Today In Short : #9 Exes – The Blood Sucking Leeches

A few days ago I wrote about The So-Called Best Friends – the ones who stay with you when they are in need and vanish when you are in trouble. Today, I realised I must write about the blood sucking leeches – the ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend or an ex-friend, who won’t let you move on nor let you live the moment.

Exes - The Blood Sucking Leeches
Exes – The Blood Sucking Leeches

How many ever times you try to pull them out of your life and throw them away, some how or the other they crawl back into your life and stick to you until you get sick of them and destroy their very existence in your memory completely – just like the blood sucking Leeches!

If you have had a healthy break up, where you both have a clear understanding of why it may not work between the two of you; well you are safe and sound. But most people aren’t matured enough, are they? Being young and confused is only a part of growing up.

Although I thought that talking to the ex is not a bad idea because we broke up 2 years ago, my intuition told me I was wrong. When the ex pinged me (which was totally out of the blue) I was excited, really happy! But the truth is the leech that I threw a long time ago had just crawled back to my doorstep.

Here is why: 

The leech-like ex’s don’t want to patch up or re-kindle the relationship. They know it won’t work at all, so do you. Yet, they can’t let you go, and so they text you or call you and do all the sweet talks like : “I thought we could be friends..“or “I don’t want ‘us’ to end in bad terms..without talking or meeting..” and  “What we had was special, it means a lot to me..” etc..

When they ping you, your heart goes “aaaawww” but actually, it should be “eeewww yuck”. Especially when the other person is egoistic, self-centered, ____________.

You are not even an entry in their priority list. You are just an  option, more like an unused unnecessary back-up for their insecurity.

Talking to them would only make you feel low, sad and insecure. You will be lost in the nostalgic-limbo.

Thanks to my best friend, she made me think twice, see the truth and confront it and put a full stop to it. I believe it is now my turn to help others.

So, the next time your ex pings you, remember all the reasons why you ended it in the first place. If they happen to say the words mentioned here, then ask yourself

“Do I really have to stick to this unnecessary sickening nostalgic limbo of unhealthy thoughts and useless memories?”

Ask all the right and wrong questions. After all it is your life and you deserve to play it the way you like it.

~Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult