Story Time With A Difference #3 : Be Sincere To Your Own Conscience

Have you ever parked your vehicle badly and bumped into the adjacent car or crashed it’s rear view mirror and moved on silently as if it wasn’t you? How many times have you aimed the dustbin and threw the chocolate wrap just right next to it and walked away nonchalantly? Or…Do you remember the last time you broke your neighbor’s valuable artifact/object and kept it right there as if you never even touched it? Or… the time when you tore the page of your friend’s/library book and kept it back on the rack quietly?

The word sincerity comes into picture only when we are surrounded by an audience, boss or the person concerned. Why should we be so shallow? 

So here’s is this week’s story on Sincerity :

Be Sincere To Your Own Conscience 

story time with a difference

On a fine day, a renowned sculptor was busy working on his last piece for the city’s grand tower. A good friend of the sculptor stopped by his workplace to catch up with him and support him. That final piece was the sculptor’s mater piece and it was to be kept on top of the tower at a height of about 100 feet above the ground level. The friend noticed that the sculptor was making an exact replica of another piece which he had carved earlier that day.

Upon seeing that, the friend became curious and asked him “Why are you making the same piece all over again?

The sculptor said “The edge of the sculpture’s ear is broken..Can you see that?

For which his friend said “Oh yeah, that’s a tiny piece and it is going to be placed above 100 feet! Who’s going to know that a few millimeters is off the ear?!

Upon hearing his friend’s simple yet logical statement, the sculptor smiled, nodded and said “Well, I will know!“.


Yes, that’s exactly what we are talking about.

Do something right because you want to. Not because somebody is watching you. Be sincere at work, home, and in every little deed that you do, not because you need to earn a good name in front of people, but because you want to have a guilt-free conscience. 

Hope you all had fun reading this week’s Story Time With A Difference. See you again next week on Story Time With A Difference!

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~ Yuvathi 🙂

Today In Short : #4 Enjoy – Without Regrets and Guilt

Regrets and Guilt are two words that are ruling my life right now.

I regret the fact that I couldn’t control things from happening the way they did. I feel guilty for not having been able to do what I intended to. I regret missing some of the best opportunities and feel guilty for not being able to fill the shoes that I am supposed to. Can I change any of that? No. It’s all in the past and there is no point in guilt or regret.

Every time I watch a movie, my conscience pricks me, reminding me about the fact that I haven’t finished my work yet. Those actors have done their work. That’s their work. And they may be working right now as well. What am I doing ??

So I switch back to work. Once am at my desk, I immediately start contemplating my situation, regretting the fact that I missed such a nice movie!!

Somehow or the other I end up working, missing all the possible fun. Most of the time is wasted on the contemplation rather than on actual work.

I felt like I was being throttled with work, other responsibilities especially because of my very own vacillating mind.

Argh. Not anymore. Am done with it. I want some “ME” time.

regrets and guilt

Note: Am a Korean fanatic. 😀

I decided to enjoy my day in my own way! Yes, without guilt, without any regrets, I did. Whole day, I watched Korean dramas Goong and Coffee Prince and the latest episode of the currently airing favorite Korean Drama Pinocchio, which is a major hit (ofcourse, with English subtitles ) and drooled over some of EXO’s wonderful KPop music videos, dreaming all the way about Kai and his dance moves. Ohhhh Gaawwwddd!!!!

I wanted a break and so I DID. I took the day off. I watched all Korean dramas and music videos, went out for a walk, ate all kinds of junk food and chocolates, downloaded wallpapers of Lee Min Ho and Lee Jong Suk, Kai, Jung Yong Hwa..the day is not enough at all.

A much needed break at the right time. I feel so good after all. But yes, every fairy tale has to come to an end. So, before my ever-changing-mind starts feeling guilty, I shut the doorway to dreamland and descended back to the real world.

So here I am, sitting in front of my desk, working without any regrets since an hour. But what am I doing right now while am actually supposed to be finishing my work on some random file and report to some random client living in some other part of the world??

Blogging! Yes 🙂

I thought I must tell you guys too, to take a break and live your life for a day without regrets, without guilt. Sometimes you deserve it after all you’ve been through. Sometimes it is good to have a dreamland and relish the fantasies.

Alright people, it’s time for me to get back to work. Who wants their manager to call up and say “Didn’t you submit the file yet??” Oh! Not me 😉 😀