3 Kinds of Selfie/Groupfie Maniacs

Every week, I end up writing something about this gen’s addiction to technology and its impacts. This week, it is all about “photographs and selfies”.

Do You

I love taking photographs. Yes, especially when I meet my friends after several months/years. I try to print them and look at them once in while and reminisce every moment I spent having fun and nothing but joy. As I type these words, I smile widely..thinking about my friends and the fun I had with them when I met them last weekend – I met some of them after 6 long months, while the rest of them after almost a year.

Photographs make you smile, some can make you cry… Indeed.

But nowadays, for everything, we take a snap.

Do You

Coffee with boyfriend at Starbucks : Selfie

Regular night out with buddies : group selfie ~ groupfie

New shoes!! : Shoefie

Walking down the street : a snap of the road

Eating a hamburger : a hamburger selfie

Cooked dinner : a dish selfie

Removing makeup : mirror selfie

Going to bed : a good night selfie

Yeah, okay. Got it. Social networking sites are full of them.

But to take that one perfect snap, people pose for hours; giving out a fake smile, bent leg, angled neck, twisted hip, and end up with painful cheeks, ankle, hip, eyes, nose etc. 

Seriously? The most horrible of all : “The Groupfie

Do You

How many times have you really had fun talking to your friends without taking a snap?

Talking about selfies and groupfies… There are three major kinds of people.

1st kind:

The ones that meet their buddies once a year for just an hour, and end up faking smiles, posing for selfies for about half an hour, update “status” on SNS, “tweet” the snaps and add their “check-ins” for another 15 mins saying “meeting my buddies after a year! feeling sooo loved and awessoommeee” ~ feeling nostalgic 

In the end, all they get to say in the remaining 15 minutes is “heyyy, long time no see! how are you? am fine! and you? me too!” End of conversation. Haven’t they been saying the same all the other days, over the phone as well as on their online instant messages?

2nd Kind:

The ones that meet the so-called friends, the crew with which they hang out just to be cool and make sure that they are not left alone. They hug, kiss,smile and hold arms for photographs. But not for real. This, in my opinion is the most pathetic of all.

3rd Kind:

The ones who love to take selfies and photos, just to update them on Instagram and other social networking sites and see how many “likes” they get for it. Seriously????? :-/


Remember, photographs create memories that could be relished in the future. Every time you take a snap, ask yourself: “Am I really happy? Do I really have to take a snap now? Shall I spend a few more minutes with my loved ones and share a moment of happiness with them? 

Let me ask you one question :

for all the millions of pictures you’ve taken so far..

In how many of them do you “really” smile?

~ Yuvathi 🙂

– The Confused Young Adult