Week 3 : Essence Of Reminiscence – Siblings & Childhood Friends

Happy Monday everyone! 🙂

Am so sorry I couldn’t follow all the responses for Essence Of Reminiscence last week. I will read the rest of all of your responses and make the Essence Of Reminiscence : Week 2 Compiled edition by tomorrow. Our fellow bloggers and friends told me that Week 2 – theme was really tough! So I thought I must make it easier this week and here it is!

Siblings & Childhood Friends

Yes, that’s the theme!

Week 3 : Essence Of Reminiscence - Siblings & Childhood Friends
Week 3 : Essence Of Reminiscence – Siblings & Childhood Friends

All of us would have had either a sibling, a cousin or a childhood best friend/best foe who made our life so memorable or terrible!! They would have been the ones who brought the best and the worst out of us!

What did you do with them to make the days so memorable/terrible?

What did they do to you that made the days so memorable/terrible?

I have had my own dosage of awesomeness and awfulness with my own sister, the best ever person I can ever find in the world. When I was younger, I had the best mischievous days with my cousin. My childhood was full of wonderful friends, cousins and of course my sister who were mischievous, loving, caring and troublesome in every way! Thinking about those days brings a smile every time. Even the days when we cried after being caught by our parents or the grumpy neighbor, seem so sweet and funny now!

So, this week, share something on your blog with a pingback to this post about that brother, sister, cousin or the wonderful best friend/best foe or the neighbor’s kid that made your childhood awesome/awful. Share a picture, or a poem, a story or anything; describing what happened and few other details of your childhood! 🙂


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Hope you have fun sharing your memories this week on Essence Of Reminiscence!

Happy Reminiscing! 😉

~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂