If Cartoons and Disney Were Real..

the-flintstones__120413002132heidi2gravity                  TweetyDisney-7-dwarfso-POWERPUFF-GIRLS-facebook

Wear a simple dress and run all over the Alps,

bare foot on the fresh green grass!

Hitch a ride in the stone cars,

live peacefully in cozy stone homes,

and feed the pet Dinosaur with some yummy scones!

Walk in the air until you see what’s down below,

and pain will be just birds and butterflies flying to and fro!

Birds won’t be caged, cats and dogs can’t be tamed,

Tweets would be Tweety’s family name!

Girls would rule the world with the power puffs,

and there would be lovely people like the 7 dwarfs!

Men like angels and women like princesses would adorn the world,

with vibrant colors, brightness, and happiness abound!

~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

– The Confused Young Adult