Story Time With A Difference #3 : Be Sincere To Your Own Conscience

Have you ever parked your vehicle badly and bumped into the adjacent car or crashed it’s rear view mirror and moved on silently as if it wasn’t you? How many times have you aimed the dustbin and threw the chocolate wrap just right next to it and walked away nonchalantly? Or…Do you remember the last time you broke your neighbor’s valuable artifact/object and kept it right there as if you never even touched it? Or… the time when you tore the page of your friend’s/library book and kept it back on the rack quietly?

The word sincerity comes into picture only when we are surrounded by an audience, boss or the person concerned. Why should we be so shallow? 

So here’s is this week’s story on Sincerity :

Be Sincere To Your Own Conscience 

story time with a difference

On a fine day, a renowned sculptor was busy working on his last piece for the city’s grand tower. A good friend of the sculptor stopped by his workplace to catch up with him and support him. That final piece was the sculptor’s mater piece and it was to be kept on top of the tower at a height of about 100 feet above the ground level. The friend noticed that the sculptor was making an exact replica of another piece which he had carved earlier that day.

Upon seeing that, the friend became curious and asked him “Why are you making the same piece all over again?

The sculptor said “The edge of the sculpture’s ear is broken..Can you see that?

For which his friend said “Oh yeah, that’s a tiny piece and it is going to be placed above 100 feet! Who’s going to know that a few millimeters is off the ear?!

Upon hearing his friend’s simple yet logical statement, the sculptor smiled, nodded and said “Well, I will know!“.


Yes, that’s exactly what we are talking about.

Do something right because you want to. Not because somebody is watching you. Be sincere at work, home, and in every little deed that you do, not because you need to earn a good name in front of people, but because you want to have a guilt-free conscience. 

Hope you all had fun reading this week’s Story Time With A Difference. See you again next week on Story Time With A Difference!

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Today In Short : #14 – What Happens When You Don’t Look Your Age

Hi !

You all may wonder what happened to me all these days, well I took some time off to sort things in my head. As you might know, this blog is all about sharing good memories, opinions that make a difference, positivity and optimism. Since I was a little upset and messed up, I wasn’t sure if I could share happy thoughts with you all. All I could think of was sad poetry, bitter experiences, and melancholy. :-/ Hence, this short break from the blogosphere! 🙂

Well, now am so geared up and I am all set to share about something that happened to me today : What Happens When You Don’t Look Your Age. 

If you have read my previous post : 20 Facts About Me, you would know that I look too young for my age. Many times I’ve not been taken seriously in shops and malls as the shop keepers think I’m some school kid, just looking around all the colorful things in the store. :-/

So, here’s the story:

Today In Short : #14 - What Happens When You Don't Look Your Age

I started playing badminton with the guys of my neighborhood this week. Since am new to this area, none of them knew me and I made a bunch of new friends and acquaintances in a couple of days. At first the guys and the girls talked to me formally (if someone is new to you, you prefer formal speech to address them). All of them were about 5-6 years younger than me while some were even 10 years younger! Unfortunately, they all thought I was younger than most of them! The youngest batch thought I  would be of their age group and addressed me in informal speech!!

In case you don’t know, you might wonder what is so alarming about that. Well, in Asian languages, unlike English, it is very important to address a person in formal speech if they are older than you. It is considered very disrespectful otherwise. So I was taken aback a little and said, “dear, I’m about 10 years older than you”. Upon hearing that, there was utter silence in the crew for a moment which was then followed by huge gasps and “really?? are you?? I cant believe it!”…  Sigh!

Alright that’s not a big deal. I thought it’s okay, it happens..

So, I took a few steps for damage control. In order to avoid further misconceptions, I wore suitable clothing and hairstyle hoping that people would then believe am a little older. But then, what happened later, left me dumbstruck!

Today, my mom visited me while I was playing. She looks her age of course! As I was talking to one of the guys there, he said “yeah, why don’t you play with your Granny?Wait. What?? Did he just think that my mom is my granny? And for the love of God, did he just say it out loud?? 😮

When I said, she is not my granny, she is my mom, he said, “I thought you’re a high schooler and so I thought she might be your granny!” Duh :-/

For that, a girl sitting next to me (a high schooler) said Oh! Please don’t you worry, people often mistake my age too. At times kids address me as aunty, they think am very old! It hurt me that once I even cried a river!

Oh Goodness! I am dumbfounded. Now, am so confused if I should be happy that I don’t look old…

Have you had such experiences? Did you feel this way too? Do you think looks really matter? Or, is it okay to be perceived younger/older than your actual age? Feel free to share your opinions in the comment box below. 

Tomorrow I will be updating a new story for Story Time With A Difference. So stay tuned!

~ Yuvathi 🙂

The Confused Young Adult