Today In Short : #13 – Board Exam Results : Why All The Frenzy?!

The state board exam results were announced this week and the whole state’s students, their families, relatives, friends, neighbors, known and unknown people, all were stuck in the result-frenzy.  Everyone of them was busy inquiring and comparing and finding out who scored the highest and who scored the least in the circuit.

Board Exam Results : Why All The Frenzy?!
Board Exam Results : Why All The Frenzy?!

For those who do not know, the boards is the most important senior school examination which plays a crucial role in every Indian student’s life in getting into their dream college and field of study. Every student works day and night to score a centum in physics, chemistry, mathematics, accountancy, botany, etc.. They borrow books, study materials, attend extra classes for the boards, prepare for university entrance exams – especially for the IIT’s, BITS, AIIMS, etc., finish day to day lessons, write a million mock exams.. Teachers and parents concentrate on the student’s health as well as state of mind to help them in their journey. The preparation is so impeccably done that some way or the other each student would find way to do their best.

Students have flooded the charts with centums in various subjects and the newspapers adorned the pictures of the state toppers, subject toppers in various fields along with an interview about their dreams, inspirations and aspirations. It was so good to see students from all walks of life work hard to make their parents proud and worth all the sacrifices they made to bring up their children.

Alright! Enough said about the toppers and hard-workers. But, is that all? Along with so much attention comes peer pressure. In a country with 1.25 billion people, the competition for survival is obviously very high and it is highly believed that education alone can bring the best in one’s life. But not all need to be good at math, physics, accounts, botany or chemistry. Right? 

I remember my friend’s sister freaking out and her entire family hustling and bustling here and there before the announcement of the results last year. Oh dear lord! I was frustrated by the chaos they created out of nothing. But after the results, oh yeah.. They were all so upset, down, speechless as she scored some 80+%. (That’s when I got to know, 80+ is “very low score”) Duh. :-/

Board Exam Results : Why All The Frenzy?!
Board Exam Results : Why All The Frenzy?!

There is no necessity that every science student should become another Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam or Sir CV Raman. Sometimes it is okay to score a 40 or 50 in academics. Most students get heart broken. They feel shy and guilty even if they score a decent 85% in their boards as they are surrounded by toppers with 98% overall score!!! The worst part : being compared with their peers and the incessant phone calls from their relatives, friends and neighbors on the day of the results! (Honestly, this never ever ends).

Every student knows their own capacity. They know how much they will score. They never cry because they scored “very low”. They do because they are “afraid” of all the comments that their  families and peers would make! 

What’s the point anyway? You do Engineering, MBBS, CA or whatever and work in some multi national company or international research institute, and earn millions of bucks a month. But at the end of the day, how you live would only matter. If you own the most sophisticated bungalow and the highest-paid job, and remain the saddest and loneliest person ever known to the world, then what’s the point in having it all?

A student scoring the least in science might major in history, do law and become a flamboyant lawyer or judge at the supreme court! A guy who flunks in mathematics might become another Sachin Tendulkar or even break his records in cricket! A girl with great looks, wit, a beautiful heart and swag might become the next Miss Universe and represent the whole nation!

Who knows what one can do?!

Success is not just being a genius in school and scoring the highest in the boards. Success is all about how you define it.

For me, success has always been making my mom happy. Success is when I don’t regret my attempts. Success is when am satisfied with my own results.

If you are a student, remember,

This is just your primary step. You still have a long way to go and a lot more to achieve in life than just crumble and succumb to these tiny unnecessary pressures.

If you are a neighbor, relative or a family member, remember,

You are the support system that every students needs in order to prove their caliber.

Underestimating their efforts after finding out the results would do no good to them. It only shatters their hope for a better future.

They are still young and can change the course of life from worst to best. All they need is your support.

Wishing every lovely student a colorful life ahead,

~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult

2 thoughts on “Today In Short : #13 – Board Exam Results : Why All The Frenzy?!

  1. KK May 9, 2015 / 4:47 pm

    Truly said “Success is all about how you define it”. 🙂

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