Today In Short : #12 – World Poetry Day!

Today is World Poetry Day!

How about a tribute to Poetry?! A poem about poetry from A to Z! Here we go! 🙂

Today In Short : #12 - World Poetry Day!

A lot to say,

But I’ve Not Many Words To Utter;

Caught in Silence, Shock, Surprise and Joy,

Desperate – in need of a way to communicate with

Endless thoughts rushing through my brain

For I do not know where to begin and explain!

Given the chance to speak my mind,

Having my vocabulary in vain; Oh no!

I‘m so lost in the sea of words! 

Just let me know if there is any tool,

Known for expressing heart’s deepest thoughts

Like a handwritten journal, so simple and encrypted

Meant to reveal though not all the secrets

Nicely wrapped with just a few words

Opening a different story with every word, like

Petals in a lotus flower. 

Quilling every emotion in each petal – with a different shade;

Reaping a different impact on different readers, 

Sprinkling the message based on their mind’s status.

Treading the path from a different angle 

Ultimately leading to my deepest thoughts

Venturing the twists and open secrets

Whilst showing the picture.. more like an

X-ray. As I searched along, I found one

Yes, a tool that satisfies all of my constraints,

Zestful and Warm – The one and only Poetry.

Creatively Messy

People say that the way you keep your things describe your nature and state of mind. So my room – the cupboards, my work desk and study depict the state of my mind?

Well, am not the Ms. Orderly-Perfectionist though. I like to keep things “creatively messy“. A term that I have invented to describe my own arrangement of things. 😉

Creatively Messy

The concept of keeping my room “creatively-messy” is quite alien to the rest of my family as they prefer to arrange things in the traditional order.. So only a like-minded person would understand what the term actually means.

Let me explain : Although every thing looks out of place, scattered and not in any particular order to the common mind; the things in the room that appears to be messy is actually in a unique order by itself! Yes, that’s called being “Creatively Messy“.

Many many times, I tried to follow a particular order – alphabetical, numerical, color code, and various other arrangement patterns, as I have always been told that orderliness will give clarity and save time. But on the contrary, the idea of orderliness meant chaos to me. And every single time I would get confused and search for a book/key/any object everywhere and never find it until I put things in the way they used to be, i.e. “Messy“. That’s when I realized, an order need not always be abcd..z or 1234..10; it can also be AEIOU.. or VIBGYOR.. or 135711… or 001010011100…!! It can also look so random yet so clear like the constellations Orion or Ursa! It can be anything!

In my opinion, as long as you are able to map where you put your things and if you’re able find them without any difficulty and without wasting time, it doesn’t really matter how you arrange them or scatter them.

Be Messy. Be Creative. Be Creatively Messy – is my motto. 😉

Do you agree? Oh! Btw, how many of you are creatively messy here? Do you keep things in the traditional order? Do you have your own way of arrangement? Share your opinions in the comment box below 🙂

~Yuvathi ❤ 🙂