Monsoon Once Again

Monsoon Once Again

I look through the window with my heart in pain,

Oh! it’s the monsoon once  again;

Pouring her heart out without any strain.

Darker and heavier she gets; 

She could move no more and there she rests.

Bursting out what she harbored for long

Look at those trees soaking all along

As she lightens her heart and brightens the day

I wonder and look up at the sky

Only to see her bright and gay.

After all the drama I’ve got to say;

Oh! how did you bear so long?!

Ah! it must be nice for you;

To free yourself from what you’ve been going through

Oh! look at you all white and glee!

Moving around again on a thirst-quenching spree

Now that I realize am just jealous of you;

Could I ever be like you? 

She responds to me, smiling brightly and moving away

Only to remind me; life is a circle and it goes on anyway..