The Eyes

The Eyes
The Eyes


Red and Blue and Green and Pink

All would be just meaningless words

If not for you my precious gifts

Here’s to you, Cheers! A thank you drink!


Of Violets and Oranges in the lush Green lawn

Of Silver and Gold ornaments that people adorn

Life is so full of chromatic abundance

Here’s to you, Cheers! For a rustic persistence!




You made me see all superficially

You made me blind with all the flashy lights

I could see no more of true colors underneath


My mind could see though not visually

The dark world camouflaged by all the bright lights

I could see no more; you let my heart seethe.


The poem is a combination of multiple poetic forms and techniques. It is a Sonnet where first half is an Ode (rhyme – ABBA CCDD) , second half is an Elegy (rhyme – ABC ABC) using poetic devices like Apostrophe, Enumeratio, Metaphor, Epistrophe, and Chiasmus.

Hope you liked it!

~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

To Err Is Human – Concrete Poetry / Shape Poetry

To Err Is Human
To Err Is Human

The above piece is a Concrete Poetry Or Shape Poetry where the poem is written in such a way so as to create the shape of the theme of the poem. I tried to make it look like a PENCIL, – Theme of the poem.. but sorry, I could only convince you to believe me, it is! 😀

This is the first time I’ve tried something like this. Pardon me for the poor image. Will try to make a better piece next time! 🙂

I’ve also used the poetry writing technique – Enjambment 

In response to Writing 201 – Poetry

~Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Modern Tree – Acrostic

The Modern Tree
The Modern Tree

Twenty First century’s tree of life

Electronics, medicine, architecture, biology and many umpteen branches

Connecting loved ones from every nook and corner

Helping people for a better life

New’ is the vital – fundamental characteristic

Opening wide windows of opportunities

Logistics and analytics are the first cousins

Over million years old, with a zillion versions of upgrades

Getting better each day, inscribing a history – carving the future

Yachting its way into other planets and galaxies.

– The Modern Tree

The above piece is my first Acrostic – The first letters of each sentence forms a word – TECHNOLOGY which is also the theme of the poem. Hope you all enjoyed it. Feel free to leave your comments below! 🙂

In response to Writing 201 Poetry 

~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

Essence Of Reminiscence – Week 1: Compiled Edition

That Unforgettable Journey

Last week’s theme for our weekly Monday recurring event – Essence Of Reminiscence was : “That Unforgettable Journey” and we received some really interesting entries from our fellow bloggers. Here is the collection, a compiled edition with links to various responses for Essence Of Reminiscence : Week 1 – That Unforgettable Journey.

Check out the Expat’s interesting Journey to the enchanting Pamukkale – meaning ‘Cotton Castle’, a beautiful world heritage site : That unforgettable journey to Pamukkale


IMG_3481Who doesn’t love a huge dose of peace and calm far away from the bustling cities? Check out the wandering poet, Andy’s mesmerizing experience at Newport Oregon : ndy’s That Unforgettable Journey


If you enjoy poetry, then you must read one of Nimmi’s heart touching poems for Essence Of Reminiscence : Nimmi’s Unforgettable Journey 


How would it be if your car breaks down in the middle of your short fun trip and your GPS shows the wrong location? Learn what happened next in Nikki’s post : Nikki’s That Unforgettable Journey

Week 1 : Essence Of Reminiscence - That Unforgettable Journey

And, of course, my share for the first week’s entries, a poem – Limerick on That Unforgettable Journey. Check it out right here -> My Unforgettable Journey

Week 2 is right here!

Week 2 : Essence Of Reminiscence – Mischiefs and Pranks

Don’t forget to check out this week’s theme!

Hope you all have fun sharing your memories in this event.

And thank you all for participating! 🙂

Link -> Essence Of Reminiscence : Week 2

~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

Week 2 : Essence Of Reminiscence – Mischiefs and Pranks

Week 1 went really great and we received some awesome responses from our participants for Week 1 – That Unforgettable Journey. I will compile them in a post and publish them today! Thank you all for the active participation. 🙂

Now, week 2 is up and it is time for you to share some of your sweetest and funniest memories on your blog!

Week 2 : Essence Of Reminiscence – Mischiefs and Pranks
Week 2 : Essence Of Reminiscence – Mischiefs and Pranks

What can make us smile more than a naughty mischief and a funny prank? Some pranks are way too smart while some are too silly. Either way, at the end of the day, they make us smile.

Now, share something on your blog about that mischief. A picture, a poem, a story, anything!

I found the above picture on Facebook and it reminded me of all the cute and funny memories of my childhood. This week share your Essence Of Reminiscence about your favorite Mischiefs and Pranks with a pingback to this post. 🙂

Mischiefs And Pranks

 Hope you have fun sharing your memories this week on Essence Of Reminiscence!

P.S: Please make sure that your post is ideal for all audiences. So that I can compile your response on the Week 2 Collection Edition.

Stuck? Here are a few bullets to help you!

  • Did you ever pull a prank on someone? Did you play it right? Did it work? What was the best part?
  • Or.. Were you the subject/object of a prank?
  • Do you have a naughty-playful pet? Share the best mischief done by your pet, a sweet memory that you’d cherish forever!
  • Are you having cute kids at home that are unbearably tricky and naughty? Share a dose of their naughtiness in your post.


Pingbacks will enable your post’s link to appear below the theme post and all other participants and readers can also take a look at it! Tagging your post with ‘Essence Of Reminiscence’ will make it easier for fellow bloggers to find your post on their reader!

If you don’t know how to add a pingback,  Just use this code on your text editor!

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Link for more instructions and details about the event: Essence Of Reminiscence 

Happy Reminiscing! 😉

~ Yuvathi 🙂

Today In Short : #9 Exes – The Blood Sucking Leeches

A few days ago I wrote about The So-Called Best Friends – the ones who stay with you when they are in need and vanish when you are in trouble. Today, I realised I must write about the blood sucking leeches – the ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend or an ex-friend, who won’t let you move on nor let you live the moment.

Exes - The Blood Sucking Leeches
Exes – The Blood Sucking Leeches

How many ever times you try to pull them out of your life and throw them away, some how or the other they crawl back into your life and stick to you until you get sick of them and destroy their very existence in your memory completely – just like the blood sucking Leeches!

If you have had a healthy break up, where you both have a clear understanding of why it may not work between the two of you; well you are safe and sound. But most people aren’t matured enough, are they? Being young and confused is only a part of growing up.

Although I thought that talking to the ex is not a bad idea because we broke up 2 years ago, my intuition told me I was wrong. When the ex pinged me (which was totally out of the blue) I was excited, really happy! But the truth is the leech that I threw a long time ago had just crawled back to my doorstep.

Here is why: 

The leech-like ex’s don’t want to patch up or re-kindle the relationship. They know it won’t work at all, so do you. Yet, they can’t let you go, and so they text you or call you and do all the sweet talks like : “I thought we could be friends..“or “I don’t want ‘us’ to end in bad terms..without talking or meeting..” and  “What we had was special, it means a lot to me..” etc..

When they ping you, your heart goes “aaaawww” but actually, it should be “eeewww yuck”. Especially when the other person is egoistic, self-centered, ____________.

You are not even an entry in their priority list. You are just an  option, more like an unused unnecessary back-up for their insecurity.

Talking to them would only make you feel low, sad and insecure. You will be lost in the nostalgic-limbo.

Thanks to my best friend, she made me think twice, see the truth and confront it and put a full stop to it. I believe it is now my turn to help others.

So, the next time your ex pings you, remember all the reasons why you ended it in the first place. If they happen to say the words mentioned here, then ask yourself

“Do I really have to stick to this unnecessary sickening nostalgic limbo of unhealthy thoughts and useless memories?”

Ask all the right and wrong questions. After all it is your life and you deserve to play it the way you like it.

~Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult

That Unforgettable Journey

Week 1 : Essence Of Reminiscence - That Unforgettable Journey
Week 1 : Essence Of Reminiscence – That Unforgettable Journey

The Whistle Blew For The Travellers’ Merriment,

The Train On Track Tickled An Excitement.

Travelling At Top Speed To Reach On Time;

Piercing The Wind Just Like A Chime.

Oh! What A Beauty! 

Calling That An Unforgettable Journey

Is Only An Understatement!

~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

– In Response To Week 1 : Essence Of Reminiscence – That Unforgettable Journey & Writing 201 : Day 2.

Guess: Who Am I? #3

Previous week’s Guess: Who Am I? #2 had an amazing readership and participation. I hope all of you had fun cracking it. The answer for the previous riddle is “Mobile Phone” 🙂

So, here’s the next riddle. Hope you like it!

Guess: Who Am I? #3

Rhythmic Dynamic Monotonic

Is not my only Avatar.

Furious and Vicious;

Am an Act of God.

My temper and calm

Is upto the surface beneath.

I rise and fall

As long as the wind persists.

Well, am running out of time,

Just Guess: Who I Am… 🙂

P.S: Please leave your answer in the comment box below. Hope this is quite easy to decipher. 🙂 I also hope you liked it!

~ Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult