Why So Much Filter?! Afraid To Wear Your Own Skin?

Why do people add so much filter to their own photos?

I do appreciate a little bit of effects. Photo edits make your dull photo look bright and of course, makes you feel good. I know that and I am not going to brood over every bit of it. But the amount of filter that people apply to their photographs is quite alarming and too scary these days!

The number of apps that help in adding effects, filters to hide all the tan, freckles and blemishes and the ease of use by every common man adds up to the excessive usage of it.


People change and hide every tiny detail starting from scars to pimples. They even make themselves look fairer (far more than the reality). Sometimes I do NOT recognize the person in the picture at all!

Moreover, we will always know that what we see in that over-filtered photo does not exist in reality. It is all fake. Then why do we have to try to deceive ourselves with the illusion of perfection?

What’s wrong in wearing your own skin??? 

  • Most people do that to make themselves match with their “dream-look”; which is how they wish to look, but they actually don’t.
  • Some do all that just to receive maximum “likes” and lovely “comments” starting from “gorgeous/handsome” to “hot/sexy” in the social networking sites.

People are becoming so weak, that they are unable to accept their own skin, the reality, the beauty that lies beneath all the blemishes.. the scars and freckles that makes the “Beautiful YOU”.

So what can we do about this?

  • Firstly, avoid too much filter. Edit what’s necessary. Make sure you are “you” in the photo and upload them.
  • When you see a “real-photo”, appreciate the uploader for the filter-free picture. Make them love their own skin. Acknowledge their beauty.
  • If possible, try to alert those who use too much filter. Give them a gentle reminder. Motivate them to add an original photo.

After all, we all live to be acknowledged by someone or the other. 🙂

Say NO to Too Much Filter.
Say YES to Your Own Skin.

~Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

– The Confused Young Adult

Valentine Special #6 : I Promise..

Valentine Special #6 : I Promise..
Valentine Special #6 : I Promise..

I Know I Can’t Promise You


But One, I Can For Sure

” That I Will Always Love You..” 


~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult

The Balloon And The Pin

the balloon and the pin

Too many downs; too much of tears; 💧

Nobody’s life is a bed of roses; 💐

Even if they seem to be; there are a million thorns beneath. 🌵

Sometimes life gives you so many things..

Like blowing air in a balloon.. 🎈

And before letting it fly high; it pops it with a pin.. 📌

Hah! Like it’s all an illusion.. 🎭

But don’t lose heart, there’s another year ahead.. 📆

Hope for the best; you have nothing anymore to lose or shed..

Who knows! You may be on a rainbow ride.. 🎢  🌈

That takes you high and drops you down;

Only to lead you to the treasures abound.. 💰

-The Confused Young Adult

~Yuvathi ❤ 🙂