own jealousy? 

Sounds simple and silly.. right? But most of us are engulfed by this cancer that destroys everything to nothing.

The fear of losing “someone/something” itself makes one to lose everything that they already had.

One might think that “Jealousy” is being protective. But the truth is, it only helps in destroying every piece of what one has been trying to protect so desperately.

Yes, that’s what Jealousy does.

Now I hope B.C.Forbes’ description of Jealousy makes more sense than ever… Wow, what a wonderful quote..!

~ Yuvathi 🙂

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