Guess: Who Am I? #3

Previous week’s Guess: Who Am I? #2 had an amazing readership and participation. I hope all of you had fun cracking it. The answer for the previous riddle is “Mobile Phone” 🙂

So, here’s the next riddle. Hope you like it!

Guess: Who Am I? #3

Rhythmic Dynamic Monotonic

Is not my only Avatar.

Furious and Vicious;

Am an Act of God.

My temper and calm

Is upto the surface beneath.

I rise and fall

As long as the wind persists.

Well, am running out of time,

Just Guess: Who I Am… 🙂

P.S: Please leave your answer in the comment box below. Hope this is quite easy to decipher. 🙂 I also hope you liked it!

~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult

Week 1 : Essence Of Reminiscence – That Unforgettable Journey

Week 1 : Essence Of Reminiscence - That Unforgettable Journey
Week 1 : Essence Of Reminiscence – That Unforgettable Journey

When you read “That Unforgettable Journey“, a memory just flashed in your mind. Right?

Now, share something on your blog about that journey. A picture, a poem, a story, anything!

Why was that journey unforgettable?

What happened on that journey that it created such a deep impression in your memory? Share your Essence Of Reminiscence about That Unforgettable Journey with a pingback to this post. 🙂

Stuck? Here are a few bullets to help you!

  • Was it because of your awesome/awful companion?
  • Was it the place or the mode of transport that made it so memorable?
  • Could it be the food that you enjoyed?
  • Did you do something super fun?
  • Was it a painful or scary experience?
  • Were you lost on your way??
  • Did you end up in an amazingly magical place?


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If you don’t know how to add a pingback,  Just use this code on your text editor!

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Link for more instructions and details about the event: Essence Of Reminiscence 

Happy Reminiscing! 😉

~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂