3 Kinds of Selfie/Groupfie Maniacs

Every week, I end up writing something about this gen’s addiction to technology and its impacts. This week, it is all about “photographs and selfies”.

Do You

I love taking photographs. Yes, especially when I meet my friends after several months/years. I try to print them and look at them once in while and reminisce every moment I spent having fun and nothing but joy. As I type these words, I smile widely..thinking about my friends and the fun I had with them when I met them last weekend – I met some of them after 6 long months, while the rest of them after almost a year.

Photographs make you smile, some can make you cry… Indeed.

But nowadays, for everything, we take a snap.

Do You

Coffee with boyfriend at Starbucks : Selfie

Regular night out with buddies : group selfie ~ groupfie

New shoes!! : Shoefie

Walking down the street : a snap of the road

Eating a hamburger : a hamburger selfie

Cooked dinner : a dish selfie

Removing makeup : mirror selfie

Going to bed : a good night selfie

Yeah, okay. Got it. Social networking sites are full of them.

But to take that one perfect snap, people pose for hours; giving out a fake smile, bent leg, angled neck, twisted hip, and end up with painful cheeks, ankle, hip, eyes, nose etc. 

Seriously? The most horrible of all : “The Groupfie

Do You

How many times have you really had fun talking to your friends without taking a snap?

Talking about selfies and groupfies… There are three major kinds of people.

1st kind:

The ones that meet their buddies once a year for just an hour, and end up faking smiles, posing for selfies for about half an hour, update “status” on SNS, “tweet” the snaps and add their “check-ins” for another 15 mins saying “meeting my buddies after a year! feeling sooo loved and awessoommeee” ~ feeling nostalgic 

In the end, all they get to say in the remaining 15 minutes is “heyyy, long time no see! how are you? am fine! and you? me too!” End of conversation. Haven’t they been saying the same all the other days, over the phone as well as on their online instant messages?

2nd Kind:

The ones that meet the so-called friends, the crew with which they hang out just to be cool and make sure that they are not left alone. They hug, kiss,smile and hold arms for photographs. But not for real. This, in my opinion is the most pathetic of all.

3rd Kind:

The ones who love to take selfies and photos, just to update them on Instagram and other social networking sites and see how many “likes” they get for it. Seriously????? :-/


Remember, photographs create memories that could be relished in the future. Every time you take a snap, ask yourself: “Am I really happy? Do I really have to take a snap now? Shall I spend a few more minutes with my loved ones and share a moment of happiness with them? 

Let me ask you one question :

for all the millions of pictures you’ve taken so far..

In how many of them do you “really” smile?

~ Yuvathi 🙂

– The Confused Young Adult

31 Day Blog Challenge : Day 21-31

So, here’s the final batch of the 31 day blog challenge! Am super excited to finish this! 😀

Day 21 – My 10 Favorite Foods

Wow! Now that’s interesting! 😉  Am more like the make-healthy eat-healthy kinda person.. So, I will be mentioning a few simple and yummy favorite dishes that can be made in the kitchen by almost anybody!!

But, all the dishes are going to be mostly Native (Indian) spicy yummy “vegetarian” delicacies. So if you are from another part of the world, and a vegetarian, I would suggest you to try them when you visit India 😀 Here’s the list of simple foods that can be made at home by almost anybody!!!

  1. Tea! (Is that a food? Nope. But I can’t live without it. So am adding it 😀 )
  2. Sambhar + Dosa – who doesn’t love them?!
  3. Panipuri (golgappa)  – I eat them when am sad, happy, grumpy, angry…. Oh! Anytime!
  4. Naan + Paneer butter masala – yummiest ever!
  5. Grill Cheese+Vege Sandwiches – Mmmm.. edible, healthy and yummy = favorite food
  6. Pongal + Vada + Chutney – Oh My God. The signature Tamil Nadu food. Yum.
  7. Pulao + Raita – Healthy and delicious : Rice + Vegetables 🙂
  8. All chocolates. Mostly dark.
  9. All ice creams except butterscotch!
  10. A few selected sweets, especially Kaju Pista Katli/Rolls – Cashew nuts + Pistachio, I can eat a full box at once 😀

Day 22 – Best Thing To Happen This Year

2015 is moving pretty fast. The best thing to happen this year is would be : A change in my career. A step up!

Day 23 – My Dream Job

Well, I have already written about this. But.. Since it states “job” I would say – To become the CEO of a company that brings a good change in people’s lifestyle on a large scale.

Day 24 – My Favorite Childhood Book

Ah!!! Now that’s a lovely question! 🙂 I loved reading Enid Blyton’s Famous Five and I read all 21 books when I was 10-11 years old! 🙂

Day 25 – My 5 Favorite Blogs

Well, I had already mentioned them on my blog. But what’s wrong in mentioning them again?! They are really awesome blogs to look out for!

Day 26 – An Old Photo Of Me

Aahann!! Okay, that’s me when I was 6 years old.. And, that’s taken during a fancy dress competition, and am dressed like Mira Bai, singing one of her songs.. Oh! Did I not tell you? Am a good classical singer too 🙂

An Old Photo Of Me
An Old Photo Of Me 🙂

Day 27 – My Favorite Recipe

Oh no! Am not a great cook! But I love making Tomato Pachadi. We can mix it with rice and serve as a main dish, or use it as a side dish too for roti, dosa, puri etc. Simple and easy to make! takes only 10-15 mins to prepare.

Chop juicy and ripe tomato into small dices. Put it in a pan, add turmeric powder, ginger, asafoetida, green chilli, salt and other seasoning for taste. Let it cook for 5-10 minutes. And Tadaaa Pachadi Ready! 😀

Day 28 – What Am I Looking Forward To..

Well, am looking forward to writing a good book someday. Sooner perhaps than later 🙂

Day 29 – Where Have I Travelled

Frankly, am a terrible traveller. I’v never really gone over long distant tours because I get motion sickness. But now, am wayyy better, so when I do, I will make an entry for sure 🙂

Day 30 – What’s In My Make-Up Bag

Ah.. Am not much into make-up. All I carry along is a moisturizer, a lip balm, Mascara and an eye liner!

Day 31 – Why Do I Blog

When I started this blog, all I wanted to do was to share some positive thoughts to my readers. There’s way too much of negativity and sarcasm in the internet world that morals and good thoughts are overridden by mean opinions and dirty thoughts. So, if people are looking for some thought provoking ideas that motivate and inspire them for a happy and healthy life; I wanted to make sure that they could find them right here, on my blog. So, I hope I have been doing that. And I will continue to do it forever 🙂

Thank You all so much for supporting my blog. And thank you very much for stopping by.

Be Kind. Live and Let Live.

~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge : Depth

So this week’s Challenge was to take a picture that depicts “Depth” And…Here We Go!

I took this snap this evening with my mobile phone. It was like the sky was the picture and the trees and leaves formed a photo frame!
Weekly Photo Challenge : Depth

As I looked up at the bright sky

Through the lens of my camera;

It dawned to me, it’s a photograph

Already shot and framed by nature’s eye!

 ~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed


Sitting under the green shady trees,

Soaking myself in the cool breeze,

Listening to the chirps and melodies of the invisible birds,

That echoed my gratitude not just towards nature’s bounties

But also that “someone” who planted them as saplings;

For us to enjoy the bliss ..

To live and let live..

In response to weekly photo challenge : Shadowed

 ~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult

Weekly Photo Challenge : New

Well, the challenge for this week was to post a picture that depicts something “New“. Something new about the picture here is my new found interest in using a feature called “camera” in my mobile phone.

Am not a photography enthusiast but a voice in my head told me I should learn to capture some of the beautiful moments on a camera too, to create a collection of memories to recollect a decade later and say..”those were the days…” 🙂

It was a journey that determined my life and my future (about which I will write someday), that I wanted to have a souvenir to remember this day, something to depict the turbulence and turmoil that was rocking my head.

As the sun shown brightly through the trees, shining on the waters beneath,

I knew nature was telling me something, 

That I too could shine and rise through those thorns and shades.

So, here is my very first snap, that I took from a train moving at a speed of about 100 km/h, (that explains the lack of clarity I suppose, well, I used the camera on my mobile phone!)


So that’s something new that I’ve started this year…

Professional photographers and enthusiasts, please excuse me. 🙂

~Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult