Honestly, Nobody Really Cares About The Coffee Stain On Your Shirt!

When we pour some coffee on our shirt by mistake, we go crazy because the stain would look ugly and everybody might notice it. We feel embarrassed even before actually getting embarrassed. Especially if it happens when we are at work!  We rush to the restroom and wash the stain over and over until it almost vanishes, and yet we will be worried that there is still the mark of the coffee stain and people might notice it!

But seriously, Nobody Really Cares Or Notices The Coffee Stain As Much As You Do!!!

Honestly, Nobody Really Cares About Th Coffee Stain On Your T-Shirt

Do you know why? Because it is the most insignificant detail and even if they notice, people wouldn’t care because it happens to “everyone”!

The same happens if you trip and fall on the floor! People generally don’t care about how you fell. They would only be worried about you if you are hurt!

People tend to empathize and support each other in most situations, although there are a few sadists; but why should we care about the sadists anyway?

People around me are always surprised because I hardly bother about what people think about me. I wouldn’t mind putting my hair into a bun or wear loose clothes to work on a sunny day. I wouldn’t mind wearing a sweater when the A/C is too high for me! I think about my comfort and health first over others’ opinion about it!

Why should we all spoil our peace of mind by caring about others who are also spoiling theirs for the same reason? I always tell my friends “Make sure you put your happiness and your health first. Then comes others and their opinions”.

If you know you are doing the right thing and yet you are afraid to do because of what others might think about you, here’s a word :

People Actually Don’t Care As Much As You Think They Do!

The moment you stop thinking about others’ opinions, you serve yourself with unlimited freedom to live an independent, fearless and happy life.

Happy Weekend!

~Yuvathi  🙂

– The Confused Young Adult