Why ? : Friend-zoning And Not Realizing The Obvious

This weekend I watched the TV series “The Flash” with my friend. In the series, the hero has a huge crush on his best friend and is in love with her since forever but he never gets a chance to confess because she doesn’t see the obvious and he gets friend-zoned (so badly). In the end, when he could no longer take it, he confesses his love for her when she is in a good relationship with a really nice guy! (how tragic!)

the flash

Late in the evening, when my friend and I went out for a walk, we were discussing, why does that happen? Why do girls, being the smartest (especially in this regard) become so dumb when it comes to their best friend? He asked me if we do it on purpose or does it happen just like that? Because it seems to be a universal concept that happens between most friends.

That, made me think. I have myself done the same blunder twice. Once in my early teens and once when I was in college. I never knew that my best friend liked me. Everybody around us knew about this. But I didn’t. It was like an open secret!

Am not a genius or researcher in this field but I could tell you what usually happens is that when we say “best friends” it remains just that. Very rarely do we think otherwise. Sometimes, it could be worse, the girl might see him more like a brother!

Why?? : Friend-zoning And Not Realizing The Obvious

When I got to know about my best friend, everything seemed so obvious! But until then I thought he really cared about me, he is the “bestest” friend I could ever find in this world, am so blessed, etc etc..

Most guys start out as good friends and eventually fall for the girl but it is not the same with all girls. Which is why we remain dumb, we don’t see it, until the guy tells it out loud.

If you are friend-zoned once, it is hard to get out of it. Sometimes you are trapped forever.

So here’s a piece of advice:

If you are a girl and if you have a guy best friend, please keep your ears wide open when your other friends give you a hint, and do take it, consider it. Don’t make the same blunder like the rest of the women-kind of the world!!

If you are a guy, then please make it clearly known to her. Don’t just bury your love and then cry when she finds a good guy herself. Don’t end up confessing at the wrong time when she is in a relationship with a nice guy. Sometimes it might workout, sometimes it would back fire.. but either way, it involves a lot of emotional turmoil. Don’t procrastinate!!