Story Time With A Difference!

Yes, who doesn’t love storytime?? Remember the good old days when granny used to read lovely fantasies and fairy tales that begin with “long long ago, there lived a…” Woaahhh… Right? 🙂

But now, we are grown up.. We don’t have time for stories and there is no more space for fairy tales and fantasies. 

So, how about Story Time With A Difference? Tales that provoke your thoughts, create a better impression, and make a difference in your life?

So here we go! A new series !

Story Time With A Difference!

If you love stories, watch out for “Story Time With A Difference” every week on The Confused Young Adult! 🙂

~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

Today In Short : #10 – Keeping Up With The Confused Young Adult


I have been away for almost a week and it feels like a decade !! I really missed blogging and so I thought even if it is past mid night I must post something, so yes, I did the Week 2 Compiled Edition of Mischiefs and Pranks… Aannd Am Back! 🙂

The weather is too hot and it already feels like summer. It is just watermelons, ice creams, glucose-drinks and fruits everywhere already! Wonder how the month of May is going to be, because that’s when the real summer actually begins.



How many of you are cricket enthusiasts? I love cricket and I’ve been following the world cup matches quite seriously. It’s so much fun! Which team do you support? Share it here in the comment box. Btw, I support our home team, India! ❤





As I told you earlier, am learning to play the traditional Indian instrument Veena. Wow, am lovin’ it 😉 Do you play any instrument? Why and how did you begin? Share it here if you like.




These are the two topics that I am interested to hear more about. If you have lots to share, then write a post on your blog and add a pingback to this post. I would love to read. 🙂

I have been invited by 3 of my buddy bloggers : Randoms by a Random – Ameena, Amrit’s Blog, and Living the dream – Hargun Wahi  to write about love in 40 words : the condition being 10 lines with 4 words in each line. Yes, I am so excited to do it! But I really need some time to think and write something new and creative. So please don’t mistake me if am late.

Finally, am thinking of taking a break from Essence of Reminiscence with week 4, having completed 1 month. The event will be back again in April. The details will be announced in advance. 🙂

I am thinking of doing something new called “Story Time With A Difference“. The details will be announced shortly! 😉

Until then, Stay tuned!

~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

Essence Of Reminiscence – Week 2: Compiled Edition

Wow!  What a lovely collection we have received for week 2! The responses were were really funny and I wish to share it with all our readers and fellow bloggers.

So here’s the compiled edition of Essence Of Reminiscence Week 2 – Mischiefs and Pranks!


What happens when a foodie is called out for a challenge by another foodie, to eat the spiciest dishes ever??? Check out Andy’s hilarious prank story for Essence Of Reminiscence Week 2 Mischiefs and Pranks, right HERE!


If you love to read about childhood pranks that went terribly wrong and hilarious, then take a look at Ameena’s The Plan of the Bed-Wetter


Another soulful and deep poetry by our lovly Nimmi, Check out her wonderful piece Scary Mischievous Dream. 



Are you a cat lover? Then check out Niki’s post on her two cute and adorable Mischievous Cats  🙂


Awesome stories, aren’t  they? 😀 Thank you all so much for sharing your wonderful stories and poetry 🙂

Week 3 Is Right Here!!

Week 3 : Essence Of Reminiscence - Siblings & Childhood Friends

Don’t forget to check out this week’s theme!

Hope you all have fun sharing your memories in this event.

And thank you all for participating! 🙂

Link -> Essence Of Reminiscence : Week 3

~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂