4 Things To Carry Along From 2014 To 2015

While everybody is busy thinking of quitting their old bad habits, bring changes in their lifestyle and character, modify their friends and social circle, adjust their thought process and start the new year afresh; I would like to carry a few things with me from 2014 to 2015..

2014 gave me so much, I’m so grateful for all those moments and thankful to each and everyone who made it a memorable journey.

1. Friends

1. Friends

I met some amazing people this year who taught me so many things,  stayed with me during my ups and downs,  gave me a shoulder to cry,  an arm to lean and a hand to rise after a great fall. I wouldn’t be who I am right now if not for those wonderful people; my lovely friends. 

2. Lessons Learnt

2. Lessons Learnt

2014 was the hardest year of my life. I went through too many difficult phases that eventually carved me into a better human being. I learnt some of the best lessons from bitter experiences but am grateful that I learned them sooner perhaps than later; lessons that I will take with me forever.

3.Wonderful Memories

3. Wonderful Memories

The year 2014 was the most dramatic period during which every moment turned into a wonderful memory. Those that were bitter and ugly then, seem to be good and memorable ones now. I had some huge failures and some awesome victories, a few broken relationships, many amazing friendships. I joined my first job, a new experience in a new world. I bid farewell to some of my closest buddies, it was hard, my heart bled because of the unbearable separation. But now am glad to know that we will have a reunion someday and we will cherish those memories in our hearts forever.

4.Healthy Habits

4. good Habits

I cultivated a few good and healthy habits along the year that helped me mold my character and personality and my perception. Habits like visiting the library often, reading atleast 2 books a month,  learning something new everyday, maintaining a proper diet, having a small garden, writing this blog….and many more. I wish to take them along as a part of me, for a better future to make a better ‘me’ and for a better year ahead, full of hopes, challenges, fun and adventures. 

Hope you all have something to take along with you for the upcoming year. Something special that’s priceless and invaluable 🙂 Cherish them. Nurture them. As they help in the making of “You” 🙂

Wish you all a happy new year 2015 🙂 

~Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult

The Story Of A Graduate – New Year Special

The Story Of A Graduate -  New Year Special

All are busy making plans ahead,

I’ve no idea where am going with it. 

Every morning mommy said go to school, 

Now am done, next what do I do?

Everybody says now am independent, 

They all say I can do whatever I want! 

But I still don’t know where I am, 

And yet to know who I really am.

No more schedule, no more school ;

No more fixed time table. 

I have plenty of time;

I don’t know to make a dime!

Lost in the sea of challenges;

Am scared, and drowned in hopelessness. 

They say I learnt to swim and I know to swim;

Should I take a leap to see if I win? 

All are busy making plans ahead,

I’ve no idea where am going with it.

A year is down and a new one is on, 

I guess it is time for moving on? 

It dawns to me I’d be lost forever, 

If am stuck right here without an endeavor. 

Hopefully I am going to take a leap, 

And be a tiger and not anymore a sheep. 

With high hopes & faith,

~Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult  

Happy 2015 🙂 

Today In Short: #5 That Moment When You Do Something Totally Embarrassing

I always do the wrong things at the wrong time in front of the wrong person perfectly, flawlessly, only to be embarrassed to death. Yesterday I sent a totally inappropriate text to a guy I wasn’t supposed to and I couldn’t even think of texting him anymore! I got the recipient wrong. This has happened to me many times but this time it was worse than ever! I was in the middle of a gossip chat with my best friend while this disaster happened. Thanks to the pop up facility, which ruined my day with this ultimate blunder. The message from this guy popped up, I thought I was texting my friend but I didn’t realize that  I was actually sending the reply-message to the wrong person. After sending, I freaked out! I was screaming in my head for doing such a stupid thing that I literally hid my face under the pillow. I was so embarrassed to even look at my phone!!

This reminds me of an incident when I was wearing a loose ugly tattered old T-shirt and my hair all messed up when my friend (secret-crush) randomly visited my neighborhood and dropped by to say hi; and there I was, playing loud music, jumping up and down like a lunatic in that awesome outfit in the living room. Ouch! The image that I had built all this time to impress him was shattered to bits. The impression I wanted him to have of me was ground to a powder, burnt to ash and phooooo flew away in the air. My crush was crushed. Seeing him the next day at the library was the highlight of my embarrassment history. Well, you can imagine me running behind the book racks to hide myself and bump right at his face, my face going red in double-embarrassment, and he smiling brightly; (obvious, he is rewinding and replaying my lunatic dance and my fabulous costume in his head). Well, thank goodness, he didn’t mention a word about it. It ended with an awkward hi, and even more awkward whats’up..and then trailed off with a friendly conversation. Poor guy must have had bad nightmares, I had the worst. :-/

These are simple incidents though.

Wearing the pants inside out, writing the wrong spelling of a word in the exam which makes the sentence completely wrong and inappropriate and the teacher reading it out loud in front of the class, shouting out the wrong answer for the simplest question in a meeting session, singing a song so badly and loudly not realizing that my friends were recording it and hearing it being played at my birthday party on loud speakers, are some of the rest.. 

that moment when you do something totally embarrassing

There are a few more terrible ones which I prefer not to publish online and save myself from “worldwide embarrassment” 😛

Have you ever done something so embarrassing in your life too? Uff, really, embarrassment is one terrible way to kill a person. 😮

The Urge To Eavesdrop, Gossip and Poke Nose Into Others’ Business

Do you know that as of 2014, Facebook has approximately 1.35 billion monthly active users, Instagram has about 300 million monthly active users, while Twitter has 284 million monthly active users (MAU)?

Let me recollect the fact that the world has a total population of about 7 billion approximately. Of course, not all these 7 billion have access to the internet, obviously and 4 countries which include, the worlds’ most populated country – China (population: 1.35 billion) , Cuba, North Korea and Iran have banned Facebook. China’s leading social networking site, Weibo has about 156 million MAU.

I’m considering only these 3 major US based sites in this discussion: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; as they have wider reach and large number of active users.

Don’t you think 1.35 billion MAU of Facebook is such a large number? Remember, it is almost equal to China’s current population. Why do you think Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are such a big hit?

As the year draws to an end, I thought I should write about something which everybody doesn’t like to admit, but they all do it one way or the other. My blog has always been a source for me to vent out my feelings and opinions regarding various aspects of life. When I got to know that the third assignment on Writing 201 workshop was an “opinion piece”, I wanted to share my opinion about Social Networking Sites (SNS) with a possible valid reason for my opinion as such.

These SNS have been beneficial in education, marketing, science, research, socializing, connecting with loved ones, learning, business, news, politics, etc., They have played a vital role in raising awareness in various fields. The positive aspects and impacts are large, the negatives are equally harmful as well.

Humans are social animals and socializing with fellow beings is in our genes.

People, in general love to gossip, eavesdrop or poke their nose into others’ business. Even if they don’t do any of these in particular, they at least try to get to know what the other person is up to. Some even go the extent of extensive stalking!


Earlier people would gather in clubs, parks and other public places to discuss about their friends, kith and kin, celebrities, anybody and everybody. News channels, magazines and newspapers would report some of the scandals and other updates about the celebrities which were the only source of information for the general public.

Now, celebrities update their daily meetings and activities, starting from their morning coffee till their late night work and practice sessions via social networking sites. Their fans, stalkers and friends enjoy reading them and even those who don’t care much about them read the tweets just to stay updated. People like to know who is dating who, who ditched who, who ate what, who went where with whom…..


Some celebrities like the Academy Award winner, Jennifer Lawrence and many others find these sites as a sheer violation of privacy and loathe the idea of publishing every tiny detail of their private lives while some find as a means to connect with their fans and supporters personally.

But how can people know about their friends, foes and rivals in their neighborhood?

It is so simple!

If a person is at the movies with his buddies, say, to watch the movie Interstellar; the first thing he does is: update the status or tweet and post a picture and tag all the friends who are accompanying him and watch all the comments, likes, shares, etc. People tweet, update status and post pictures of their relationships, friends, travel, tour and parties, which makes it easy for everybody to know everything in detail about their private and social life.

All one has to do is add and follow them for notifications or scroll through their public page!

Physical stalking is almost extinct these days as we have a more practical and easier way to stalk a person virtually – Cyber Stalking. Everyone’s is inquisitive to know what the other is doing! They subscribe for updates and enable minute by minute notifications so as to stay on toe with the updates! Even if they are not your close friends nor have you ever been in good terms with each other, they still send you a friend request or follow you. Why? Just to make sure that their score book is intact. 😛

I too used to stalk my crush on his social networking pages. (that amazingly cute guy.. oh! come’on! )

These social networking sites exploit this very basic human nature, the love for stalking, eavesdropping, gossiping, poking their nose into others’ lives and the urge to know what the other is up to, took this as an advantage and created their ever flourishing business which in turn have started to rule our lives, relationships and friendships in every possible way.

My friends always tell me that I am so cynical about the modern era and see technology’s negative side more than its positive. Yes, I do that because I see them take over our freedom, privacy, intimacy and exploit our innocence and ignorance even though I know that they are one of the best tools to connect with our loved ones.

cyber bullying

People tend to overlook the most dangerous impacts such as cyber bullying, invasion of privacy, lack of security for personal information and data, child safety, etc. Cyber bullying is one thing am really terrified of. Since anybody who has an email ID can have an account on these SNS, kids of any age can have an account through which they can connect with their friends, which lays a smooth platform for cyber bullying. Having been a victim myself, I know how these can scar a person forever, even though I was old enough to have an account when such terrible things happened. When I think about the impact of the same on a child or a teenager (an age at which a person is the most vulnerable and emotionally sensitive), it gives me chills and shivers. Uploading unflattering pictures, posting mean comments and sending hurtful messages are some of the ways a person is bullied in the cyber world which is no longer confined to small audience in a playground or a classroom. The National Crime Prevention Council reported in 2011 that cyber-bullying is a problem that affects almost half of all American teens. Am not exaggerating the facts. Although there have been many awareness campaigns held throughout the world, they still do exist in various forms. It is just that these points have gone unnoticed or given lesser attention because most people are swayed over or addicted to these SNS. You can Google to know more data and statistics about cyber bullying and other harmful impacts of SNS, which I have not mentioned here.

Some create fake accounts, impersonate a friend or a relative, which can not be identified easily as verified accounts are available only for celebrities and not for common people. Thus paving way for enemies in a friendly mask to violate and invade one’s personal life virtually. Anyone can add, follow, view one’s data. If the person is smart enough to stay discreet about their followers and friends, anybody can easily hack one’s account and retrieve all information, just because of one basic ideology and the very nature of humanity.. the urge to eavesdrop, gossip and poke one’s nose into others’ business…

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Statistics Source: http://www.statista.com/

Population Source: http://www.worldometers.info/

Queen Of Procrastination’s New Year Resolution

Do you know who is the Queen Of Procrastination? Well, before you fight for the title, let me tell you. It’s Me. 😛


Of course, it’s not something to be proud of and I am not proud of it either. Lately I’ve been into this habit, quite frequently, more often for almost everything. If I have to water my plants, I say, may be later. If I have a package to send, I think may be later. Work, chores, fun activities, books, art,..for anything and everything! Being so ignorant and negligent, what do you think was the end result? It’s quite obvious : “Piled-Up-Work“. This habit is worse than drugs. You have no idea how addictive it is and how hard it is to quit!

“Later” should not become “Too Late”.

Every morning I tell myself, “Today I will finish all the chores, I will submit all the pending work files, I will finish the book that I started reading a week ago,……….”. But do I? Nope.

My mother always told me;

“if you say tomorrow; tomorrow you will say the same”.

When I got to know that the final assignment on Writing 201 was “personal reflection”, the word that came to my mind was, “Later”.  As soon as I heard myself say that I realized, I must stop it and I must write about this. I regret to admit the fact that, I haven’t done my previous assignment for Writing 201 yet – “opinion piece”. Why? The reason could be, “I do not know what to write”; which is of course true. But the main reason is “Procrastination” and the word “Later“.

Usually, am not like this. If I want to do something, I’d do it immediately. What has gotten into me that made me into such a pathetic moron? For the past 2 months, I have had a really tough time and lost so many important things in life that made me so sluggish. I stopped caring, I stopped being punctual. I stopped it all, brought down the curtains and shut the doors. I wasn’t myself anymore; drowned in sadness and self pity which took me nowhere but here. In order to get a clear picture, I asked various questions to myself.

Q: Am I being careless?

A: Yes, I am.

Q: Am I becoming lazy?

A: Yes, I am.

Q: Am I becoming useless?

A: Yes. I am.

The questions were ruthless and the answers were even worse. I felt so guilty. I still do. I have 3 days’ work pending, an opinion piece for Writing 201, household chores, some paper work at the bank, am yet to prepare for important exam next week, and a lot more which I have been pushing aside with a tag “Later”.

I started thinking about the sun, if he said “later”, will I have food to eat? If the earth said “later”, will I have day and night? If my heart said “later”, will I still be alive?

We expect everything to be done on time, the drama to be aired at 8, should be aired at 8. A pizza should be delivered at our home, exactly in 10 minutes from ordering it. The ambulance and fire engine should come to the accident spot to save the victim from dying with 5 minutes from calling. So much accuracy with no space for procrastination. Not even for the thought “later” because it is life or death. Do or die situations. What we think is not so important, could be the life for someone else. Sometimes, we are damaging our own future because of our foolishness.


When everyone is doing their job at the right time, so many lives are saved and there is greater productivity. If I don’t do my own work on time then how in the world am I ever going to save people and improve productivity in some way? This huge circulation and cycle of thoughts and the design of work-life scared the hell out of me. Thus, I came to a conclusion:

“Here’s my new year’s resolution. No More Procrastination.”

And there I am, procrastinating the good deed until New Year.

Hah! Funny, isn’t it? To wait until new year to bring a good change, to do something nice? If you wish to do something good, do it now. Start right away. As I write this, a gush of blood pumps into my veins. Want to quit smoking? Quit now. Want to keep some money aside for charity? Do now. Want to get rid of toxic people from your life? Get rid of them now. Wish to make the world a better place by going green? Go green now.

There’s never a better day and a better time to do something good than today and right now. 

So, here I am, writing about how I feel and hoping that other fellow procrastination experts who are reading this and those who have other dukes, duchess, kings, princes and princesses of procrastination in their friends circle to understand, spread the word, share this and create awareness about the harmful effects of this terrible illness and help recover from this at the earliest, so as to live a stress free life.

I’m able to admit this ruthless fact because I’m able to confront it, find ways to quit and I’m working on it right away. Make this as your own self reflection piece, and think, are you a fellow procrastinator? Are you being a hypocrite? If yes, you need not tell it out loud. You can join me silently and quit right now.

Friends, if I come back and publish another post – “The Pending Opinion Piece” on writing 201 on my blog, you can conclude that I’ve crossed the first step in getting over the illness. I will finish all my pending tasks, work files, chores and other duties and come back to you at the earliest.

Wish you all the best, if you are joining me on the “procrastination-free lifestyle”. It is never too late if you start right now. Think twice. Act wise. 🙂

~Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult

I Am..

I Am

Am a saint; am a kid,

Am a hopeless romantic.

Am a philosopher, you can’t decipher;

A monster in disguise,  undercover.

A million faces –  many known to none, 

A war within has just begun.

A directionless homosapien, lost in a world so bizarre..

And on a venture that ends nowhere.

~Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

– The Confused Young Adult

The Final Battle

The Great Battle

Intricate design, the intangible maze;

He contrived this profound architecture. 

She deviates, strolls about and trips in a daze, 

To confront her life’s deadly picture. 

She squirms in vain and wriggles in agony;

While he enjoys the show of his remarkable tyranny. 

She prays from her heart for one final miracle

To put an end to this tumultuous debacle. 

As the seconds pass, he’s impatient;

To savor the flavors of his impeccable manoeuvre. 

She makes up her mind as her doom is evident,

For falling a prey to this worldly misadventure. 

Today In Short : #4 Enjoy – Without Regrets and Guilt

Regrets and Guilt are two words that are ruling my life right now.

I regret the fact that I couldn’t control things from happening the way they did. I feel guilty for not having been able to do what I intended to. I regret missing some of the best opportunities and feel guilty for not being able to fill the shoes that I am supposed to. Can I change any of that? No. It’s all in the past and there is no point in guilt or regret.

Every time I watch a movie, my conscience pricks me, reminding me about the fact that I haven’t finished my work yet. Those actors have done their work. That’s their work. And they may be working right now as well. What am I doing ??

So I switch back to work. Once am at my desk, I immediately start contemplating my situation, regretting the fact that I missed such a nice movie!!

Somehow or the other I end up working, missing all the possible fun. Most of the time is wasted on the contemplation rather than on actual work.

I felt like I was being throttled with work, other responsibilities especially because of my very own vacillating mind.

Argh. Not anymore. Am done with it. I want some “ME” time.

regrets and guilt

Note: Am a Korean fanatic. 😀

I decided to enjoy my day in my own way! Yes, without guilt, without any regrets, I did. Whole day, I watched Korean dramas Goong and Coffee Prince and the latest episode of the currently airing favorite Korean Drama Pinocchio, which is a major hit (ofcourse, with English subtitles ) and drooled over some of EXO’s wonderful KPop music videos, dreaming all the way about Kai and his dance moves. Ohhhh Gaawwwddd!!!!

I wanted a break and so I DID. I took the day off. I watched all Korean dramas and music videos, went out for a walk, ate all kinds of junk food and chocolates, downloaded wallpapers of Lee Min Ho and Lee Jong Suk, Kai, Jung Yong Hwa..the day is not enough at all.

A much needed break at the right time. I feel so good after all. But yes, every fairy tale has to come to an end. So, before my ever-changing-mind starts feeling guilty, I shut the doorway to dreamland and descended back to the real world.

So here I am, sitting in front of my desk, working without any regrets since an hour. But what am I doing right now while am actually supposed to be finishing my work on some random file and report to some random client living in some other part of the world??

Blogging! Yes 🙂

I thought I must tell you guys too, to take a break and live your life for a day without regrets, without guilt. Sometimes you deserve it after all you’ve been through. Sometimes it is good to have a dreamland and relish the fantasies.

Alright people, it’s time for me to get back to work. Who wants their manager to call up and say “Didn’t you submit the file yet??” Oh! Not me 😉 😀

Public Speaking : Get Rid Of Stage Fright And Shyness

Everybody loves to share their experiences, interesting anecdotes and incidents from daily life. We love to talk to our friends, family, neighbors, strangers,..anybody, everybody..! We feel good when people listen to our stories and appreciate it or relate to it. If we can talk to two or more friends, why can’t we talk in front of a 100 people?

Public Speaking - Get Rid Of Stage Fright And Shyness

If you had read my previous post – Take The First Step, you would know how disastrous my first at attempt at public speaking was. I didn’t speak even a word. My head was empty with no words to utter. My mouth was dry. For a moment the earth stood still. Totally blanked out. That’s Stage Fright. I know it, I have experienced it. But I got rid of it .

How did I overcome? How did I handle my fear and shyness? 

Public Speaking - Get Rid Of Stage Fright And Shyness 4

I did a few things. I followed some practices. Not by reading a book. Not through anybody’s advice. I did these on my own because I wanted to talk. I know I could, but I needed some reassurance and practice.

Here are those few things I did in order to get rid of stage fright and shyness; that helped me talk even in front of a large audience with confidence. I’m not being boastful. Am not an expert either. I just want you to know that, a scared chicken could roar too. If I can, then you too can.

These steps helped me; I hope it helps you too.

Shall we now move on to the Simple-Steps to getting rid of stage fright and shyness? Are you ready?

If yes, here we go!

1. Listen More, Read More

The first reason one gets scared while talking in front of an audience is because of the thought: what if I forget what I want to say??. Well, the answer to that question is, you won’t forget it unless you are not thorough in that area. Listen more; read more. Get to know more details than what is required so that even if you forget one point, you will remember something else. Only you know that you forgot a point, the audience don’t! So, first of all remove the fear of “forgetting”. Be clear with want you want to say. Do adequate research. Be well equipped with your ideas.

Note: A knowledgeable speaker is always respected. 🙂

2. Draft

When you prepare a draft on your own, you are not only writing it on a paper, you are also writing it in your memory! Now, the fear of forgetting is cleared ‘twice’. Moreover, you will know the flow of your speech. Imagine yourself as the listener. You like listening to stories more than a boring news report! Make a  draft about your story. It could be your company’s Annual Finance Report or your paper on Advanced Network Security and Cryptography or a demonstration of your Paper Quill Designs!! Now, all you have to do is, get ready to narrate your favorite, well prepared story to the people who would love to listen to you!

3. Prepare

Am splitting the Preparation into three segments. (a) Practise (b) Rehearse (c) Demo. They are similar, but there is a difference in each step. Read along to know more.

Before moving on to the main preparation, there are three pointers one must keep in mind:

  • Vocabulary
  • Voice
  • Body Languagenot only for others, but for you too.

<1> Know the terminologies. Improve your vocabulary on the subject. If it is about a car, you should know what a carburetor and fuel injection is. If it is about music, you should know about the instruments, notes and keys! You won’t search for words in the middle of your speech if you have a sound vocabulary. You won’t use the same words over and over again either!

<2> Be loud and clear. Drink ample water and relax your mouth and throat. Your mouth shouldn’t become dry. Your throat shouldn’t strain. If you are loud enough, you will automatically gain some confidence in your presentation.

<3> Body language is not only for others, it is for you too. People tend to stick their hands close to their body, stand rigid like a pole! Don’t do that blunder! Move freely across the dais. People like movement, they won’t feel bored. Their eyes have work, to follow your movement. So they won’t fall asleep either. In case you have a podium, you can’t move. In such a situation, wave your hands (not too much), make sure your elbows are away from your body. This not only engages your audience, but helps you too. It improves ventilation, relieves tension, regulates breathing and blood flow. It will help you think clearly and talk without stammering.

(a) Practise

Shut the door, close the windows. Take a hair brush or a doll mic, stand in front of the mirror and talk. Imagine yourself as Steve Jobs or Martin Luther King, choose your own favorite presenter or a public speaker. If you like to be original, imagine yourself as “The Greatest Speaker”.

Talk anything. Face yourself first. Shed your shyness. Listen to your own voice. Accept yourself. Embrace your quality.

Suggestion : Give a crazy report on your current hairstyle, present your new cosmetic product, host a talk show-gossip about your favorite actor, do a Shakespearean monologue, demonstrate your art work, interview yourself as a new celebrity ambassador for UNICEF, host a cooking show, be a radio jockey, try your own version of “Emma Watson’s ” speech – “He for She”.

 My personal favorite is that of a King’s/Queen’s/Boss’ body language during a speech. So royal, bold and elegant! 😉

Try a variety of stuff. Look at yourself in the mirror, experiment with your voice, expressions and body language. Evaluate yourself. Build your confidence. 

(b) Rehearse

This a very important stage. Rehearsal. Once you are ready with your draft and you are no longer afraid of forgetting the content and have shed your shyness that you harbor within yourself, you start rehearsing what you want to say, This time, it is serious. You narrate your story exactly the same way you would like to present in front of an audience. But once again, do it in front of a mirror, alone.

Next, face the empty room, imagine a huge audience now. If you want, place some chairs or a couch. Now try the same. You have more space to look at, more distractions to keep in mind. Imagination is very important. Practice until you get it right.

(c) Demo

Who would support you better than your friends and family? You need not make them listen to the New Business Strategies of your company. Instead, you can bring in your latest laptop or your painting and show it to them during tea time. Stand in the front and demonstrate. Present your piece! Sounds very simple, easy and doable. Isn’t it? Your family and friends are your first best audience. Give a demo performance. Now you can manage an audience of 5-10 people! You will obviously do well because it is not a serious presentation, it is a friendly chat. It is not a serious topic either, you know what you are talking about. You are only narrating your story. Moreover, only you know that it is your demo speech and presentation. 😉

Note:  The three steps do help a lot. Try it. 🙂

4. Connect

Do you know why you are not afraid while you narrate your stories and present in front of your family and friends? Is it because you connect with them. You are not afraid of being judged. You are not afraid that you might sound boring. You speak your heart out.

But here’s an important point, your audience in general are like minded people like you. They are there because they are interested in listening to you. Look at them, feel connected. They are not strangers, they are fellow human beings who share your interests. Have eye contact while you talk. Smile at them, they will smile back at you. Eases the aura doesn’t it? Relax and connect with the audience. There’s nothing to be afraid. There’s no reason to feel shy. You can talk to your pals, you can talk to these people too! The only difference is you talk in front of them and not with them!

5. Be Passionate

If you are passionate about something, you won’t be afraid to take a leap! Be passionate towards what you do. Your passion will reflect in your speech. Your interest in the subject will make it interesting for the audience. You will not worry about the audience or your ability to present if you are really into it. Your concentration would be focused on conveying the content clearly to the listeners and not on how you do it while you are on stage. Your well trained body and your well prepared brain will take care of your presentation skills while you immerse yourself in the subject. Blissful! isn’t it?

Try these steps if you find them applicable to you. It takes time. But a sincere effort can take you farther than you imagine. All you need is passion and relentless effort. Wish you all the best!

Hope it was helpful. Feel free to leave your comments. 🙂

My Guilty Pleasure

My Guity Pleasure

I have  always had a crush on you;

I know that you don’t have a clue.

I sneak through the window to catch a glimpse;

Am swayed all over without a hint.

I tag along and stalk around;

I don’t have the courage for crying out loud!

You’ve no idea what you do to me,

I hide it, oh! so you can’t see!

My heart beat is crazy and so is my head,

My brain mocks at me – “break a leg!”

Everybody knows you’re a player;

And that’s what makes you My Guilty Pleasure!

~Yuvathi ❤ 🙂

The Confused Young Adult