Pavements and Cherry Blossoms..

April A-Z Blogging – Day 6 : ‘F’

How about a ballad / prose poetry about Frustration?? 😉

This is the first time am writing something like this. Hope you like it !

Pavements and Cherry Blossoms..
Pavements and Cherry Blossoms..

Yes, I see you walking along the pavement near the fourth block. The one we once christened “the cherry blossoms-camouflaged-ethereal beauty”. The place where we first met and wrote a fresh chapter. The spot where we first held hands and walked together towards a new direction, yet along the same pavements. Ah, I remember the sweet nothings we shared, the endless conversations that we had; they still echo in my ears, like a song from a faraway radio.

Ridiculous, is this world of ours, that now I could see you right in front of my eyes, just a few feet away; and what seems so near is now so far. This virtual distance between us and the huge crack in my heart, engulfed by the depths of frustration – “Frustration”, yes, as I stand in the middle the cross roads, the cherries remain the same, the pavements are ever winding.. you still walk along the same block, but towards a different direction; holding hands, yes, but not mine anymore… “Frustrated”, yes, for having been so naive, for giving it all with nothing left to hold on to, as I walk away, alone, along this ever ending pavements…

~ Yuvathi 🙂

The Confused Young Adult