Story Time With A Difference #3 : How Focused Are You?

When you were a kid, you would have wondered how the stream water bubbles, the stars twinkle, the moon fades and grows, how far can you dig and where the soil ends, and so on.. As you grow up, you tend to wonder..

Who Am I?

What Am I doing Right Now?

What Am I Born For?

What’s the purpose of my life?

And that’s how the venture begins.. You tend to create goals – long term and short term goals; make choices, tough decisions and set towards your path. You cross way too many obstacles, to see the little rays of hope and walk past all the heartbreaks and painful moments, little steps of failure and mild success while in search of your destiny.

But, then comes the question…

Here’s a simple short story that brings the most important question for every dreamer, venturing across the world with an unquenchable thirst to know the purpose of their life..

How Focused Are You?

story time with a difference

In a tiny village near the river of Angels, lived a small tribe. Next day was the birthday of the chief of the village and the entire tribe was ecstatic to celebrate the same with majestic grandeur. They prepared every tiny detail with perfection and the best part of the celebration was The 1000 kilograms of Sweets made specially to surprise the Chief.

After making the 1000 Kg of sweets for the celebration, the tribals were super excited. They had accomplished the herculean task with ease! But only then did they realize that they don’t have a backup plan to store the Sweets away from the reach of the ants! The village had a large army of sweet eating ants that gobble every pinch of sugar left in the box!

So they all thought of a plan:

They kept sweets in the middle of the hall and drew a perimeter around the sweets by pouring large amounts of sugar.

The ants that smelled the aroma of the sweets went straight to the location, gobbled all the sugar and did not even think beyond the sugar line. Although they smelled the Sweets, they were fascinated by the sugar cubes and were happy to get just that. They did not venture any further.

The next day, the Sweets were intact and the entire village celebrated and relished the yummy delicacy with ultimate satisfaction and joy.


Most of the time, we tend to try hard and walk almost near the destination just like the ants but then stop right there thinking that is enough.

Smaller successes come by only to coax you to move further; 

Smaller failures come by to test you and make you work harder.

So now, ask yourself :

Are you still on the track?


Have you already stopped?

Don’t you wish to dream anymore?


Do you still wanna walk a little further?

Think about it….and find out – How Focused Are You? 🙂

~ Yuvathi 🙂

– A fellow venturer 😉