31 Day Blog Challenge : Day 13 – 20

Here comes the next batch of the 31 Day Blog Challenge Posts.. Am I allowed to do like this? I wonder! 😀

Day 13 : My Earliest Memory

Well, I have a very strong memory.. Photographic memory especially and my earliest ‘happy’ memory would be playing under the hibiscus tree with my cousin when we were about 2.5 years old.. The best days of my life 🙂

Day 14 : If I Won The Lottery

I would obviously put a part of it in the bank, some I would invest in my dream-business venture and a major part in starting a school to educate “speech, hearing and visually impaired kids”.

Day 15 : Timeline Of My Day

Well, it varies almost everyday, but some of it remains a routine.. like..the day usually starts off with jogging and some book reading time in the park early in the morning after which I set off to work. Evening I visit the educational institute about which I have mentioned in some of my previous posts and then practice Veena (yeah, that’s my new obsession), then spend some time on my blog and watch The Mentalist before going to bed! 🙂 In between these activities I do a lot of other crazy stuff of course! 😀

Day 16 : Top Of My Bucket List

Well, I would say travelling to Seoul? 😀 To be practical, on top of everything crazy and impossible in my bucket list would be to start my own business and do my part for the society someday. I know I can’t do it right now, but that would always be my top priority amongst all my other dreams.

Day 17 : Most Proud Moment

I was proudest when I got a standing ovation from the audience after my speech. The best feeling ever when people put their hands up in the air and applaud… Amazing moment. Of course. 🙂

Day 18 : The Meaning Behind My Blog Name

The name of my blog depicts the nature of my mind and my very own self! When I started this blog I was in a terribly confused state any young adult could ever be. This blog paved way to clarity and greater sense of understanding the reality and different aspects of life. 🙂

Day 19 : What Do I Collect

Books. Notepads. Bookmarks. Pens. Anything useful related to paper and writing. 😀

Day 20 : A Difficult Time In My Life

There have been many. Of course. One of the worst would be when the doctor said my mother may not survive the next day..when I was just 15 and I was on my way to write my life’s most important exams. Well, don’t worry, my mother crossed that difficult time and she is hale and healthy. 🙂

So, that’s it for now.. This post started with the fondest memory and ended with the worst.. Wow! I have only 11 more days to finish it! Hope to finish the rest in the next batch 😀

Thanks for stopping by!

Awards : Versatile Blogger and Premio Dardos. Thank You Very Much!

I am really very late in Thanking Nimmi – Soul mate’s – so near yet so far for nominating me for the Premio Dardos Award, and Sue – Doorway Between Worlds and Tiny Expats for the Versatile Blogger Award. But I wanted to take enough time to write an elaborate thank you-note to all of them instead of writing something in a hurry. So, I think the delay was worth it. I am so happy to receive this award! Thank you so much!

versatile-blogger  premio-dardos

Nimmi, who is a wonderful writer, poet and critic, has always been one of my most favorite bloggers and has always supported me since the beginning of this blog. Every time I write something new, especially the Valentine Special, my first thought would be, “will Nimmi enjoy this piece?”  Thank you so much for being such a motivation Nimmi. Really. 🙂

Sue has a very interesting blog, different from my genre – she writes amazing book reviews and anything and everything about Sci-fi and fantasy world. She is very witty with words and the very first person to nominate my blog for an award! That’s an honour. Thank you so much Sue! Am looking forward to your posts on 2015 A to Z Challenge. I will try to join you if time permits. 😉

Tiny Expats even took time to do an interview with me – Interview: Coffee With An Expat, it’s a great pleasure to be nominated for such an award by an amazing person like her. As a matter of fact, I took the courage to begin an event “Essence Of Reminiscence” after being inspired by her event ShowYourWorld. 🙂 Dear Exapt, your blog inspires me always. Thank you very much. 🙂

I would like to take this opportunity to mention a few other bloggers who inspire, motivate, connect and form the best support system in the blogging-world.

  • Ameena’sRandoms by a Random – Best of writings and poetry I have witnessed on WordPress so far.
  • Andy’s –  The Wandering Poet – A Collection of music, poetry, photography and what not!
  • Albert’s – Albert The Dog – Albert is one Wonderful Dog and he owns this blog. Seriously!
  • Wh1z’s – Aionios – Awesome inspiring poetry. Really awesome. My fav. Period.
  • Kenneth Finton’sKenneth Harper Finton (Musings) – A blog with a different dimension for every aspect and thoughts of wit and wisdom.
  • Janie’sNo Plain Janie – All about fashion and personal reflection, an interesting blog to look out for!

I have many more other great blogs to mention, but I think if I do, this post would go on forever. So, I think I will mention the others on another post someday. Thank you all for the support. Am really super happy 🙂

~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult