The Teacher I Admire

My Neighbor-Grandpa

I’ve met many people who have taught me many things in life. My family, friends, foes, acquaintances, school teachers, lecturers, the postman, gardener… the list goes on and on and each of them has taught me something or the other. In fact, I should call every one of them as my teacher.
I remember shedding tons and tons of tears when one of my most favorite teachers retired from our school. She was the one who protected me, guided me in the right path and carved me into a person who I am right now. Not even once did she scold me in my entire school life, even though there used to be a minimum of 10 complaints about me every day about all my mischief and pranks.

On the day of her retirement when I was drowned in my own flood of tears, my teacher looked right at me, her eyes brimming with the same emotion and said “Men may come and men may go dear..“  – A quote from one of my most favorite poems by Alfred Lord Tennyson. She was and always is the best teacher in my life.


But the teacher whom I “admire” the most is my Neighbor Grandpa! Yes, the most loving, generous and pious man with an ultimate flare for wit and wisdom. He was more modern in “thoughts” and “deeds” than most of the 21st century’s so-called modern men. A die-hard Sachin Tendulkar and Virendar Sehwag fan who gave me the best company during every cricket match and covered me with a warm blanket when I fell asleep on the couch during those long and ever-ending test matches!

He taught me what “being modern” actually means. He used to talk to all the neighbors and friends with equal love irrespective of who they were, what they did and where they belonged. Be it the mail delivery guy, the garbage collector, the water delivery guy, newspaper boy, the vegetable vendor.., he would invite every one of them inside his house, switch on the fan and tell them to relax a few minutes on the very same couch. He had those orange candies and savories, always in stock and served everybody with love. Sometimes young men or families used to visit him and thank him for all the favors he did for their education, job or wedding.. Yes, he always lived for others.. 🙂


His wife, an ardent lover of Carnatic music, used to attend every Carnatic concert in the locality and he always accompanied her even if there was an important cricket match between India and Australia because her happiness meant a lot to him. He used to buy all the latest audio cassettes as a gift for his wife. Just to see that smile on her face. 🙂 He was around 75 years old then.. He used to deposit a separate amount of money in her account every month as he believed that every woman should be independent and she should never ask, not even her own husband for money. Wow! Isn’t it?


I saw him few days before he left this world, he had lost his vision and was bed-ridden, even that day, even though he couldn’t see me nor could he hear my voice clearly, with the same bright smile and energy he told me ”Come, have some snacks with me and tell me all about your school“. 

A man who believed and followed equality, loved everyone whole heartedly and lived for others.. A teacher who set an example and inspires me always and forever.  🙂

Yes, as my teacher said, “Men may come and men may go, but yeah, grandpa’s love and inspiration lives forever” 🙂

The Beginning

Last Sunday, at 7:00 am, I opened my eyes after a sound sleep, grabbed my ‘smart phone’ lying next to my pillow, opened Whatsapp, went through the inbox, refreshed my e-mail, tweeted a meaningless update about my desire to drink a hot cup of coffee,swiped through Facebook news feeds, checked the number of likes for my photo that I uploaded the previous night (thank God it was 50+ likes in one night) and updated my hardly used apps for no reason and finally decided I should get up and looked at the clock, well, it was 8:30 am.

social media

Wait, what? 1.5 hours on total crap? Yes, one and half solid hours, wasted ruthlessly on some totally useless activity which made some guy in the U.S a billionaire and made you poorer  every time you logged in! The worst part is, most of these virtual friends are not your friends after all! These virtual friends do not actually care about you. They just want to know what you are up to, so that they can do something more ridiculous to get more likes and shares than you do!

This hollow thought sunk into me, all of a sudden, at 8:30 am. How? I have no idea, but lucky me, I could at least realize what I was missing.. My lovely family waiting for me to join for breakfast, the red rose that bloomed in my front yard this morning after a lot of hard work, manuring and grafting, my neighbor’s child waiting to show me her new birthday dress, above all, “my me time“. That very moment, I felt like an enlightened modern day Buddha, and just like Buddha, I shred all my useless apps. Deleted my Whatsapp account, deactivated my Facebook account and logged out of twitter and e-mail. Wow! The feeling was amazing! I was no more a part of the rat race in the fake world. I felt reborn in the “actual” real world.


Now, my real friends who really care about me, take time amidst their busy schedule, call me and ask me how I am. That feels great! When I sit with my family, am actually with them and not with my phone and my virtual so-called friends!


Beautiful moments in life are captured in our heart and treasured as memories and not captured in a camera and saved in the hard disk.

I realized, I must share this with the world, with people who might be missing some of the most beautiful moments in their life while looking at some meaningless meme about Taylor Swift’s new boyfriend or Kim Kardashian’s butt.

How nice it would be if people share their daily fun anecdotes about their time at school or workplace with their family and friends and bond with them instead of tweeting the same to the world that cares the least? How happy a woman would be if her husband and children appreciate her culinary skills over dinner instead of sharing a picture of “Starbucks Coffee” on Instagram saying “yummmyyyy” even before taking a sip?!

Take a break for a moment.  Rethink. What are you doing with your life? 

Oh! By the way.. I would like to say..

Welcome to my Blog – “The Confused Young Adult🙂