It’s All In The Brain!

April A-Z Blogging – Day 13 : ‘M’

It's All In The Brain
It’s All In The Brain!

How often are you in a Good/Bad Mood? I read in an article that certain expressions can actually induce a particular mood. Say, if you smile voluntarily, then your brain triggers that emotion and you feel happy. So does frown,glare or any other expression!

You may wonder if it is true. So did I!

The best solution? Test it right away!

Yes, I tried to smile, voluntarily. And automatically my brain popped a picture; a happy moment! It was a child’s face! I wondered where I had met him, then I realized I saw the kid this week. He was running in the park, and suddenly he turned, looked right at me all of a sudden and smiled so brightly that I totally forgot the world for a moment!

When I frowned or narrowed my eyes, I was reminded of a certain incident where I did that! I remembered glaring at a guy for leaving a sarcastic remark. Wow!

So, it does work for me! Looks like It’s all in the Brain!

I know, you are now trying the same to verify it is true or not… 😉

Okay, leave your remarks about your test in the comment section below. Does it work for you? Let’s see what your brain has in store!

~ Yuvathi 🙂

The Confused Young Adult