A Girl’s Naked Heart

A Girl's Naked Heart

I don’t want you to say “Oh..! Nice Shoes”;

I don’t care if I’m the best dressed too.

I don’t mind being sexy or curvy, modest or humble;

I don’t need anybody’s nod of approval.

I don’t want you to notice my eye shadows and

I don’t give a damn if you find me unattractive.

It’s not the exterior that I care..

It is not just the flesh, don’t you dare..

I wish you knew..

My Naked Heart.. 

Yearns For Your Warmth..

And Respect & Love ..

For Who I Really Am..

Not For How I look and What I wear..

It is just that I really long for..

And Nothing More..

And Nothing Less..

~ Every Girl’s Naked Heart..

~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult