Hopeless Yet Hopeful..

April A-Z Blogging – Day 8 : ‘H’

Sometimes telling the truth could shatter everything you had. Sometimes things go beyond your control, while at times, nothing really happens as you expected. There will be times where you think this is the end. You wouldn’t know who is at fault, you wouldn’t know whom to blame either..

You may think it’s a dead end, but there will always be a tiny scintillating ray of hope that makes you want to push the envelope;

To find your way through the thorns and mud, for sunshine and a brighter day..

Hopeless Yet Hopeful
Hopeless Yet Hopeful

The piece below, is very personal to me. I was skimming through my 2014’s journal this morning and I found this! I thought it was okay to share it with you all.. It is a long list – a questionnaire, where I found myself left with no answers for every question that kept hammering my head; something that only time can heal and only time can explain….

Too many beautiful dreams..

Too many endless ambitions..

Having waited all these years;

Can they all be wasted like this?

Is this my fault?

For having lost it all?

Should I have stayed quiet?

Shouldn’t I have told the truth?

Am I just born to be this way?

Or is there ever a twist in the tale?

I hoped there will be sunshine;

I dreamed for a better life..

The more I hoped, the more I lost..

The more I dreamed, the more I cried..

Am I being awakened to face the bitter truth?

Or should I believe that spring isn’t far behind..??

Hopeless Yet Hopeful..

~ Yuvathi