Today In Short : #13 – Board Exam Results : Why All The Frenzy?!

The state board exam results were announced this week and the whole state’s students, their families, relatives, friends, neighbors, known and unknown people, all were stuck in the result-frenzy.  Everyone of them was busy inquiring and comparing and finding out who scored the highest and who scored the least in the circuit.

Board Exam Results : Why All The Frenzy?!
Board Exam Results : Why All The Frenzy?!

For those who do not know, the boards is the most important senior school examination which plays a crucial role in every Indian student’s life in getting into their dream college and field of study. Every student works day and night to score a centum in physics, chemistry, mathematics, accountancy, botany, etc.. They borrow books, study materials, attend extra classes for the boards, prepare for university entrance exams – especially for the IIT’s, BITS, AIIMS, etc., finish day to day lessons, write a million mock exams.. Teachers and parents concentrate on the student’s health as well as state of mind to help them in their journey. The preparation is so impeccably done that some way or the other each student would find way to do their best.

Students have flooded the charts with centums in various subjects and the newspapers adorned the pictures of the state toppers, subject toppers in various fields along with an interview about their dreams, inspirations and aspirations. It was so good to see students from all walks of life work hard to make their parents proud and worth all the sacrifices they made to bring up their children.

Alright! Enough said about the toppers and hard-workers. But, is that all? Along with so much attention comes peer pressure. In a country with 1.25 billion people, the competition for survival is obviously very high and it is highly believed that education alone can bring the best in one’s life. But not all need to be good at math, physics, accounts, botany or chemistry. Right? 

I remember my friend’s sister freaking out and her entire family hustling and bustling here and there before the announcement of the results last year. Oh dear lord! I was frustrated by the chaos they created out of nothing. But after the results, oh yeah.. They were all so upset, down, speechless as she scored some 80+%. (That’s when I got to know, 80+ is “very low score”) Duh. :-/

Board Exam Results : Why All The Frenzy?!
Board Exam Results : Why All The Frenzy?!

There is no necessity that every science student should become another Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam or Sir CV Raman. Sometimes it is okay to score a 40 or 50 in academics. Most students get heart broken. They feel shy and guilty even if they score a decent 85% in their boards as they are surrounded by toppers with 98% overall score!!! The worst part : being compared with their peers and the incessant phone calls from their relatives, friends and neighbors on the day of the results! (Honestly, this never ever ends).

Every student knows their own capacity. They know how much they will score. They never cry because they scored “very low”. They do because they are “afraid” of all the comments that their  families and peers would make! 

What’s the point anyway? You do Engineering, MBBS, CA or whatever and work in some multi national company or international research institute, and earn millions of bucks a month. But at the end of the day, how you live would only matter. If you own the most sophisticated bungalow and the highest-paid job, and remain the saddest and loneliest person ever known to the world, then what’s the point in having it all?

A student scoring the least in science might major in history, do law and become a flamboyant lawyer or judge at the supreme court! A guy who flunks in mathematics might become another Sachin Tendulkar or even break his records in cricket! A girl with great looks, wit, a beautiful heart and swag might become the next Miss Universe and represent the whole nation!

Who knows what one can do?!

Success is not just being a genius in school and scoring the highest in the boards. Success is all about how you define it.

For me, success has always been making my mom happy. Success is when I don’t regret my attempts. Success is when am satisfied with my own results.

If you are a student, remember,

This is just your primary step. You still have a long way to go and a lot more to achieve in life than just crumble and succumb to these tiny unnecessary pressures.

If you are a neighbor, relative or a family member, remember,

You are the support system that every students needs in order to prove their caliber.

Underestimating their efforts after finding out the results would do no good to them. It only shatters their hope for a better future.

They are still young and can change the course of life from worst to best. All they need is your support.

Wishing every lovely student a colorful life ahead,

~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult

Today In Short : #12 – World Poetry Day!

Today is World Poetry Day!

How about a tribute to Poetry?! A poem about poetry from A to Z! Here we go! 🙂

Today In Short : #12 - World Poetry Day!

A lot to say,

But I’ve Not Many Words To Utter;

Caught in Silence, Shock, Surprise and Joy,

Desperate – in need of a way to communicate with

Endless thoughts rushing through my brain

For I do not know where to begin and explain!

Given the chance to speak my mind,

Having my vocabulary in vain; Oh no!

I‘m so lost in the sea of words! 

Just let me know if there is any tool,

Known for expressing heart’s deepest thoughts

Like a handwritten journal, so simple and encrypted

Meant to reveal though not all the secrets

Nicely wrapped with just a few words

Opening a different story with every word, like

Petals in a lotus flower. 

Quilling every emotion in each petal – with a different shade;

Reaping a different impact on different readers, 

Sprinkling the message based on their mind’s status.

Treading the path from a different angle 

Ultimately leading to my deepest thoughts

Venturing the twists and open secrets

Whilst showing the picture.. more like an

X-ray. As I searched along, I found one

Yes, a tool that satisfies all of my constraints,

Zestful and Warm – The one and only Poetry.

Today In Short : #11 – The Annoying Hypocrites

Why do people have to be so fake? Recently, am being surrounded by many loud mouthed hypocrites and it’s super annoying!

Here is a sample of “annoying hypocrites” that I’ve witnessed in the past few days.

Today In Short : #11 - The Annoying Hypocrites
Today In Short : #11 – The Annoying Hypocrites

1. A guy talking about gender equality when he himself expects his girlfriend to be under his control. He does’t want her to spend time with her guy friends (who she knows since her childhood). He expects her to take his permission even to go out and spend a day with her girl friends as well. He believes that only men should go out for work while women should stay home and take care of the family.

What?! Aren’t we in the 21st century already?

2. A girl going to another country, and wearing her traditional clothes there and taking snaps saying “Being traditional.. am loving it.. *blush blush*”.  But wears all inappropriate clothes, when she is in her motherland.

Urgh! Is culture and tradition a piece of joke??

3. A preacher who justifies that her community and their God is the highest of all! She is a preacher, a person who is supposed to tell the rest of the world that we all are one, we all are humans! But there she is, justifying that people should not pray to other Gods because only their God takes people to heaven!!

Oh dear.., I wish I could tell her, “I don’t know about her God, their God, heaven etc, but I DO know what is humanity”

4. People who use humbleness as a tool for publicity. Awesome! Right? They know that people tend to like those who are humble. So they put on a fake act of humbleness. You may be wondering how that’s possible?! Humbleness is supposed to be sincere and honest… Yes, let me tell you, there are people like that, and I see them everyday.

Aaargh. Am fed up. 

The list could go on forever.. :-/ But the point is…

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Wear what you like, but make sure what you wear is appropriate according to the culture of the country you are in.

 Practice what you Preach

If you talk about the environment, go green first. Then post updates about “ozone layer depletion, melting of ice in the arctics, etc.”

If you talk about gender and religious equality, practice that first in your own home, with your family. Then talk how much ever you want in the public.

Have you met such people too? Feel free to share you experiences in the comment box below.

~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult

Today In Short : #10 – Keeping Up With The Confused Young Adult


I have been away for almost a week and it feels like a decade !! I really missed blogging and so I thought even if it is past mid night I must post something, so yes, I did the Week 2 Compiled Edition of Mischiefs and Pranks… Aannd Am Back! 🙂

The weather is too hot and it already feels like summer. It is just watermelons, ice creams, glucose-drinks and fruits everywhere already! Wonder how the month of May is going to be, because that’s when the real summer actually begins.



How many of you are cricket enthusiasts? I love cricket and I’ve been following the world cup matches quite seriously. It’s so much fun! Which team do you support? Share it here in the comment box. Btw, I support our home team, India! ❤





As I told you earlier, am learning to play the traditional Indian instrument Veena. Wow, am lovin’ it 😉 Do you play any instrument? Why and how did you begin? Share it here if you like.




These are the two topics that I am interested to hear more about. If you have lots to share, then write a post on your blog and add a pingback to this post. I would love to read. 🙂

I have been invited by 3 of my buddy bloggers : Randoms by a Random – Ameena, Amrit’s Blog, and Living the dream – Hargun Wahi  to write about love in 40 words : the condition being 10 lines with 4 words in each line. Yes, I am so excited to do it! But I really need some time to think and write something new and creative. So please don’t mistake me if am late.

Finally, am thinking of taking a break from Essence of Reminiscence with week 4, having completed 1 month. The event will be back again in April. The details will be announced in advance. 🙂

I am thinking of doing something new called “Story Time With A Difference“. The details will be announced shortly! 😉

Until then, Stay tuned!

~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

Today In Short : #9 Exes – The Blood Sucking Leeches

A few days ago I wrote about The So-Called Best Friends – the ones who stay with you when they are in need and vanish when you are in trouble. Today, I realised I must write about the blood sucking leeches – the ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend or an ex-friend, who won’t let you move on nor let you live the moment.

Exes - The Blood Sucking Leeches
Exes – The Blood Sucking Leeches

How many ever times you try to pull them out of your life and throw them away, some how or the other they crawl back into your life and stick to you until you get sick of them and destroy their very existence in your memory completely – just like the blood sucking Leeches!

If you have had a healthy break up, where you both have a clear understanding of why it may not work between the two of you; well you are safe and sound. But most people aren’t matured enough, are they? Being young and confused is only a part of growing up.

Although I thought that talking to the ex is not a bad idea because we broke up 2 years ago, my intuition told me I was wrong. When the ex pinged me (which was totally out of the blue) I was excited, really happy! But the truth is the leech that I threw a long time ago had just crawled back to my doorstep.

Here is why: 

The leech-like ex’s don’t want to patch up or re-kindle the relationship. They know it won’t work at all, so do you. Yet, they can’t let you go, and so they text you or call you and do all the sweet talks like : “I thought we could be friends..“or “I don’t want ‘us’ to end in bad terms..without talking or meeting..” and  “What we had was special, it means a lot to me..” etc..

When they ping you, your heart goes “aaaawww” but actually, it should be “eeewww yuck”. Especially when the other person is egoistic, self-centered, ____________.

You are not even an entry in their priority list. You are just an  option, more like an unused unnecessary back-up for their insecurity.

Talking to them would only make you feel low, sad and insecure. You will be lost in the nostalgic-limbo.

Thanks to my best friend, she made me think twice, see the truth and confront it and put a full stop to it. I believe it is now my turn to help others.

So, the next time your ex pings you, remember all the reasons why you ended it in the first place. If they happen to say the words mentioned here, then ask yourself

“Do I really have to stick to this unnecessary sickening nostalgic limbo of unhealthy thoughts and useless memories?”

Ask all the right and wrong questions. After all it is your life and you deserve to play it the way you like it.

~Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult

Today In Short : #8 Sorry – The Magical Word

The universal magical word : “Sorry”. This one word could mean many emotions, bring about changes among people and do miracles in relationships!

Today In Short : #8 Sorry - The Magical Word
Today In Short : #8 Sorry – The Magical Word

If you asked me to mention one word that can change a situation upside down, turn anger into peace, hatred into love, enemies into friends,… 

I would say “Sorry”

After a really long day at work, I had a huge tiff with my best friend. We had an argument – some difference of opinion, which led to our very first big fight in 5 years! Although my point was right, I felt really bad for hurting him. He, on the other hand didn’t care if I was right, he was purely angry and blurted out really rude words and spoke to me disrespectfully which is so unlike him. He didn’t like being pointed out and he didn’t want to take it either! All this was not because of my words, but my tone of speech. I should have talked about his mistake smoothly instead of confronting him so bluntly.

We didn’t talk the whole day and I felt very bad. The friendship meant a lot to me than the argument. So I texted him saying “sorry” for being so blunt. I told him I should have discussed with him in a better way. That one word melted his ego and he immediately admitted his fault. He apologized for his poor behavior and we talked it out thus solving the misunderstanding smoothly.

Wow! What a relief! Am glad that the so-called unworthy argument did not ruin our friendship that has been carefully built, guarded and cherished for years!

Sorry : A magical word indeed. 🙂

Sometimes letting go is a good thing. While sometimes it is even better to say sorry.

Saying sorry doesn’t always mean you are wrong. It is the relationship that matters.

While most times, it is the ego that stops us from apologizing! Even if we know we are wrong, we don’t like to admit it. The ego makes us carry the painful guilt filled conscience forever. Why let yourself be troubled by something so bad if you could fix it with just one word?

Do not carry that burden of guilt or shame if you can mend it with just one word – “sorry”.

Shedding your ego is better than bearing that terrible feeling locked deep inside your heart forever. You deserve peace!

If you always wanted to apologize to someone or mend a broken relationship, then take this opportunity to do it now. Say the magical word to that person and free yourself from the horrible burden right away.

Have a good day! 🙂

~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult

Today In Short : #7 – 100+ Followers & Counting!

Every blogger’s dream is to reach their first 100 followers milestone. I started this blog on November 24, 2014 and it has been quite an exciting journey. I have written articles for various websites and blogging sites but I never had the time to start one of my own. Am glad I started this blog and now I’d like to take this as an opportunity to show my gratitude to all those who supported me. 🙂

I really didn’t expect to reach the 100+ followers-milestone so soon. Am so happy and overwhelmed by the love shown by fellow bloggers and I really enjoyed connecting with each and every one of you.

100 followers & counting

Thank You So Much!

Will update more interesting posts soon. 🙂 Stay tuned!

~Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult

Today In Short : #6 When I Forgot How To Laugh..

Is it possible? Can someone really forget how to laugh? I think I did., it had been long, really very long since I laughed out loud..

When you grow up, you take too many things into your head, that you stop enjoying little things in life..

Known for my non-stop laughter, enthusiasm, optimism and energy., it is very surprising to know that I actually forgot how to laugh. Life has been terrible lately, and those terrible incidents have changed me so much! I can’t believe it myself! But of course, my family and friends are the best support system I could ever ask for. Sadly, most of them have moved to different states and am very badly in need of a change of job.

I’ve never ever in my life had a pessimistic thought about anything! But now, whenever I think of something nice, my mind immediately says “hah, as if this is gonna work..” and once again I go “My Goodness! Was that me??” If you had read my previous post “Queen Of Procrastination’s New Year Resolution“, you would know how this negative attitude brought me down! Thankfully, am working on it, and the process is a lot better 🙂

I don’t procrastinate, I do everything on time these days!! I have taken up a few interesting activities, joined a few classes to learn something new, this blog is also one of those nice activities. 🙂 Although I have done and still am doing a lot of repair work, trying to bring all the pieces together; the ones that were shattered in 2014, I really felt scared.

The pessimist pops up every now and then.  What if it doesn’t work? Will I still be able to laugh again? Can I become what I wanted to become?

When I Forgot How To Laugh

At that very moment, when I felt like a loser, totally lost in my own misery and drowned in my flood of self best friend called and asked me “how are you?”. He said he missed talking to me and that we should meet over the weekend. Just when I felt lonely, broken and terrible, a best friend says he actually misses me. How wonderful is that? He had no idea that I was so upset, but he cracked too many jokes, made me laugh for half an hour without a break! He is one of the most humorous guys I’ve known and said he has absolutely no idea what he’s doing at work! well, I said “me too!” 😀 We shared all the stupid jokes that we would never tell anybody else, laughed at our own blunders. We laughed until our stomachs ached so hard!

The world does work in miraculous ways 🙂

I must tell you, I just can’t wait to meet my friend! I believe, I can laugh. I can make it right. Everything would work and the best efforts never go wasted.. In my mind, after that awesome chat, I said “Thank You my pal, for awakening the optimist sleeping within me and making me believe in myself.” 🙂

A friend in need is a friend indeed!

This post also happens to be my response to a daily prompt : A Friend in Need 🙂

Today In Short: #5 That Moment When You Do Something Totally Embarrassing

I always do the wrong things at the wrong time in front of the wrong person perfectly, flawlessly, only to be embarrassed to death. Yesterday I sent a totally inappropriate text to a guy I wasn’t supposed to and I couldn’t even think of texting him anymore! I got the recipient wrong. This has happened to me many times but this time it was worse than ever! I was in the middle of a gossip chat with my best friend while this disaster happened. Thanks to the pop up facility, which ruined my day with this ultimate blunder. The message from this guy popped up, I thought I was texting my friend but I didn’t realize that  I was actually sending the reply-message to the wrong person. After sending, I freaked out! I was screaming in my head for doing such a stupid thing that I literally hid my face under the pillow. I was so embarrassed to even look at my phone!!

This reminds me of an incident when I was wearing a loose ugly tattered old T-shirt and my hair all messed up when my friend (secret-crush) randomly visited my neighborhood and dropped by to say hi; and there I was, playing loud music, jumping up and down like a lunatic in that awesome outfit in the living room. Ouch! The image that I had built all this time to impress him was shattered to bits. The impression I wanted him to have of me was ground to a powder, burnt to ash and phooooo flew away in the air. My crush was crushed. Seeing him the next day at the library was the highlight of my embarrassment history. Well, you can imagine me running behind the book racks to hide myself and bump right at his face, my face going red in double-embarrassment, and he smiling brightly; (obvious, he is rewinding and replaying my lunatic dance and my fabulous costume in his head). Well, thank goodness, he didn’t mention a word about it. It ended with an awkward hi, and even more awkward whats’up..and then trailed off with a friendly conversation. Poor guy must have had bad nightmares, I had the worst. :-/

These are simple incidents though.

Wearing the pants inside out, writing the wrong spelling of a word in the exam which makes the sentence completely wrong and inappropriate and the teacher reading it out loud in front of the class, shouting out the wrong answer for the simplest question in a meeting session, singing a song so badly and loudly not realizing that my friends were recording it and hearing it being played at my birthday party on loud speakers, are some of the rest.. 

that moment when you do something totally embarrassing

There are a few more terrible ones which I prefer not to publish online and save myself from “worldwide embarrassment” 😛

Have you ever done something so embarrassing in your life too? Uff, really, embarrassment is one terrible way to kill a person. 😮

Today In Short : #4 Enjoy – Without Regrets and Guilt

Regrets and Guilt are two words that are ruling my life right now.

I regret the fact that I couldn’t control things from happening the way they did. I feel guilty for not having been able to do what I intended to. I regret missing some of the best opportunities and feel guilty for not being able to fill the shoes that I am supposed to. Can I change any of that? No. It’s all in the past and there is no point in guilt or regret.

Every time I watch a movie, my conscience pricks me, reminding me about the fact that I haven’t finished my work yet. Those actors have done their work. That’s their work. And they may be working right now as well. What am I doing ??

So I switch back to work. Once am at my desk, I immediately start contemplating my situation, regretting the fact that I missed such a nice movie!!

Somehow or the other I end up working, missing all the possible fun. Most of the time is wasted on the contemplation rather than on actual work.

I felt like I was being throttled with work, other responsibilities especially because of my very own vacillating mind.

Argh. Not anymore. Am done with it. I want some “ME” time.

regrets and guilt

Note: Am a Korean fanatic. 😀

I decided to enjoy my day in my own way! Yes, without guilt, without any regrets, I did. Whole day, I watched Korean dramas Goong and Coffee Prince and the latest episode of the currently airing favorite Korean Drama Pinocchio, which is a major hit (ofcourse, with English subtitles ) and drooled over some of EXO’s wonderful KPop music videos, dreaming all the way about Kai and his dance moves. Ohhhh Gaawwwddd!!!!

I wanted a break and so I DID. I took the day off. I watched all Korean dramas and music videos, went out for a walk, ate all kinds of junk food and chocolates, downloaded wallpapers of Lee Min Ho and Lee Jong Suk, Kai, Jung Yong Hwa..the day is not enough at all.

A much needed break at the right time. I feel so good after all. But yes, every fairy tale has to come to an end. So, before my ever-changing-mind starts feeling guilty, I shut the doorway to dreamland and descended back to the real world.

So here I am, sitting in front of my desk, working without any regrets since an hour. But what am I doing right now while am actually supposed to be finishing my work on some random file and report to some random client living in some other part of the world??

Blogging! Yes 🙂

I thought I must tell you guys too, to take a break and live your life for a day without regrets, without guilt. Sometimes you deserve it after all you’ve been through. Sometimes it is good to have a dreamland and relish the fantasies.

Alright people, it’s time for me to get back to work. Who wants their manager to call up and say “Didn’t you submit the file yet??” Oh! Not me 😉 😀